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The HR department is an indispensable position in every organization and enterprise. So what is HR management? How does this position work? What are the requirements to successfully apply for HR management jobs? All these questions will be answered by Navigos Search through this article!

1. What is HR management?

HR manager in Human Resources Management (HRM) is a person responsible for organizing and managing human resources at an enterprise. Based on the enterprise's development goals from time to time, the HR  manager will organize recruitment, management and training activities. 

An HR manager must be able to build a team of dedicated and united teams who can contribute to the development of an enterprise from time to time. From there, it helps to increase work productivity and boost business operation as well as revenue.


HR manager is responsible for organizing and managing human resources

HR manager is responsible for organizing and managing human resources

2. The scope of work of an HR manager 

An HR manager is responsible for managing, training, and making contingency plans for personnel. At the same time, he / she is also the one who ensures the welfare and benefits of the employees,…

Manage productivity and personnel information 

HRM is in charge of managing the working activities of employees in the enterprise. They must grasp the work process and evaluate the progress of completing the task, coordinate and motivate everyone to work scientifically to get the job done better.

The performance management process of the HR management team will be evaluated by planning, monitoring, and rewarding the employees' contributions to the working process. Regular evaluation helps to maximize the capacity of personnel. At the same time, the manager will realize the drawbacks that need to be overcome to come up with solutions to strengthen the support and coordination among personnel and departments to improve work efficiency. 

In addition, an HR manager also knows which employees have not completed their work well and can be eliminated if they do not meet the job requirements. Moreover, an HR manager must also capture information about human resources and employees in the enterprise. The HR department will evaluate personnel to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and then arrange and coordinate the strategy in accordance with each development period of the enterprise.

Make contingency plan and recruitment plan 

The HR management team will conduct contingency planning and recruitment of human resources to ensure that the business's operations are always stable and undisturbed in the event of an unexpected employee’s leave. It is necessary to build personnel for senior management positions in the enterprise, contingency planning is essential to have a replacement quickly, to respond to operations to ensure an uninterrupted working process. 

Train and develop human resources

The development of human resources is the solid foundation of the business. Therefore, an HR  manager must be able to organize training courses on knowledge, professional skills, soft skills, etc,... to improve a personnel capacity and qualifications as well as to help improve work efficiency. The training and development of human resources in the enterprise should be planned specifically in terms of time, personnel and budget.


HRM is responsible for recruiting, training and developing human resources

HRM is responsible for recruiting, training and developing human resources

Build regimes, welfares, and benefits for employees

HRM - HR manager is the person who ensures the regime and welfare for the staff fairly so that they are motivated to devote themselves to the overall development of the business. 

Process payrolls for employees

The daily attendance tracking for employees is also considered an important task of the HR management team. With today's modern technology, businesses will not necessarily record each employee's workday like in the past. Instead, there is accurate and efficient timekeeping software to implement.

However, it is still undeniable that the role of an HR manager in this matter, because the business still needs to monitor the tardiness, the number of days off of each employee to conveniently assess the degree of diligence or calculate salary later. In addition to calculating salary and timekeeping, sometimes an HR manager will also directly pay salaries and bonuses to employees in the enterprise.

So to perform well in HR management jobs and become more professional, what skills must an HR manager have? Let's figure it out with Navigos Search in the next section.

3. Requirements for an HR manager


Expertise is an indispensable factor for a person working as an HR manager. To be more specific: an HRM should be able to forecast and make recruitment plan, sketch potential candidate portraits for the vacancy,... HRM must know how to arrange an impressive and successful interview in order to clearly identify the right person for the right job

With HRM, it is very necessary to develop your expertise. When you have talent and capacity, there is no environment, working conditions or personnel situation that can make it difficult for you to overcome. Above all, when you have enough knowledge and professional capacity, you will successfully handle HR management jobs.

HR management skills

HR management skills are skills related to managing and leading members in an enterprise. Those HR management skills include activities such as: Recruiting, organizing, assigning, checking and evaluating, building rewards and punishments system, building welfare and benefits policies, building relationships, etc. with the personnel in the enterprise. 

When the human resources factor in the enterprise is firmly consolidated, it will create a strong internal force. And vice versa, if an HR manager does not have human resources skills, it will make employees depressed, unmotivated to work, etc. Thereby, adversely affecting the quality of work and the overall development of the enterprise.


Requirements for an HRM

Requirements for an HRM

Communication and persuasion skills

An HR manager is the person who directly works with the staff, so the ability to communicate is an extremely important factor. Dexterity in behavior, flexibility in communication and understanding the personality aspects of each employee will help you become a great HRM.

To be able to do that, when communicating, you must adjust your tone, emphasize, and pause flexibly. It helps to communicate effectively and convince the other person. In addition, an HR manager must regularly talk and listen to employees' thoughts to promptly understand the situation and improve the relationship between the staff and their managers.

In addition, the HR manager must also be equipped with the ability to persuade. During the working process, it will certainly be difficult to avoid internal conflicts with employees or superiors. Therefore, it is required that the HRM be a mediator to make everyone feel happy and accept the proposed plan. 

To acquire the skill of persuasion, you must be professional and always have the necessary sensitivity and flexibility in all matters.

Active listening skills, problem – solving skills

Problem solving skill is understood as the ability to process and make decisions when faced with unexpected, unplanned situations. This is an extremely important skill, which is directly applicable to HR management jobs and also in your daily life.

When there are many problems happening internally, it is the HR management team who has to solve them in the most satisfactory way. In the event that the employees in the enterprise have a conflict, the HR manager must have strong listening skill and stand up to resolve it to the satisfaction of both parties.

When the HR manager and the superior have a conflict, the HR manager is the one to solve this problem with that superior. The HR manager must not let the higher managers feels that he is unfair and the personnel feel that he is being biased. 

Teamwork skill

Most large enterprises have a methodical human resource policy. Therefore, you cannot take on all the work in the business at the same time, but can only take on each part. So, at work, you will need support from other departments and functional departments of the human resources department to complete the job in the most effective way. And if you have good teamwork skills, it will make your life easier at work. 

For effective teamwork, you need to know how to listen to perfect ideas and work together. At the same time, it is necessary to specifically divide the roles and balance the tasks of each member to avoid the extrusion of responsibilities. Keep in mind that as a member of a team, the success or failure of the group is also your own success or failure. Therefore, you need to get along with everyone and coordinate well with other groups and departments to make the business operation run smoothly.


An HR manager is required to possess teamwork skill

An HR manager is required to possess teamwork skill

Psychological literacy skills

Understanding other people's psychology well will help you a lot in the candidate interview process. It will help you identify and accurately assess their attitude and capacity. At the same time, you will also easily approach and find potential candidates and reduce the rate of ineffective recruitment.

In enterprises, the HR management team is always the mediator between employees and employers. Therefore, the person in charge of human resources must have basic principles to ensure the interests of both parties. 

In addition, HRM must always consider the circumstances of employees. From there, the HR manager will understand the motivation and psychology of the employee, to have the most sensible and reasonable strategy to handle the problem.

4. Pay range of an HR manager

Nowadays, these HR management jobs are very important in any organization. Therefore, HR managers have quite attractive salaries, ranging from 10 to 27 million VND. In particular, there are many businesses and companies recruiting HR managers with an income of more than 30 million VND/month. 

You can check out the salaries of other HR management jobs here.

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