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In the 4.0 era, with just a few simple steps, employers can handily post recruitment information on reputable recruitment websites or social networking ones to reach and find potential candidates in the shortest time. 

The race to find talented employees is always thrilling. To win this fierce competition, many businesses have decided to cooperate with reputable recruitment sites. How can businesses choose a reputable recruitment site among hundreds of active ones? How can candidates choose a reliable job search address? You will find the answer through the information below.

1. How important are reputable recruitment sites?

Companies and businesses can exchange information about their recruitment needs on reputable recruitment sites. Candidates frequently visit reliable sites in search of job chances that align with their abilities and experience.

Specifically, employers often post essential information related to vacancies on reputable recruitment websites. This information includes company address, job description, requirements on experience, qualifications, and salary. Upon obtaining recruitment information, applicants frequently review and evaluate their skills, background, and experience to determine their suitability for the role. If they feel they meet the requirements, they will then submit their resume to apply for the job of their dreams.

Additionally, candidates and employers can readily communicate with one another through a variety of recruitment channels in the era of a broad labor market and the growth of 4.0 technology. Apart from reliable recruitment websites that provide high-quality information, numerous companies take advantage of this circumstance by advertising low-stress well-paid jobs for inexplicable reasons. As a result, it's critical for enterprises and applicants to post high-quality job adverts and choose reliable recruitment websites.


It’s crucial to find a reputable recruitment site 

2. Criteria for evaluating reputable recruitment sites

Whether you are a job seeker or a business looking to recruit employees, you need to carefully consider the following points to choose reputable recruitment sites:

Popularity on the internet of reputable recruitment sites

When looking for jobs, candidates often use the internet to search for information about the position they are interested in. When candidates enter the corresponding keyword, the results appearing in the first search list frequently catch the user's attention.

Therefore, businesses should try searching for information related to that recruitment site to know where it appears in the search results. If the search results are at the top, it is probably one of the reputable recruitment sites.

Social media capabilities

Reputable recruitment sites will use social media actively and often attract greater interest from candidates. Therefore, you should check the content that the site shares on social media platforms to see if it contains useful professional information. Furthermore, through this content, you can evaluate the recruitment unit's level of knowledge about the field in which they operate.

Recruitment field

Not all job recruitment sites operate in all fields. Therefore, before deciding to work with a recruitment agency, you need to research them carefully.

The best way is to choose reputable recruitment sites with high expertise in the field you are recruiting or looking for a job in. For example, if you want to recruit IT personnel or find an IT job, you should look for the leading recruitment site in the information technology field. Or if you need to recruit high-level personnel, you should choose a high-level personnel recruitment website.

Reputation of reputable recruitment sites

It is critical to conduct online research on credible recruitment sites before choosing one. On the website of that recruitment site, you can search for evaluations about recruitment companies or seek information about businesses with whom they have previously collaborated.

Interact ways of reputable recruitment sites 

This factor is critical because it demonstrates the ability to maintain a close relationship with candidates and recruitment sites. When looking for recruitment services, businesses often want a smooth recruitment process. However, if the recruitment site cannot interact with candidates seamlessly and continuously, this will create more work, waste more time for businesses, and result in a negative experience for job seekers.

Therefore, you must find out how reputable recruitment sites attract and interact with candidates and how they maintain the communication process afterward. Consider whether the recruiting unit regularly updates you on the work progress. Do they notify you when there are changes? Do they confirm via email the arrangements made? Are they willing to support your candidates/business when needed or only contact you when they need something or information from you?

Working process

You need to consider whether the recruitment site has a specific workflow in place when working with candidates. Whether the recruitment unit strictly follows that process. You can check this by arranging a meeting and monitoring whether they stick to this schedule.

Necessary elements of a professional recruitment site - Vietnam's leading reputable middle and senior-level personnel recruitment brand

Navigos Search is a middle and senior-level personnel recruitment brand that has been operating in the Vietnamese market for more than 20 years. impresses job seekers and companies and corporations with recruitment demands thanks to many outstanding advantages:

  • .Easily access recruitment news and quickly find candidates: In the Jobs category on the home page, candidates will immediately have a list of attractive jobs according to each industry, experience and location, helping to save time in finding a suitable job among countless recruitment information. Navigos Search's headhunter recruitment service will provide businesses with qualified personnel

  • Saving cost for employers: By choosing recruitment services at Navigos Search - one of the leading reputable recruitment sites, businesses will save costs in posting and printing flyers. In particular, Navigos Search continues to support and accompany businesses and candidates throughout the "success after joining" process.

  • Scientific, beautiful, easy-to-access website interface: is designed scientifically, simply, optimally and user-friendly. The features on the interface are outstanding and easy to use. The website includes:

    • Recruitment: Recruitment solutions, Consultants, Working process

    • Jobs: Job search, Recruitment process,

    • Trending: Market Reports, Events, Advice

    • About us

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Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading headhunter brand

  • Website structure designed according to SEO standards: The design structure of the middle and senior-level recruitment site is designed to be friendly to search engines such as Google and Coccoc. Therefore, job postings on Navigos Search are simple to acquire top search rankings. Users can easily access the website's Home page when searching for jobs through these tools and search by related keywords.

  • A large amount of traffic: Navigos Search website is shared on many recruitment news sites via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Therefore, recruitment information is always widely shared through social networks with a large amount of traffic, helping to find potential and senior personnel quickly. It's why many senior recruiters choose recruitment services at Navigos Search.

Based on the strict recruitment process, the candidate's qualifications and experience, and the labor market situation, Navigos Search will search for the most suitable candidate and commit to filling all vacancies of businesses with recruitment demand.

Navigos Search's recruitment process is as follows:

  • Step 1 → Sourcing & Screening: Navigos Search searches and screens candidates whose qualifications match the business's recruitment requirements.

  • Step 2 → Face-to-face interview: Navigos Search conducts interviews to assess capabilities and listen to candidates' needs and expectations.

  • Step 3→ Client Interview Support: After carefully evaluating, Navigos Search provides your company a list of potential candidates. We will accompany the company and candidates to provide additional support throughout the interview process.

  • Step 4→ Reference Check: Formal and informal reference checks will be conducted.

  • Step 5 → Support for negotiations and job offers: Navigos Search acts as a bridge to negotiate and advise on salary and benefits. After the candidate receives an invitation and confirms participation, the vacancy will be closed.

  • Step 6→ Closely follow recruitment: Follow candidates closely to aim for success after joining the company.

Furthermore, with massive data with 375,000+ high-level candidate profiles and 85,000+ senior management candidate profiles, our headhunters support businesses in recruiting and finding talent in all fields.

Our consultants are all experienced human resources experts who are knowledgeable about the labor market and each core industry. They will always follow closely with businesses and candidates in the process of achieving success after achieving dream jobs.

With over 20 years of operation in the Vietnamese market, the most valuable asset that Navigos Search has is the largest and most comprehensive candidate database. We are proud to have provided millions of quality jobs and supported and accompanied hundreds of thousands of large and small businesses across Vietnam to have the best personnel.

3. Tips to effectively post ads on reputable recruitment sites

Posting recruitment ads on reputable recruitment sites is an essential step in finding suitable personnel for your business. However, have you ever wondered why you still cannot find appropriate candidates despite using personnel recruitment services and posting job ads on many forums, social networking groups and major recruitment websites?

To have an attractive job posting that draw the attention of potential candidates, businesses need to:

Create an attractive title

The first information that determines whether candidates stop to read your job posting is the job title. To have an appealing title, employers must identify the recruitment target and provide information about the benefits and rights that candidates can receive. They should avoid using internal language and focus on promoting value to candidates.

Emphasize the benefits of the position

For candidates, the most crucial consideration when looking at job advertisements on reliable recruitment websites is frequently the salary. They may ignore the job description and experience requirements and only focus on salary and benefits. Employers should emphasize to candidates the benefits of working for their organization when posting rather than just listing job duties.

Use unique and humorous writing style

Instead of using a rigid style, employers can add illustrations and a little humor to the post to make candidates feel comfortable and impressed with the business they will work for. Try changing your writing style. You will be surprised at the results it brings from reputable recruitment sites.

Give accurate recruitment information

This is the factor that determines the effectiveness of posting recruitment ads. In the JD (Job Description) content, employers must provide sufficient and concise information, including company address, website, contact information, job requirements, salary, remuneration, and duties. In particular, employers should not give a higher salary than reality, and compensation benefits must also be met.


Tips to post recruitment ads to attract talent

We have provided you with reputable recruitment sites. We hope this will help businesses find and connect with potential candidates to fill vacant positions quickly. Navigos Search wishes your business will have a suitable candidate and job seekers will get their dream job as soon as possible.

Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading middle and high-level talent hunting company

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