Who is an account executive? Detailed job description of the Account executive position

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An account executive is always regarded as being "under high pressure" and is a relatively new position. What does an account executive perform, and how does this help advertising companies and agencies grow?

The work of an account executive is crucial for companies in the media and advertising industries. An account executive career is the ideal option if you want a dynamic and highly engaging work environment. Okay, so describe an account executive. How can I become a highly skilled Account Executive that companies want to hire? To find out more information, please read the Navigos Search page below.

1. Who is an Account executive? 

An Account Executive is the person responsible for receiving and communicating customer requests to other work teams in an organization or business.

Account executives handle problems that come up during project execution and make sure the client is always satisfied in the advertising and marketing industry. They serve as the main point of contact between the company and the client. By establishing and preserving strong client relationships, this role plays a significant role in boosting sales for the company.

Find out what an Account executive is?

2. Detailed job description of an Account executive 

What are the duties of an Account executive? The specific work of an Account Executive includes different specific tasks, depending on each field of work such as design, communications, Marketing, Information Technology (IT),... In general, the tasks Their common goal is to master professional knowledge and understand the overall project landscape to perform the job professionally.

The following are the basic jobs of an Account executive:

  • Directly communicate with customers to clearly understand and record the business's need to use services, based on information from the sales department.
  • Collect customer information to create ideas, plans, proposals, and advertising strategies.
  • Carry out negotiations and persuade customers to sign contracts.
  • Transfer customer requests and desires to specialized departments within the business such as Creative, Planner, Developer.
  • Participate in project coordination, monitor progress, ensure work is carried out in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Resolve customer inquiries, handle arising problems and propose reasonable solutions.
  • Summarize and report work results to customers and businesses periodically, as well as when the project ends.

What are the responsibilities of an Account executive?

What are the responsibilities of an Account executive?

3. Essential elements to become an Account executive

What qualities are necessary for an account executive? Because of the highly specialized nature of the work, not everyone is a good fit for an account executive position. The following are the things an account executive needs in order to perform their work well:


To advise customers on the finest options and persuade them of the team's recommended approach, account executives must possess in-depth knowledge of the industry in which they operate. Colleges offering majors in business administration, marketing, sales marketing, or similar subjects are good fits for positions as account executives.

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Capability to plan economically

The capacity for project financial management and economic planning is the next crucial component in becoming a professional account executive. Throughout the project execution process, an account executive must be able to evaluate and manage the balance between revenue and expenses.

Your inability to handle money well will make it harder for the Account Executive to make money for the company and make sure that all of the needs of the customers are satisfied.


The role of an account executive involves numerous connections between parties at all times. As a result, it's critical to communicate effectively with people of all ages and titles, including partners, clients, and coworkers. It's crucial to talk, communicate, and exchange information with tact if you want the Account Executive's job to go well.

Creative thinking

What is the next competency an account executive needs to possess? A high level of innovation is always needed in industries like communications, marketing, and advertising to stay on top of consumer trends. Thus, the role of an Account Executive is not an anomaly. The individual in charge of this position must always dedicate time to monitoring research on emerging client needs and updating knowledge. They provide relevant and innovative solutions based on such knowledge to assist clients in reaching their intended objectives.

Planning abilities

The Account Executive will handle project budget forecasting and management, report writing, work progress monitoring, research, campaign indicator measurement, and solution proposal to maximize performance. They must be adept at planning as they have so many obligations.

Problem-solving skills

What is the next critical ability a manager of accounts has to have? Every job frequently involves avoiding unforeseen circumstances or perhaps dealing with a challenging client. Thus, having intelligent problem-solving abilities and remaining alert in all circumstances is crucial to ensuring efficient task completion and winning over and satisfied clients.

Multitasking skills

The ability to multitask is a must for account executives. They are able to create reports for finished projects, conduct sales calls to consumers and potential customers, and work efficiently for numerous clients at once, all while juggling multiple responsibilities within an ongoing project.


What is the next necessary quality of an Account executive? The Account Executive must organize and manage every aspect of each project and be the first person in contact with the client, planning and monitoring all stages until the final report of the results. These things require the Account Executive to always maintain the highest level of alertness and care to ensure all work is done correctly.

Essential requirements for becoming an account executive

Essential requirements for becoming an account executive

4. Path of advancement for an Account executive

What is an account executive's route to advancement? An account executive's path to promotion is as follows: Account Manager ➥ Account Director ➥ Account Executive.

In media and advertising organizations, becoming an account executive is the first step towards becoming an account manager. Typically, this role interacts, communicates, and collaborates with clients in the same manner as an account manager (as detailed in section 2).

An Account Manager may become an Account Director if they have gained sufficient experience and are prepared to handle more demanding tasks and managerial responsibilities. Developing connections with significant partners, creating client strategies, obtaining reports from the Account Manager or Account Executive, and more are all part of the account director's duties.

5. Salary of an Account Executive

The average income of an Account Executive usually ranges from 11 - 15 million VND/month. However, income levels may vary depending on each business, work location and each person's abilities and experience. When promoted to Account Manager and Account Director, the salary received will be much higher.

Income of an Account executive is quite attractive

Income of an Account executive is quite attractive

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Because there is a dearth of skilled personnel and intense competition in the labor market right now, companies want expert recruitment solutions to hold onto talent for positions like account executive and other high-level and mid-level roles .

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