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Task management is a vital skill of managers at all levels in an organization or enterprise today. So how to master this skill?

Reasoning task delegation will help your employees promote the right capabilities and strengths to accomplish the common goal. This article by Navigos Search shares the best way to divide and organize work to help your team increase productivity and complete all tasks in the best way.

1. Identify clear work goals

Before assigning tasks to subordinates, leaders need to know clearly how that employee sets her / his goals, job orientation and working capacity. You have to spend a lot of time interacting directly with employees, describing projects, explaining task requirements to all employees. Only when employees clearly understand their role, can the common goal be carried out easily.

Task management is the skill of a manager

2. Create a to-do list

No matter how professional a manager is, it is hard to avoid forgetting or skipping a certain task or job. To avoid forgetting any task, you should list all the tasks that need to be done during the day, week, month, quarter, etc. for yourself and your employees clearly. Along with that, you must set an appropriate timeline for efficient work tracking and managing.

When creating a list, you need to prioritize important tasks first and combine similar tasks to optimize your time.

3. Set notes, schedule and reminders

The next effective way to organize your work is to use eye-catching colored sticky notes to note down the plans, tasks and stick them around your workplace. Once you and your staff have done it, you need to check it off the list so you don't miss anything. You should also store your work plans on your computer or phone to view them anytime, anywhere.

4. Delegate tasks 

When you delegate tasks among employees, you are choosing to work as a team. The American educator once said that “Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; based on cooperation, not intimidation.” Therefore, even if you are holding the leading position, the head of the business, you should not be too domineering, embrace all the work on yourself or show power by forcing everyone to listen to you, report and update work progress every day.

When you share and assign work to employees, you are giving them the opportunity to contribute to the common goal of the whole business. A secret to assigning work to employees for managers is that you should only "add" the team leader, not interfere with the tasks of each specific member for better control and track.

Empower your employee to grow

5. Empower your subordinates

Equip your employees with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to do their jobs well and effectively handle tasks outside their scope, especially issues related to requests from customers.

When empowered, employees will not need to look to higher levels but proactively solve problems within their ability. At the same time, they will be free to act, responsible for the results achieved. When they make a mistake or the result is not as expected, they also actively find ways to overcome it and learn valuable experience from it.

6. Provide reasonable rest and break time

With a management position, assigning tasks to your employees will not guarantee your free time. Because there are plans and strategies that need you to come up with. No matter how much work you have to handle, no matter how busy your job is, you also need to spend about 5 - 15 minutes between hours to rest.

This not only helps your body restore positive energy, but also helps your brain to focus better on the next important task. Do not overwork without a reasonable rest regime because that will make you fall into a state of stress, burnout and reduce work performance. 

7. Manage task progress

Each work plan is always accompanied by implementation time and completion time so the managers can easily grasp and track progress. Managers need to monitor the set plan to know clearly whether the work, the project is going or the parts that have been implemented have achieved good results or not.

Through the report of the team leader, the head of the department, you will accurately grasp the current tasks progress. However, a professional manager will always actively update the work completion level of subordinates through applications and software such as Asana, Wrike, Trello, Microsoft Teams, MyXTeam, Todoist, Google Tasks , ... to increase work productivity and shorten tracking time.

You need to check the work progress regularly

8. Don't forget the backup time

Backup time must be made available when the manager arranges his own work schedule and assigns tasks to subordinates. Not every job always runs as smoothly as planned because there are many unexpected problems such as unexpected staff leave, customers changing ideas, machinery and equipment errors, etc. ... Therefore, giving backup time will help you solve them better, avoiding affecting the overall work progress.

9. Find solutions instead of excuses and reason

As mentioned above, it is possible that the operation process will have unexpected problems arising. A good leader won't spend too much time digging around, digging up the reasons, and blaming anyone. At this time, the leader and everyone need to sit down to meet and discuss to find the most optimal solution. Get to the bottom of what's going on and encourage employees to come up with ideas to solve the problem quickly.

Reasoning task management skills play an important role for any leader and manager. Not only helps build a strong team, logital task delegation also helps improve work performance significantly. Hopefully this article from Navigos Search has brought useful information to readers.

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