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Currently, Pharmacy representative is one of the most attractive professions, but it requires a high level of expertise and many necessary skills. The salary for this position is quite high, up to more than 40 million VND.

Pharmacy representatives are important players in today's healthcare system. They are known as pharmaceutical salesmen, specializing in providing complete and accurate information about drugs, dosages, effects and uses to patients and buyers. Therefore, they need to have strong knowledge about drugs and medical products. Let's learn more about what a pharmacy representative is? Job descriptions as well as their salaries are below.

1. Who are pharmacy representatives?

Pharmacy representatives are drug sales staff or drug brokers, more correctly understood, they are sales consultants whose products are drugs.

The pharmacy representatives' mission is to introduce new drug products, at the same time provide clear instructions on the drug's effects to subjects such as pharmacies, clinics,... and at the same time convince pharmacists to import drugs. distribution. Because their main customers are pharmacies and clinics and they almost rarely recommend drugs directly to patients.

Pharmacy representatives are people who sell pharmaceutical products

2. Job description of a pharmacy representative

The career of a pharmaceutical representative requires rigorous expertise and strong social knowledge about introducing and promoting the company's pharmaceutical products to pharmaceuticals, clinics and medical facilities. Their work includes:

  • Introducing the company's pharmaceutical products to clinics and medical facilities in the area of responsibility.
  • Continuously update product information, research customer needs and monitor market trends.
  • Prepare and implement detailed sales plans to achieve assigned sales targets.
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers in the area of responsibility.
  • Build the company's image and reputation in the minds of customers.
  • Communicate product information honestly and transparently.
  • Fully and effectively implement promotions, policies and information from the company to customers.
  • Maintain current customer care and seek and develop new customers to expand the wholesale and retail distribution system to increase sales.
  • Regularly conduct surveys on drug consumption at each pharmacy and medical facility to plan orders.
  • Prepare reports on business situations, market information and recommendations from customers to send to management or the department in charge to improve work efficiency.
  • Make periodic reports according to regulations of the management department.

Thus, the career of a pharmaceutical representative not only requires extensive professional knowledge but also requires good communication skills, acumen in absentminded customer needs and the ability to manage time and work effectively.

Pharmacy representative require rigorous expertise

3. Classification of pharmacy representativeV

Pharmaceutical representatives are divided into two types: OTC pharmaceutical representatives and ETC pharmaceutical representatives. Below are details about these two types of pharmacists:

OTC pharmaceutical representatives 

OTC stands for Over The Counter, which in the pharmaceutical industry is understood as prescription drugs. OTC pharmaceutical representatives are people who specialize in introducing non-prescription drugs that are allowed to be used without the permission of a specialist doctor.

The target audience for OTC pharmaceutical representatives are pharmacies and drugstores. They specialize in introducing the company's medicinal products at attractive preferential prices along with many programs to attract users.

ETC pharmaceutical representatives 

ETC stands for Ethical Drugs, referring to prescription drugs. ETC pharmaceutical representatives are the people who introduce medicinal products with a doctor's prescription and permission for use.

The target audience of ETC pharmaceutical representatives is hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. In terms of expertise, this position has higher requirements than OTC pharmaceutical representatives and the working environment is also more professional.

4. Necessary and sufficient conditions to become a pharmaceutical representative

Choosing to become a pharmaceutical representative requires passion and bravery. Because this is really difficult work and many challenges need to be faced. Therefore, to become a successful, professional pharmaceutical representative, you need to have:


The first and mandatory condition to become a pharmaceutical representative is to be trained and graduated in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Management, Marketing or related fields. The amount of knowledge that needs to be absorbed is great, both in theory and practice.

Pharmaceutical representatives need to have an understanding of pharmaceutical products, the structure of the healthcare system, and knowledge of basic medical conditions.


As an important position, requiring high expertise as well as combining with Marketing factors, a pharmaceutical representative with experience in the field of sales, marketing or medicine is a huge advantage.

Communication, negotiation and persuasion skills

Pharmaceutical representatives need good communication skills to present and introduce products, and resolve questions from doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Flexibility, fluency and impressiveness in communication help them convince customers more easily. It is necessary to master knowledge and listen to customers to make appropriate arguments, create trust, and conquer all customers.

Skills to expand and develop relationships

To ensure long-term and stable relationships with customers, pharmaceutical representatives need to continuously care for current customers by listening to opinions, recommendations and building trust. At the same time, they must also seek and build new relationships to increase sales.

Skills in searching for customer information

People working in the field of drug brokerage need to have sharp skills and the ability to grasp information quickly. For example, every time a new pharmacy opens in the area, they must immediately gather information to recommend products before competitors. Besides, through relationships with drug distributors, they can take advantage of information about potential customers from referrals or word-of-mouth marketing from old customers.

Capabilities to manage circumstances and find solutions

Problem solving and situation handling skills are really important for pharmacists to face challenges in daily work. This skill helps pharmacists solve problems quickly. From there, helping them build trust from customers, helping to maintain and develop long-term relationships. In emergency situations or when there is negative feedback from customers, situation handling skills help them maintain the company's reputation.

Creative thinking skills

A good pharmaceutical representative needs to know how to expand his customer base. They need to have thinking and creativity to be able to build business strategies and increase sales, contributing to the company's development.

Flexible ingenuity

During work, pharmaceutical representatives will face many unexpected situations. Therefore, pharmaceutical representatives need to have flexibility as well as the ability to behave skillfully to be able to solve problems encountered.

Ingenuity and flexibility in the process of arising problems will be highly appreciated by superiors and customers. From there your customer network will increase.


A pharmaceutical representative is a fairly difficult job, often proactively meeting customers. No matter how difficult the conditions are or how demanding the customers are, they still need to persevere in order to achieve certain goals and success.

Pharmaceutical representative need to have high expertise and many skills

5. Salary of pharmaceutical representatives

In the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists play an important role as professional salespeople at pharmaceutical enterprises. Their success and income level depends largely on each person's ability and performance.

The income level of a pharmacist depends not only on their personal abilities but also on the scale and scope of operations of the business they work for. Product diversity and business size also play an important role in determining income levels.

Based on the survey, the average salary of pharmacy representatives according to the survey of positions is as follows:

  • Average salary: 13,100,000 VND/month.
  • Common salary: 8,800,000 - 13,200,000 VND/month.
  • Lowest salary: 4,400,000 VND/month.
  • Highest salary: 44,100,000 VND/month.

6. Challenges within the field of work

A pharmaceutical representative's profession is not without its obstacles and problems. These are a few things they frequently run into:

  • High competition: The pharmaceutical industry is competitive, with many similar products. Pharmacists must strive to find ways to make their products stand out from the crowd.
  • Need to grasp information quickly: Need to master information about products, from ingredients to usage, to advise customers accurately.
  • Highly specialized requirements: In addition to medical knowledge, they need a deep understanding of products, medical research and market trends.
  • Building relationships: It is necessary to build and maintain relationships with customers, from pharmacies to clinics and hospitals.
  • Sales pressure: Frequently facing pressure to achieve sales targets set by the company.

These difficulties require pharmacists to have patience, flexibility and the ability to continuously learn to succeed in this field.

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