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Public accounting does not aim at profit making but reflects accurately, promptly, sufficiently, and methodically on the situation of circulation and use of assets and capital in the public sector.

Public sector accounting is a job in the accounting industry. This job is related to the financial management and recording of agencies and organizations in the public sector of a country. What is a public accountant? What are the responsibilities of public sector accountants? Is becoming a public sector accountant difficult? Let's find them out via the article below from Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading middle and senior-level personnel recruitment brand.

1. What is a public sector accountant? 

A public sector accountant is a person responsible for performing accounting work in organizations, agencies, and units of the administrative sector.

Public sector accountants perform similar tasks to those of business accountants. However, instead of tracking and managing the financial situation of a specific company or business, public sector accountants are responsible for monitoring and managing the financial resources of public organizations and ensuring that public finances are used appropriately and transparently.

There is a close relationship between public finance and public sector accounting.  Public sector accountants occasionally assist in training relevant departments to resolve financial issues that arise smoothly.

What is a public sector accountant? 

2. Responsibilities of public sector accountants?

Responsibilities of a public sector accountant include:

  • Record revenue and expenditure transactions of agencies and units.
  • Create and track budgets for agencies and units.
  • Inspect and supervise the budget and financial implementation of agencies and units.
  • Summarize and prepare financial reports for the organization.
  • Carry out internal audits and provide relevant financial information to related parties.
  • Implement budget revenue and expenditure procedures, including procedures related to administrative, taxes, and public asset management.
  • Evaluate the performance of using public budget and assets.
  • Engage in contract negotiations with business partners and manage financial issues related to development projects of the agency or unit.
  • Participate in financial risk management, protect the budget, and take measures to protect organizations from financial risks, including cost risks and the risk of loss of public assets.
  • Propose financial measures, budget, and financial management policies.

3. What is the salary of a public sector accountant?

When public sector accountants work in state agencies, units, organizations and public service units, they are accounting officers. Therefore, their salary is determined according to the State's regulations on income levels for civil servants and public employees, and is included in the professional salary schedule.

With a base salary of VND 1,490,000 per month, the income of public sector accountants is calculated based on the salary regulations of accounting civil servants.


Salary coefficient

Senior accountant with code of level 06,029 (equivalent to civil servant type A3, group A3.2)

The lowest salary coefficient is 5.75 (equivalent to the salary of VND 8,567,500 per month) and the highest is 7.55 (equivalent to VND 11,249,500 per month).

Principal accountant with code of level 06,030 (equivalent to civil servant type A2, group A2.2)

The lowest salary coefficient is 4.00 (equivalent to the salary of VND 5,960,000  per month) and the highest is 6.38 (equivalent to VND 9,506,200 per month).

Accountant with code of level 06.031 (equivalent to A1 civil servant)

The lowest salary coefficient is 2.34 (equivalent to the salary of VND 3.486.600  per month) and the highest is 6.38 (equivalent to VND 7.420.200 per month).

Intermediate accountants with code of level 06,032 (equivalent to A0 civil servants)

The lowest salary coefficient is 2.1 (equivalent to the salary of VND 3.129.000  per month) and the highest is 6.38 (equivalent to VND 7.286.100 per month).

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Duties and salary levels of public sector accountants

4. What are the job requirements of public sector accountants?

What are the essential elements of a public sector accountant? Specifically, the job requirements of public sector accountants include:

Professional knowledge

Public sector accounting positions require an understanding of specialized knowledge in the following areas:

  •  Public sector accounting: Grasp all aspects of public sector accounting, including accounting for payments, administrative expenses, funding source accounting, administrative revenues, and many other aspects.
  •  Public finance: Able to manage finances of public administrative units and local units through the management of State budget revenue and expenditure activities.
  •  Business accounting: Understand the principles of accounting and corporate finance
  •  Auditing: Has the ability to detect and correct errors in the accounting process, ensuring that accounting complies with prescribed standards.
  •  Corporate finance: Understanding how to manage cash flow, capital management, debt collection cycle for businesses and manage the payment of profits and dividends to shareholders.


What are the necessary skills for a public sector accountant? Below are the crucial skills that public sector accountants must have:

  •  Time management skills: Ability to prioritize and manage work effectively to ensure accounting tasks are always performed on time
  •  Analytical and problem solving skills: Ability to analyze financial information and solve problems that arise during the implementation of accounting work.
  •  Communication skills: Capacity to efficiently and clearly communicate financial accounting information with stakeholders, superiors, and coworkers
  •  Internal audit skills: Ability to check and audit internally to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting and financial regulations.
  •  Work ethic skills: Compliance with professional ethical principles and ensure transparency in accounting work.


Public sector accountants must meet professional and skill requirements

5. Where do public sector accountants work?

If you have professional knowledge and skills, you can apply for many positions related to the field of Financial Accounting, including  public and private sectors. Some potential positions in the public sector are:

  •  Civil servants at central and local levels, responsible for tasks related to accounting, finance, taxes, customs, and financial resource management.
  • Specialist involved in banking and tax-related transactions.
  • Financial consultants for businesses, responsible for carrying out financial planning, and supporting the business merger and acquisition process.
  • Treasurers, controllers, project managers, and financial managers in public agencies, organizations, and businesses.

In addition, graduates of accounting in general and public sector accounting in particular can work as an accounting lecturer at universities and training establishments related to this industry.

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