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The demand for law graduates is increasing, opening up great opportunities for young people. If you are one of the passionate candidates who would like to pursue this career and are interested in the legal personnel recruitment news, please follow the article below of Navigos Search to get the most useful information!

1. Current demand for legal personnel recruitment

Our country's economy is growing strongly with international integration. Accordingly, businesses and organizations are constantly expanding the scale of operations. This poses a huge requirement for additional human resources, especially in the legal profession.

Today, law graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities upon graduation. Not only limited to state-owned units such as courts, justice departments, and procuracies, but also expanded to private and foreign enterprises in Vietnam.

Legal experts all play a very important role in the operation of every business today. They are the ones who provide legal advice, help businesses operate in compliance with the law and avoid unnecessary errors in the development process.

Surveys have shown that Vietnam has a relatively large demand for personnel recruitment, and especially in the field of law - legal, in which economic law is in the most serious shortage of human resources, and this demand tends to increase in the future.

The increasing demand for legal personnel recruitment

The demand for legal personnel recruitment is increasing

2. The hottest positions in legal personnel recruitment 

In the enterprise, the positions of personnel related to the law are many, so the duties and titles also become diverse. For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), legal positions often take on internal legal duties. When there are problems out of control, businesses will hire specialized lawyers at law firms.

As for large enterprises, foreign and multinational enterprises, the law department always has many positions in charge of different legal tasks, from internal to external issues related to the unit. These businesses often have their own lawyers to control the matter of information more firmly and confidentially.

Some outstanding positions in legal personnel recruitment in 2022 can be mentioned as follows:

  • Lawyer: This position belongs to the legal department, who is responsible for controlling legal issues of the business, especially contracts, court hearings, legal corridor relations,....
  • Legal Assistant: Act as an in-house lawyer's assistant, responsible for dealing with information and records issues, communicating with other departments in the business, and side work depending on the assignment of superiors.
  • Legal Secretary: Responsible for business operations and management of the law office. The legal secretary will support and follow the direction of the lawyer.
  • Legal specialist: Legal specialists will provide legal advice to the Legal Director, solving contractual legal issues at small and medium levels. When a serious problem occurs, the enterprise will hire an external lawyer and the legal specialist must coordinate and support the lawyer.
  • Legal Supervisor: This position is responsible for overseeing the legal matters of the business. The legal supervisor has an internal scope of work and reports to the superiors.
  • Legal advisor: Giving legal advice to clients, editing legal documents, providing legal services and assisting clients and businesses in solving legal problems.
  • Legal investigator: The main duty is to handle the application, support and follow the project from the start to the end. They are responsible for the necessary documents and documents for the project and legal procedures, legal requirements from related parties to help the project go smoothly in terms of administrative and legal aspects to meet the set schedule.

Specialist in the legal department and investigation against insurance fraud: The person in charge of this position is responsible for monitoring, detecting and handling insurance fraud issues. Besides, they also need to negotiate to resolve legal issues quickly and avoid more complications.

The hottest positions for legal personnel recruitment in 2022

The hottest legal personnel positions

3. What are the required qualities for a legal personnel?

To be able to work in enterprises and businesses, law graduates need to ensure the following qualities:

Effective teamwork

For the nature of the law profession, collective action is essential. Group work is a combination of many individuals to discuss and solve a legal problem that is encountered. This way of working helps legal personnel to supplement each person's shortcomings, helping each individual to be more complete.

For effective teamwork, people working in this profession need to know how to balance personal interests with collective interests, not to rely on or rely entirely on the capabilities of others. Teamwork skills will help each person work better, especially with serious deals that need the coordination of many people.

Ability to express, good at mediation, persuasion, listening

This is an indispensable quality for those working in the legal profession. Especially, for lawyers who need to defend the accused, it is necessary to use persuasive arguments to prove the truth and defend the issues. Therefore, to pursue and succeed in this field, you need to practice your communication and reasoning skills.

As a lawyer, you must not only argue but also be a peacemaker and not let things or words go too far. This is very important in the legal profession for you to help colleagues and partners reconcile with each other based on mutual understanding. Besides, if you know how to listen, you not only understand and receive accurate information, but also show respect to everyone around you.

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Good persuasion skill is a must

Good persuasion and presentation skills

Being courageous, careful and objective 

This is especially important for legal personnel because it determines whether you become a good lawyer and are respected by everyone or ridiculed by society. Lawmakers have the responsibility to protect justice and eliminate crime when solving problems, so you need to be fully aware to verify the facts clearly and come to the most objective conclusion.

You must not let outside factors influence you or work against your morals and break your own principles. At the same time, always respect and protect the truth and must not be afraid of any threat.

Good memory

The branch of law includes all provisions of law. Only when you remember things well, do you best improvise when faced with problems. The legal knowledge that you remember must be detailed and clear because just one small mistake will affect the law enforcement process and yourself. In addition, you need to know how to use your good memory to solve tasks faster and more efficiently.

Being dynamic, creative, brave and bold

To stay firmly in the law field, it requires you to be brave and consistent. Because only then, you will be able to better take on your role and position in society and be more successful. Besides, creativity is also a factor that helps you quickly find an effective and intelligent way to solve problems.

Being proficient at foreign languages is a huge advantage

Currently, the economy is developing strongly with the expansion of many foreign enterprises and corporations. If you have good foreign language skills, your chances of getting a job in the law field and promotion will be much better. Then, you can work for international units and get a more attractive salary.

Legal jobs require foreign language skills

Good foreign language skills bring more job opportunities at international law firms

4. Is the salary of law professionals high?

Becoming a law professional is the dream of many young people. Those who work in the law field have extensive knowledge, reputation and "huge" income. However, the law field has many different branches, so depending on the position, the salary varies.

For civil law, the starting salary is about 6 - 8 million VND/month. With the field of economic law in private enterprises, the salary will be quite good, from 10 to 12 million VND/month and may be higher depending on a candidate's capacity, qualifications and past work experience.

In addition, if working at a foreign company, the salary will be more attractive. Currently, in the world, the salary for an economic lawyer reaches 108,000 USD/year (about 1.7 billion VND/year in Australia) and 180,000 USD/year (about 4.1 billion VND/year in the U.S).

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5. Challenges you might face pursuing a career in law field

The law profession has many difficulties and challenges for young people. Therefore, to work in law firms, you need to know how to overcome challenges such as: 

Because the nature of the law field is about pressure, competition and rejection. It requires extensive expertise, you need to prepare yourself with solid professional capacity, hone important soft skills so as not to fall behind ahead of time. At the same time, legal knowledge is always updated, so you must constantly update, research and learn to advise clients and effectively handle problems.

Although training schools are creating conditions for students to develop comprehensive skills. But that is not enough, you also need to cultivate more knowledge, work experience, critical thinking and analytical skills, etc. Therefore, right from the time you are in school, you need to regularly deal with real-life situations and experiences so as not to fall behind.

The legal profession has many challenges

Difficulties and challenges in pursuing a career in law field

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