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Do account directors only take care of customers, or are they also in charge of other jobs? Let’s follow the best job description of an Account Director with Navigos Search to fully grasp this position.  

1. A brief definition about Account Director position

The Account Director is the manager and coordinator of the customer care department to implement the plan and strategy, maintain a good relationship between the business and the customer so that the two sides can cooperate and develop for mutual benefits.

Nomarly, the account director will directly come up and develop that plan according to the business's budget to diversify customer relationships. The person holding this position also has an important role in the business program of the unit they are working for.

The Account Director is the manager and coordinator of the customer care department

The Account Director is the manager and coordinator of the customer care department

2.Job description of an Account Director 

2.1. In charge of the sales

The leader of the customer service department always has to find out and grasp business trends to develop a stronger business apparatus. They are the decision makers, organize the strategy, and coordinate with other departments to operate the best customer service connection process.

Business trends are always refreshed and changed. In order for the business to assert its brand and boost sales, the Account Director will designate a business project and decide whether to apply to the market situation at that time or not.

If the project does not receive positive feedback from customers or generate outstanding revenue for the business, this manager also needs to understand the reason why and propose appropriate solutions.

2.2. Coordinate with other departments to take care of customers 

In the process of customer care service, you cannot avoid in-depth questions or  queries about other aspects of the product. Not all questions can be answered in your knowledge , so you need to ask for the support and help of other specialized departments.

Each part is an important link to help the business develop firmly. And they also have different roles and responsibilities, but closely related to each other to bring high efficiency to the business. To improve customer service quality, it is very useful to mutually coordinate and support between departments.

Account Director needs to work with different departments to find the solutions

Account Director needs to work with different departments to find the solutions

2.3. Giving solutions to deal with arising problems

No matter how detailed and careful the plan is, it is inevitable to avoid unexpected problems. Therefore, the account director always has to quickly grasp the situation and offer the best solution to bring satisfaction to the users of your products/services.

If the leader does not have an overview to find the cause of the problem and solve it, it will be very difficult to market products and services later. A leader must be transparent enough in seeing the market, always put himself in the shoes of customers and employees to come up with the most possible plans.

2.4. In charge of human resource management

This is a very necessary task for an account director if you want the business system to operate properly through the human resources department. The position of director has the power to coordinate all employees to implement the work according to the plan without directly participating in the project. Therefore, all activities are set out by your arrangement and properly delegated to your employees. Accordingly, you must ensure that your personnel have the capacity to accompany and bring benefits to the business.

2.5. Update and evaluate service marketing strategy to customers

Business trends in the market always change. In addition to capturing the market, a leader needs to consider the performance and imperfections of the projects. From there, draw experience to improve the marketing campaign service in the next strategies.

Besides, the issue of competitor research is also very important for a leader. That will help you learn the good points and make the right choice of business strategy, avoiding stiff competition from competitors who have more strengths than your business in the field of  marketing campaign.

Account Director accesses marketing campaign service

Account Director accesses marketing campaign service 

3. The requirement for an Account Director 

3.1. Capacity

Most employers of Account Director require candidates to have a bachelor's degree or higher in fields such as: business, management, statistics, accounting, marketing, finance, market research , the media,...

Besides, an Account Director needs to be fluent in English and know how to use advanced Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, Excel,...

3.2. Experience

Employers are usually looking for candidates with 1 - 5 years of experience in sales, management, customer service or related positions. Beside that, candidates must have experience in customer management, professional in the field of communication, understanding of the digital industry (creation, technology, user experience, strategy,...).

3.3. Soft skills

When sitting in the Account Director position, you will be responsible and perform a lot of work. Therefore, stick to the requirements of capacity, to become a .Account Director, you must have the following skills:

  • Leadership skills, motivating employees to work effectively.
  • Good communication skills, good negotiating skills to develop the best customer service policies.
  • Think creatively to come up with new ideas to improve customer service standards.
  • The ability to withstand pressure is necessary because the leadership position always bears great responsibility, under a lot of pressure from customers and staff management.
    Analytical skills to assess customer trends and determine the most effective strategy for the organization.
  • Flexibility and sensitivity when understanding customers to make reasonable adjustments and attraction.
  •  Confident, patient, polite, tactful when facing and dealing with difficult situations.

The requirement for an Account Director

The requirement for an Account Director

Hopefully, with the detailed job description of the Account Director, readers have had an overview and have a better understanding of the position and responsibilities of this management profession. When the position is higher, the workload is more and more difficult, but don't give up!

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