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EQ recruitment test provides the answer, support for evaluating the candidate competencies

Many professional recruiters can refer the below EQ recruitment test to evaluate properly the competences of candidates, and make the hiring decisions

Compilation of 30 Common Interview Questions and Strategies for Smart Responses

Here are the most common interview questions posed by recruiters and smart, clever ways to answer them for your reference.

What is a recruitment service? Why do businesses choose recruitment services at Navigos Search?

Businesses today tend to choose to use job recruitment services when they have a need to recruit specific positions, management positions, senior positions

Talent hunting is the profession of versatile people

What is talent hunting? What does a talent hunter need to equip to find talent for businesses and achieve success in the profession?

Question of the century: a well-paid job or a good working environment job?

Faced with well-paid job opportunities and a good environment, what will you choose? Refer to Navigos Search's share below to make the right choice.

Self awareness is the key to become a better version of yourself

Understanding Self awareness correctly and knowing how to build - develop self awareness is the key to seize many attractive career opportunities.

What is a career path and how to successfully elevate your career?

Many people compare a career path to a speedboat, sometimes going very fast, but at some point running slowly and getting stuck at a certain position.

Challenge for HR when candidates aim for low-stressed well-paid jobs

Do not expect low-stressed well-paid jobs if you are not good enough.

What is a deadline? 'Say no' to late employee deadlines

What is a deadline? A deadline is overdue by whom? What should managers do when employees often miss deadlines?