How to write a hotel management CV that wins every employer's heart

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Senior hotel management is an attractive profession with many career development opportunities and high competition. To apply for this position, besides professional skills, knowing how to write an impressive hotel management CV will also help you catch employers' eyes. Let's refer to the following share of Navigos Search to increase your chances of getting hired.

1. What is a hotel management CV?

A hotel management CV is a document that details candidates' personal information, experience, education, and skills. The CV plays as a supporter helping candidates demonstrate their skills and elaborate on outstanding achievements related to the position applied for. It’s also a tool to affirm  candidates’ capacity and give the employer important  information about the candidate.

Through your CV, employers will assess your overall capabilities to see if you are suitable for the position they are recruiting for. Besides, the CV is a thing leaving the first impression on the employer before you have the opportunity to meet them in the interview round.

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Hotel management is a job that attracts many candidates

Hotel management is a job that attracts many candidates

2. Importance of CV when applying for a hotel management job

Being the candidate's marketing tool

CV has become a personal marketing tool in the 4.0 era when everything develops towards the marketing trend. In the CV, the candidate must provide the information that the HR recruiter needs to know, including ethical qualities, skills, work experience, achievements, and other benefits the employer receives when recruiting you for that job position.

Determining whether you are suitable for the job 

Hotel managers will have to work with foreign customers. Thus, emphasizing communication and foreign language skills in the CV will also be appreciated. These skills are the crucial factors employers will rely on to have a preliminary assessment of the candidate's ability to see if they match the job.

Acting as the bridge between job seekers and employers

Most employers will not know who you are, what your work capacity is, or whether you are suitable for the job. Through a candidate's CV, employers will understand the most decisive content. And based on the CV, the interviewers will know whether to put their trust in.

Being the key for candidates to get interview opportunity

As mentioned above, CV is a tool to help candidates introduce themselves to employers. Besides, the CV is also considered a way to help candidates get high interview opportunities.

A professional CV will help you impress employers

A professional CV will help you impress employers

3. How to write a hotel management CV

To be successful in creating the best hotel management CV, you should follow some of the following suggestions:
Begin with personal information

Although this is the easiest CV part to write, you should not be subjective and present it anyway. The main purpose of this section is to provide employers with your personal information so that they can have a basic understanding of you and rely on that to verify accuracy.

You should list full information about yourself, including full name, date of birth, hometown, phone number, etc. For the email field, you should write a clear email address. Don't use names that are too childish or take your nickname to set the email address as it shows you are not professional.

Outline your career goals

This section, with your career aspirations, will help you catch employers' eyes. When writing your goals, you have to relate them to your abilities. For example, you are a fresh graduate without any work experience but write down your career goal in the next year to become a manager. This is not realistic.

In addition, in this section, you should not present too long because it affects your impression in the employer’s eyes. Let's keep it short. Furthermore, your career goals must be relevant to the growth of the position and the business you are applying for.

Summarize professional competencies specifically

You can make a great first impression on your employer by briefly summarizing your professional competencies. Let's briefly describe five sentences about the experience, professional and management skills. You can also use this summary as an overview of the content below your CV.

Include your working experience

In this section, you must list your past positions related to the one you are applying for in reverse chronological order. Company name, position, and working time are indispensable. Then, list five things describing your duties and responsibilities when holding that role.

If you have experience working in hotels, put them at the beginning of this section. This will draw employers' attention to your CV. List any work experience relevant to the position you are applying for. Make sure this content is standing out because not every work experience can attract employers.

For example: It's better not to include work experience in less than three months in your CV because it means you're telling the employer you are a job-hopping person.

Remember to list outstanding achievements that bring value to you and have a positive influence on your previous work in your CV as this is an effective method to impress the employer.

Emphasize on your education 

You must provide proof of training in the education section of your CV. List your qualifications in reverse chronological order. Don't forget the name of your university, major, the type of degree earned, and your graduation year. You can also add your GPA to this section if it's high.

Highlight related skills

As the competition is fiercer, you must show employers that you are the best candidate they are looking for. To make your CV more unique, you can create a separate section for your skills.

In addition, you should also consider listing 7-9 notes briefly describing your skills. Some basic skills you can refer to are effective management skills, flexible working arrangement skills, excellent communication skills, good handling situation skills, the ability to know what others are thinking, and good listening skills

Add your qualifications

If you have any qualifications in addition to formal training, include them in your CV. This section will demonstrate that you are proactive and inquisitive. This is probably a plus point for the position you are applying for.

Pay attention to highlighting skills related to hotel management

Pay attention to highlighting skills related to hotel management

Mention languages

The hotel manager will communicate with many people, from staff to customers. It is impossible to avoid foreign customers with languages other than your mother tongue. Therefore, being fluent in over two foreign languages is a necessary skill for hotel managers. If you know a language other than your mother tongue, list it at the bottom of your CV with your proficiency level.

CV plays a vital role in the process of applying for a job as a hotel manager. Nonetheless, not all employers select candidates only by looking at their CVs. Thus, you must cultivate yourself, train your professional skills and accumulate experience related to the hospitality industry to meet the requirements of the labor market and employers’ expectations. 

Notes when writing a hotel management CV

After reading all the content shared above, you probably know how to write a complete CV. However, you should also note a few important things before writing your CV as the hospitality industry is closely paying attention to aesthetics and appearance. Thus, you need to present, arrange and choose a CV template that meets the standards set by the employer.

You can contact Navigos Search headhunter teams for dedicated support. With many years of experience in recruitment, they will help you get the most standard CV that wins the employer's heart.

In addition, you should carefully research information about the management position, including the job description and requirements to know what the employer expects from the candidate. In the CV writing process, you also need to get in touch with the information on the position you are applying for. Do not ramble. Make sure that all the information shows your seriousness.

Once you've finished writing, take some time to review, and reread your CV at least once to ensure your application doesn't contain any errors.

4. Where can you apply for a job as a senior hotel manager?

A professional and well-organized CV will help you handily catch the employer's eye. When you have it in hand, do not hesitate to send it to Navigos Search to get the best quality hotel management job quickly.

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