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The demand for office work is currently increasing because of the advantage of fixed office hours. However, recruiters still experience difficulty in the office staff recruitment process, it is challenging to find bright candidates. If you are in such a situation, apply the following tips to save time and successfully recruit “the right person for the right job".

1. Identify recruitment needs for office staff positions

Whether the position of the office staff is completely new or is currently vacant, you need to clearly identify the recruitment needs. The office staff recruitment process should start with identifying the vacancies, then analyzing the job characteristics including the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience.


These are the tasks to do to help with determining recruitment needs:

  • Check and keep track of the current workload in all departments.
  • Determine the performance and productivity of the staff.
  • Make a list of skill sets and knowledge that are lacking in the recruitment team to add the corresponding human resources.
  • Analyze the job characteristics of the office staff to make recruitment plans.

Identifying recruitment requirements is the first step to do
Identifying recruitment requirements is the first step to do

Factors affecting the process of office staff recruitment:

  • The scale of the business.
  • The pay rate that the business offers for the candidate.
  • Culture and working conditions of the business.
  • Growth rate of the business.
  • Actual situation of office jobs in the labor market.

Set up a high-quality recruitment team

A high-quality recruitment team will ensure an efficient process of office staff recruitment. The role of the team in this hiring process is important because one wrong decision affects the productivity of the entire workforce. The person in charge of this recruitment process can be: Business owner, Head of human resources department or Line managers,...


2. Prepare clear and coherent recruitment information, detailed job description

Preparing a clear, coherent and detailed job description will help the candidate have a comprehensive view of the position he is applying for. Required information in a job description is the requirements of the business for the vacancy.


However, to increase the recruitment efficiency, you should add the company's incentives and benefits for employees in the vacancy. Let the candidate see what they will get from the business in the position of office staff. That will help you attract more potential candidates for this job.

In addition, always keep in mind that in the process of office staff recruitment, the quantity of applicants is not as important as the quality of the candidates. Therefore, in order to attract the top candidates for this position, you must know how to write attractive job postings that could draw their attention. 

The recruitment information is clear, the job description must be detailed
The recruitment information is clear, the job description must be detailed

In the process of drafting a job description, there are many recruiters today who copy content from other job postings and just change the name of the business, the number of candidates required, and contact information. Certainly, "massive" job postings like this are difficult to attract many bright candidates to apply. Therefore, you need to plan, compose attractive recruitment information, and describe the job in a special, clear and detailed way to easily find the most suitable talent.

To be able to do that, your recruitment information needs to be fully prepared with the following information:

  • Name, address, field of operation of the business: This is the information employees rely on to evaluate the business. In this section, you must briefly and clearly state the business name, address, and field of operation. Ideally, only write about the first 2-3 lines in the post.
  • Job title and number of vacancies: This information must be clear and accurate for candidates to grasp. Please write down the specific number to be recruited for the position and bold or highlight it so it could easily attract candidates’ attention.
  • Full Job Description: This is very important information in the job posting. You need to fully know this part to make it easy to understand. At the same time, must rely on the description to determine if the candidate fully meets the job's requirements and is suitable for this vacancy.
  • Salary, working time: This is the information that candidates are most interested in. To attract more potential candidates, draw up the promotion route of the office staff position, salary changes according to experience and work efficiency,... Of course, your business can't race on salary to attract good candidates. So, give the candidate the opportunity to prove himself and negotiate the desired compensation to reach consensus on both sides.
  • Requirements for qualifications and skills: Normally, for the positions of office staff, businesses will require candidates to graduate from colleges, universities or higher and have the skills of communication, problem-solving, time management as well as dedication, accuracy and acumen in work...
  • Incentive and benefit package: In addition to regimes such as basic salary, social insurance, paid leave, bonus, team building, ... Please add some other attractive information to stimulate candidates to apply: If they are able to deliver assigned tasks in a timely manner and with high proficiency, there will be attractive rewards.,… 
  • Working location: This information needs to be accurate and clear so that you don't have to worry about losing time in interviewing, training, etc., and then the candidate quits because of the distance.
  • Phone number and email for contact: This is a way for candidates to contact recruiters. This information is usually included at the end of the post. This allows candidates to flexibly apply online via email or in person.

Clear information helps to properly assess the candidate's ability
Clear information helps to properly assess the candidate's ability

3. Looking for talented human resources

Identifying the right talent and attracting as well as motivating applicants are the most important aspects of the hiring process especially the office staff recruitment process. Currently, there are two popular recruitment sources applied to find talent:

3.1. Internal recruitment

Using internal resources for recruitment helps motivate employees to be more productive and maximize their job satisfaction. Finding candidates through internal sources also reduces the rate of loss of recruitment costs and efforts. Details as follows:

  • Transfer: It is possible to fill another position without any change in the employee's role, status or salary by transferring a suitable candidate from within the organization.
  • Offer promotion and salary raise: Vacancies can be filled by recommending a high-performing employee to take on a higher-level position in the unit to solve the issue of salary increase at the new position. This helps businesses be sure of the candidate's ability and saves time and costs of recruitment.
  • Previous candidates: Keeping records of previously applied candidates creates a rich database. You can contact them when a suitable position opens.
  • Current employees: Employees in your business can efficiently spread the word on their social media accounts to help you fill vacancies which help save time and effort.

3.2. External recruitment

Recruiting process that requires external sources provides wide coverage, giving you more choices from a large number of qualified candidates. It also works with mass recruitment. 

Use your relationships and network

One of the best sources to look for qualified candidates for office staff positions is through existing relationships. This is one of the secrets to free-of-charge method to find candidates chosen by many units. Use your personal and professional connections to recruit. Let them know the detailed information about the position to be recruited to receive the proposal on the most suitable candidate.

Find candidates through existing relationships
Find candidates through existing relationships

Take advantage of social networks

In fact, most of the candidates look for jobs through the internet nowadays. Therefore, you should post on your own website and fanpage. Or you can also post on recruitment websites and social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn) to attract more suitable candidates.

Candidates often have a tendency to learn about businesses online before deciding to apply. Therefore, make sure your website and social media pages are regularly updated with important and necessary information.


Advertising helps managers build a solid brand to attract potential employees effectively. You can always go with the traditional method using print media or use digital media for the best recruitment results. However, this method consumes a lot of time and money.

Recruit through headhunter agencies

The tips shared above can help businesses find employees successfully. However, there is a possibility that the manager will spend a lot of time and money and still can't find the most suitable candidate. The current trend of most large, medium and small businesses is to choose recruitment services through a reputable headhunter company - Navigos Search.

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Most of all, a team of dedicated consultant experts will always stand by your business from the time of recruitment needs to the time of receiving candidates. All of our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience and a methodical recruitment process, ensuring the search and selection of the best candidates for your business as soon as possible.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of "hunting" for middle and high-level talent, Navigos Search is proud to have supported and brought successful recruitment solutions to hundreds of thousands of businesses and multinational corporations across Vietnam.

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