Will challenges from teller jobs hold you back?

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Teller is known as an attractive profession with high advancement opportunities today. However, there are also many difficulties that make people working teller jobs face pressure and stress. So what are the difficulties and challenges that tellers have to overcome? Are you confident enough and persistent enough to overcome them? What is the secret to success in the profession? Refer to the following article from Navigos Search to find the answer right away!

1. Overview of teller jobs 

Tellers are people who work at transaction counters of branches and transaction offices of the banks, performing the task of answering and assisting customers in depositing, withdrawing money, transferring money, opening accounts,... Bank tellers can build a good image and act as competitive weapons for the unit.
Tellers are considered the face of the bank, performing the job of welcoming customers with a welcoming attitude, so employers pay great attention when recruiting tellers.

A teller is a person who works at a bank counter

2. Main duties of a bank teller

The job description for this position is as follows:

  • Consulting and supporting customers who need to use the bank's products and services
  • Supporting customers to process transactions such as deposit, withdrawal, payment
  • Receiving and resolving customer complaints
  • Informing customers about services and promotions
  • Handling money selection, detecting counterfeit money or nonqualified money, processing documents , etc.
  • Accounting documents and vouchers related to revenue - expenditure, balancing revenue - expenditure to meet the needs of customers.
  • Monitoring, synthesizing and reporting complete and accurate transaction information
  • Supporting customer care, ensuring to keep standards, quality and regulations on customer care of the bank
  • Expanding relationships to increase the number of customers using the bank products
  • Complying with financial and security regulations and procedure
  • Performing other duties as directed by the Bank Director (Bank CEO)

3. The most important elements required in a teller

In the process of recruiting tellers, there are always specific requirements set for expertise, work experience and skills. Details as follows:

Having background knowledge in the industry

Candidates need to have a Bachelor's degree or higher in Banking, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Business Administration, etc. At the same time, having English speaking skills and extensive market knowledge in banking services, law, related professional documents,... and possessing working experience from 1 year or more at credit institutions or equivalent positions.
Well-trained will be a solid foundation to help candidates become more confident in their profession and perform well in all assigned tasks.

Having professional demeanor

If you are not careful and your behavior is not professional, it will definitely make customers uncomfortable which ultimately makes yourself and the whole working unit no longer the customer's choice. Therefore, an agile and professional working style will help you leave good impressions in the eyes of customers as well as create credibility for the bank.
In addition, more and more banks appear to compete with each other, so the image quality and working style of the tellers are powerful weapons to attract more customers. You also need to comply with the regulations of the unit, always adhere to the time, not to be late with the Board, the line managers and customers.

Professional demeanor at work

Being able to withstand high work pressure

The counter is the first place customers come to to solve their financial problems. Maybe in a day, the number of people coming to the counter is a lot, so you will have to work continuously in teller jobs.  There will be pressure from the working process, accuracy in work, meeting customer expectations, fulfilling targets, and invisible pressure from superiors and customers.
If you are not really persistent, you are easily influenced by emotions which leads to your negative attitude when serving customers. Therefore, you need to practice skills to withstand work pressure to be ready to face all difficulties in the teller jobs.

Being highly careful and responsible

To be successful, any job requires a high level of responsibility. In particular, the nature of the teller jobs requires candidates to be careful, meticulous and precise. The counter should be a reliable place for customers to deposit their savings and solve money problems. Therefore, carefulness and a high sense of responsibility are always set by the manager when recruiting tellers to avoid negligence, and affect the reputation of the unit you are working for.  

Possessing the skills of active listening and communicating

The teller is the first person to contact customers, so in addition to professional behavior, it is also necessary to show enthusiasm and thoughtfulness when providing services. In the process of instructing and discussing the company's services, you need to listen actively, speak fluently and behave skillfully in all situations to create the best experience for customers.
A dedicated service attitude will make customers feel respected and trusted to choose your bank. In addition, good listening and communication skills also help you create better relationships and be more confident at work.

Having great problem - solving skill

The service industry will always make you face unexpected situations, so when applying for the position of a bank teller or teller jobs, you must train yourself in the skills of persuasion and effective problem-solving. This position must directly handle requests and troubles arising in the process of using the service that your unit provides.

For example: when customers forgot their PIN code, had their card locked or lost, when they could not remember transaction signatures, ... it requires you to know how to handle effectively according to the right process to best support customers.

The ability to solve problems for customers

Having teamwork spirit

Because it is necessary to receive and process transactions for customers, the teller position needs to work closely with other bank staff, customer relations department, credit, loan appraisal, etc.,... to provide the most reasonable solution to customers.
In fact, financial institutions are always complex, with many specialized operations, so departments in the bank need to work closely together to accomplish the common goal, bringing the most satisfying experience to customers. 

Having nice appearance 

As mentioned above, this position is considered the representative image of the unit, so the candidate needs to have a good-looking appearance. A neat, polite image and professional manner will help the bank tellers create a good impression and sympathy with customers. Thereby, helping to attract more potential customers, to build and to increase the prestige of the organization.

4. Difficulties in the teller jobs

Teller is a profession that is labeled as a comfortable job when many people still think that tellers just have to be at work and receive easy money every month. However, reality proves the contrast, when holding this position you will face countless pressures such as:

  • Pressure on sales, KPI achieved in the day, week and month
  • Pressure on processing speed and 100% accuracy in transactions
  • Pressure of high level of responsibility, job risk to avoid negative effects for yourself, customers, and working units
  • Thoroughness, serious manners, time regulations
  • Pressure from customers, superiors,...

Although the job is very demanding, if you persist in making efforts, you can still balance, overcome and the opportunity for advancement is completely open. From 2-3 years of experience in the position of a teller, you can progress to the position of Supervisor and continue to improve your qualifications, progress to the position of Deputy of customer service department, Vice President of operations, Branch Manager,...

There are challenges and difficulties to overcome in teller jobs

5. Salary and benefits offered 

The current salary of a teller is about 6 - 9 million VND/month. In addition to the basic salary, this position also receives an attractive bonus when achieving the set KPI and enjoys all benefits in accordance with the provisions of the current Labor Code.
Not only that, you also enjoy many benefits such as: Opportunity to expand relationships with many partners and customers; Gain valuable experience in the banking industry; Practice communication skills, effective problem-solving and professional manners; Having a stable job with great advancement opportunities,...

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