What is a deadline? 'Say no' to late employee deadlines

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As a manager, you cannot let employee deadline procrastination become a chronic issue. However, finding ways to ensure that your employees consistently meet deadlines can be challenging.

What is a deadline? Dealing with employees missing deadlines is a common concern for many managers. So, as a manager, what should you do when employees miss deadlines? Let's refer to the information below to get some valuable tips from Navigos Search's experts.


1. Do you fully understand what a deadline is?

In the context of work, a deadline refers to the final due date or completion schedule of a task or project. The purpose of a deadline is to set boundaries, motivate employees to work diligently, meet schedules, and achieve optimal results.

A deadline serves as a time milestone for managers to adjust work in a reasonable manner and for employees to take more initiative and responsibility in their tasks.

Understand the concept of deadline fully

Understand the concept of deadline fully


2. Is employee deadline procrastination the fault of managers or employees?

The issue of missing deadlines is still prevalent in many businesses. So, is this problem caused by employees or managers?

Have you, as a manager, assigned the right people to the right tasks?

Each team member has different capabilities, experiences, and work skills. The same task or project may be completed quickly by one person but take twice as long for another. If managers do not have a clear understanding of the team's professional capabilities, it becomes difficult to assign tasks to the right individuals. As a result, work may not proceed according to the pre-established plan.

Is the workload too heavy?

Even if you have assigned tasks at appropriate levels of difficulty and suitability for each employee, giving them an excessive workload can easily lead to missed deadlines. Even if employees put in extra time and effort to complete the work, the quality may suffer.

Do employees manage their time effectively?

"Time is money," yet employees are wasting that precious resource by frequently being absent, not understanding their responsibilities, and lacking the ability to prioritize important tasks. These are signs of poor time management skills and naturally lead to missed deadlines.

Deadlines can be missed even if employees set their own deadlines

Even when employees set their own deadlines, delays can still occur. This may be because employees are unable to accurately assess their own capabilities or anticipate potential issues. Failing to predict progress can lead to a situation where one waits until the last minute to take action. While the deadline may still be met, it will be done so reluctantly, and the quality of the work will suffer.

Therefore, managers should help employees assess their own capabilities and improve their planning skills to help them accurately estimate deadlines. In cases where the nature of the work is relatively simple, employees may skip the planning process, but managers should still require them to commit to specific completion deadlines. Don't limit the scope of employees' work to a mere 24 hours because the cycle of missing deadlines will continue otherwise.

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Organizational skills and work arrangement of employees are still poor

Some employees do not know how to organize, remember and control all aspects of work, especially when they undertake large projects, complex work chains. Then, guide employees to divide large projects into detailed work stages, small deadlines to make it easier to manage as well as not to miss tasks or limit being overwhelmed by a huge workload. Thanks to that, the project progress is also updated in a timely and specific manner.

What is the cause of the deadline delay?

What is the cause of the deadline delay?

Enterprises have not clearly rewarded and sanctioned

Some employees may still be reluctant to accept being criticized by their superiors for missing deadlines. However, when applying the regulation on fair reward and punishment such as hitting "financial", publicly criticizing in front of the collective, transparent rewards, etc., it will be a great motivation for employees to make full efforts. I finish the job.


3. Why is it important to handle employee deadlines?

Any manager does not want to accept the situation where employees are constantly late for work. Understand simply because this acceptance only makes the situation worse. If you notice that certain employees are constantly missing deadlines, then take appropriate action. Otherwise, they will think it's not a big deal and be late for more appointments. Moreover, other employees are not interested in meeting deadlines.

The problem does not stop there because if the manager accepts that the employee is late to the schedule, it will make them more "loose" with other policies of the business. Thereby, making the workflow messy leading to difficulty in management and quality of work


4. What is the way to reduce deadlines?

So what managers need to do to limit and gradually put an end to employee deadline delays. Here are some tips that you should not ignore:

Ensure recruitment, right person, right job

First, to ensure employees complete the job well on time, your business must recruit the right people for the right job. However, in a time when the labor market is fiercely competitive for talent, it is not easy to find quality personnel.

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