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Since we only have one life to live, why not live it thoroughly with the beliefs and path we have chosen?

The journey to becoming a Recruitment Consultant at Navigos Search makes me proud for choosing to commit and spread joy when accompanying Candidates to achieve their career dreams. Upon observing the enduring benefits of my endeavours, I am convinced that all of my struggles were worthwhile.

I entered the human resources profession by particular fate; despite my unusual entry into the human resources field, the belief that "I can do it" spurred me on to begin working right away. From the start of my career to the time I had an increasing number of meetings with customers, which helped me experience and better understand the "human resources profession." going to meet candidates is one of the things that makes me stay and continue to be patient with this journey.

 One of the candidates that I will always remember is Ms. H - living proof of my belief in knowledge and effort.

 Fate brought me to meet her when she was nearly 40 years old. I saw a picture of a learning-devoted woman who was yearning for a better career but still managed to live life to the fullest.

It was easy to see that women tend to be more cautious than men when changing jobs because the stable nature is deeply ingrained in the subconscious of Vietnamese women. However, Ms. H is not only very determined, but she is also eager to make this decision.
She proactively approached me to share her desired criteria for her next career opportunity. Her expectations took me aback since they were efficient, not flashy, and reflected her deep understanding of the market.

I went looking right away, based on her abilities and expectations. The good news is that Ms. H's abilities fit the specifications of the two companies that are hiring. I gave her an introduction, conveying all the job-related details. Being quite forthcoming, she decided to try out both companies after giving it some thought and realising it had been a while since her last interview.

I helped Ms. H to be part of the hiring manager interview in the days that followed. Because of the geographical constraints and the two to three rounds of interviews that each company holds, she found it very difficult to make it there. I, therefore, spoke with the recruiting department and requested that the final round be conducted online, saving candidates time and effort in the process. The human resources department eventually agreed when I attempted to persuade the candidate for personal reasons, even though it initially appeared that the recruitment department disagreed because that is how things have always been.

Upon some waiting, both businesses said they could not get through to her. Age is the primary cause. The position will be appropriate for younger individuals because of the requirement to innovate and update trends.

Of course, neither my candidate nor I was persuaded by the company's explanations, so we discussed why it is not a sensible idea to disclose one's age while hiring for this position. Then, we spent roughly three hours writing a market report with supplementary remarks for the thesis based on my viewpoint and experience.

So, a few days passed, and the response came back. Her excitement was ignited upon learning that one of the two organisations she had interviewed for had asked her to meet with their CEO.

The outcome confirmed my suspicions: Ms. H was employed immediately following the exchange meeting and received a salary that exceeded her expectations.

I kept helping her with paperwork the following days to ensure she could start her new job without any problems. Finding the job where Ms. H wanted to refine herself and her professional path only took about a month.

Despite hardships and misfortune, Ms. H and I realised that no matter what, the work and intense desire to better ourselves is unavoidable. And when Ms. H and I decided to "Live the journey" in our search for new work options, nice things happened.

Therefore, no matter your age, there is still room for you to express and develop yourself. And I realised that time continues to pass and things constantly change; only I can decide how that change happens.

"Don't allow yourself to stop progressing. Because when you stop progressing, you stop living."

Although the journey I accompanied Ms. H was not easy. Her job transition milestone experienced countless challenges, with all the enthusiasm and responsibility of a recruitment consultant, Navigos Search. I have continuously supported Ms. H and many other candidates to bring them complete and happy career journeys.

This piece was written on the days when the crisp, mild fall sunshine in Hanoi endlessly crept deep into the old alleyways.

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