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What is quality management? Current job opportunities in quality management

Many foreign manufacturing companies have invested in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, the demand for the workforce in the field of quality management will be increasing.

Recruit senior engineers: 5 tips to successfully recruit talents

There are many people working as engineers. However, it's not easy to recruit a senior engineer.

Tips on how to find a production planning manager job quickly

Job information for production planning managers is continuously updated on the Navigos Search website with a detailed job description and attractive salary and benefits.

What are the requirements to recruit commercial managers?

To catch the eye of commercial manager recruiters, you will have to go through the process of cultivating, making constant efforts, and meeting the necessary conditions.

How to get an IT specialist job successfully

To determine if you can have a long attachment with the information technology career, let's take a look at the most distinctive qualities of an IT specialist below.

Online recruitment - The inevitable trend in the digital era

In the modern digital era, as an inevitable trend, online recruitment has opened up many favorable opportunities for candidates and employers.

Get success in having for administrative staff recruitment

Mastering the following secrets, you will surely make a good impression and successfully conquer the administrative staff recruitment.

Omnichannel sales management in The industry 4.0

Omnichannel sales are the inevitable trend in the current business field. The more outdated and unadapted you have, the longer distance you will leave behind.

Head of merchandising scope of work

As the name suggests, the head of merchandising will be in charge of all orders related to the store, branch or unit they are working for.

What is trade marketing? The portrait of trade marketing jobs

Understanding trade marketing helps businesses clearly see the importance of coming up with the appropriate sales and distribution strategies.