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My current job is as a Recruitment Consultant at Navigos Search. My work lets me learn a lot, experience a lot, feel a lot of emotions, and especially, it's a career path with a tiny element of luck.


In early 2023, I received a request to recruit a Digital Marketing specialist position with customers specializing in Digital Marketing platforms. I began my hunt, mailed resumes to potential candidates, and set up employer interviews. However, this position had not yet been filled by a qualified candidate for various objective reasons, including the candidates who had worked elsewhere, lacked sufficient experience, etc. I persisted in looking for candidates and never gave up. After that, I discovered someone who had begun a marketing career at the prior company at its very beginning. The Candidate was looking for a steady job and working as a freelancer when I approached.


 Following our conversation, I observed that the Candidate was proactive, modest, and generous with their experiences and knowledge. In addition, I provided further guidance regarding the company's culture, the workplace, the line manager's management style, and the Candidate's preferences. After the discussion, I felt comfortable forwarding the Candidate's profile to the company because I firmly felt that the Candidate's appropriateness was relatively high.


 Competed against a large field of applicants and went through two rounds of selection: an interview and a direct presentation to the manager. The Candidate was the first to move on to the presentation round. I consistently backed the Candidate during this process and gave information as needed.


As a result, the Candidate's job application was granted acceptance. Working at Navigos Search, helping candidates find suitable employment, and doing my best to acquire clients was also a success.


I continued and met with the candidates again after their one-month probationary period to inquire about their working conditions. The Candidate revealed that the manager had told them when they first started that, although they might not be the best Candidate, they are the most suitable and have the best attitude. My conviction in "Living the journey" has allowed me and the Candidate to overcome even the most challenging companies.


Before that, I had an idea that, as a token of appreciation for their confidence in and support of me, I would give each Candidate for the position I successfully filled a lucky five yen coin. And when the conversation was over, I gave the Candidate a 5 Yen coin. Following that, the Candidate's probationary period ended, and they were officially hired.


 The Japanese reading for the 5 Yen coin is "go-en" (溔円), which translates to "good connection" (where "en" is believed to be connection and "go" to imply respect). "Go-en" describes seemingly chance meetings that result in positive and fulfilling partnerships. Similar things apply to my work as a recruitment consultant at Navigos Search; it all comes down to good fortune, networking, and assisting applicants in locating fulfilling careers. Every Candidate has a unique route with unique obstacles and problems. Nonetheless, I will always fully believe in crucial values—dedication, accountability, and skill to provide many satisfying professional journeys—as a recruitment consultant and representative of Navigos Search.

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