What is a career path and how to successfully elevate your career?

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Career path

To reach the top of glory and succeed on the career path, you must know how to build a clear path and "take care" of it well.

Are you someone with a lot of work experience? Are you preparing a profile to "engage" in the "school of life" with your favorite job position? Or you already have a job and still work hard every day to get promoted? Regardless of your starting point, you still need a career path. So, what is the career path that Navigos Search places so much importance on? How to develop the peak career path? Check out the information below for answers.

1. What is the career path?

Career path is understood as a career map, a series of jobs in a long process that brings you closer to your goals and vision in your career development plan.

We often assume that our career is our current job. But, this is not enough because the career path is much bigger than that. Career path will be the route you draw with a clear starting and ending point. In which, the end point is usually at the highest position and role in the industry you are pursuing.

Career path is the career development plan for each individual

Career path is the career development plan for each individual

2. Why should we build a career path?

It can be affirmed that the importance of a career path is great. The change of the market, modern society allows us to receive information easily. There will always be more than one job option if you are qualified and experienced. Therefore, it is very important to build a career path for yourself because:

Having a goal to pursue: Try to think, life will become boring because if every day you have nothing to do, nothing to strive for. Building a career path will help you know what you need to accomplish today, how to plan tomorrow,...

Highly appreciated by employers: Owning a Career Path will obviously be a plus for you when applying for a job. Employers always appreciate candidates who show them their career path clearly. This shows the employer that the candidate is paying great respect to the job he is applying for and certainly the candidate will not hesitate to put in his best efforts towards the goal outlined. Through that, you will certainly be easier to apply.

Work efficiently, go faster: Based on the set goal, you will try to reach the goal soon. But you shouldn't take a "shortcut" to reach the top because you need to have hands-on experience in every position you hold to accumulate a lot of experience and skills. From there, you will know how to work more efficiently and improve your chances of career advancement.

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Building a career path is a crucial act

Building a career path is a crucial act 

3. The secret to achieving a successful career path 

Each person will have a different journey, career development path. But regardless of the direction of career development, you definitely cannot ignore some basic suggestions below:

Be ready for the job search

Most job seekers send their CVs to many different companies. As for recruiters, they are always looking for special features in candidates that are suitable for the business and the position they are applying for. Therefore, take the time to refine your resume and cover letter directed to a certain position or department, to help you stand out from other candidates.

Not only in your resume, but also in yourself, you must be ready to receive feedback from employers to grasp the best opportunities and working environment for yourself.

Have a clear, long-term career path

Impacts on industry development, human resource needs and potentials/challenges… will have a great impact on each person's career path. If you are not prepared both mentally and professionally, you will certainly not be able to cope with the changes that may occur. The best way is to outline a clear roadmap, long-term plan for your career development. Based on that, you will know what to do first, what to do later to gradually reach success.

4. Personal brand development

We've all found that, if people remember you for your achievements and good grades, especially when they are work-related, your reputation will improve. And having a reputation means you have greater advantage to easily be "hunted" by employers.

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Build, develop and maintain a strong network

Keeping in touch with old and new colleagues, meeting people working in the same field, participating in clubs, seminars, exhibitions, etc. are good ways to help you expand your network. Certainly, it is beneficial for your career because there may come a time when you need their help or they are the link that provides a good career opportunity for you.

Be proactive expanding your network

Be proactive expanding your network 

Constantly learn and improve your expertise

Consider your current situation and where you would like to see yourself in the future. At the same time, determine your level of satisfaction with your ability for your dream job to see if you have a chance to advance.

If not, continue constantly gaining your knowledge, experience, and skills to reach that position. Even if you are confident in your abilities, you should continue to improve. Because in the current situation of a fiercely competitive labor market with the non-stop development of society and economic integration, if you just stay "settled" with what you have, you will definitely fall behind or even be eliminated from the profession.

With ever-changing fields such as Information Technology Equipment & Systems, Information Technology Software, Advertising & Communications, Automation, Marketing, … it is required that candidates keep themselves updated with professional knowledge, skills and the market trends. 

Find a Mentor

Do not hesitate to seek help from your superiors and colleagues to learn about your desired field and position. The more you dig into a particular job, the easier it is to assess your current ability to make a plan to achieve your goals.

Whether you choose to work with a consultant or a professional mentor, as long as they have the ability to provide more accurate, objective and experienced advice to help you know what changes are needed to achieve your goals. 

Take risk trying new position, new field

Get out of your comfort zone and outdo yourself by venturing into a higher position. It is a way for you to know where your limits are, from which you actively continue to learn and strive to reach the desired position quickly.

You can also immediately access Navigossearch.com's job directory to select and apply for a position that matches your professional capacity and work experience. Or you actively send your CV for the opportunity to become a potential candidate in Navigos Search's candidate database.

The consulting team at Navigos Search are all very experienced recruitment experts, knowledgeable about each industry and the labor market. Based on a scientific recruitment process, our recruitment experts will actively contact and advise on recruitment requirements, reveal tips on how to negotiate attractive salary and bonuses, etc. to candidates to help them shine brighter in the interview.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of recruiting mid- and senior-level personnel, we are proud to have supported and accompanied many candidates across Vietnam to help them get the right job of their dreams. Whether you are looking for any mid-level or senior-level job, do not hesitate to contact Navigos Search.

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Follow, self-track and achieve your own career path development plan

Now it's time to complete your own career path. Reflect on your previous performance assessment and compare it to the present time. Surely by now, you have advanced certifications, experience and stronger skills to achieve your career goals. When you're self-monitoring your career path, you should make a list of the pros and cons of each position, assess growth paths that align with your values, and assess the career path you're on.

It will take considerable time for us to make a career change. Therefore, patiently check your career path every day to make the appropriate adjustments to make your career brighter. Hopefully Navigos Search has brought the most useful information about the career path to readers. See you in the next posts!

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