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The recruitment proposal form is an administrative document, used a lot in businesses. So when to use this form and how to write it? Let's follow this article of Navigos Search to get the answer right away!

1. What to know about the recruitment proposal form

1.1. What is a recruitment proposal form?

The recruitment proposal form is an administrative document used internally by businesses to propose adding new personnel to the unit. This proposal form is usually prepared by departmental managers and sent to the board of directors or other authorized persons for approval of additional personnel.

The recruitment proposal form is used in the enterprise to solve personnel-related issues, specifically the proposal to add new personnel when there is a need.
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What is a recruitment proposal form?

 Recruitment proposal form is an administrative document

1.2. When is the recruitment proposal form used?

The most appropriate time

The department is short of personnel: The most suitable time to use the recruitment proposal form is when the department is short of people, the current  employees quit and leave the vacancies. These positions have a certain influence on the efficiency and work progress of the whole department, so it is necessary to add new personnel to replace and ensure the progress and quality of work. 

The work of the department is overloaded: If your work is often overloaded, use the recruitment proposal form. Although the department has no leave of absence and everyone is always focused on working to the best of their ability, the pursuit of progress and workload is still really too heavy. That puts pressure on their work, negatively affects the overall work efficiency. Therefore, recruiting new personnel is a necessary action.

Enterprises continuously outsource staff: A business that continuously outsources staff should also consider using a recruitment proposal form. If this situation persists, it will affect the financial resources of the business.

Even hiring employees from other companies or outside freelancers to work will lead to many risks, especially internal information that is easily exposed. Thus, it is necessary to carefully calculate the labor situation in the enterprise to come up with the most optimal solution. 

Enterprises that are scaling up: In case the business expands and develops, it is inevitable to have more new employees. Therefore, the recruitment proposal form will be used for departments and divisions to express their desire to timely supplement personnel to help solve the backlog of work as well as meet the requirements of future expansion of the business.

Recruitment proposals need to be carefully examined

Consider well when sending the recruitment proposal 

Time to avoid the recruitment proposal 

In fact, it is not always necessary and effective to propose replacement or replenishment of personnel. Besides the recommended use cases mentioned above, there are times when you shouldn't use this form. Details as follows:

  • The amount of work has a certain increase: The department does not always have a heavy workload, so the addition of additional personnel will not be necessary. To effectively deal with times when the workload is too heavy, businesses can use seasonal human resources to support and save costs.
  • Personnel apply for leaves: In case the personnel in the department apply for leaves, they should not find a new person to replace immediately. Allocate that person's work to the rest of the members, if the deadline is not too urgent, the employee can handle it when he goes back to work.
  • Employees have not reached their full potential: Employees in the department have constant complaints on heavy workload but they have not made efforts to promote their working capacity. The addition of new personnel will make other members dependent on them and it also leads to ineffective work progress. Therefore, you need to encourage and motivate current staff to improve their performance at work. 

2. What is the role of the recruitment proposal form?

Although it is only an internal administrative document, this proposal template brings many benefits. Details:

Show the number of vacancies: Using the recruitment proposal form, the department will know exactly the number of personnel required, positions to be added..

Support building recruitment information: With a detailed recruitment proposal form, the recruitment department will know clearly the criteria required for the candidates and the remuneration and salary information for each position. This information makes it easier to build standard job postings.

Effective management of the recruitment process: The recruitment proposal form is considered a basis for evaluating the recruitment process and leadership skill of managers in the enterprise.

If the department regularly needs to add new personnel, the board of directors must review the management skills and the human resources department needs to evaluate the quality of the recruited personnel. That will become an important factor in making judgments about the effectiveness of each department's performance.

Support for the recruitment process

The recruitment process is carried out more effective

3. Content and writing style for the most concrete recruitment proposal form

Since the recruitment proposal form is an administrative document, it is imperative to ensure the structure of an administrative document, specifically:

3.1. The opening

National name and Crest;

Company's name;

Time, place and number of the form;


Department / Person sent to

3.2. The body

Specify the name of the division, section or department in the enterprise that would like to propose additional personnel;

Specify the vacant title, the position that need to have adding personnel to take charge;

Specify the number of personnel to be recruited for each position;

Specify the expected time for the new employee to enter the probationary period. According to Clause 2, Article 25 of the Labor Code 2019, the probation period at an enterprise lasts for 2 months; however, the probationary period may be increased or decreased depending on the needs and regulations of each unit;

Specify the probationary salary for new employees. Article 26 of the Labor Code 2019 stipulates that the probationary salary is 85% of the basic salary of the official position;

Specify what the official salary is and add allowances (if any);

Recruitment standards: Clearly list the general recruitment standards with the position being recruited to ensure that the new employee meets the requirements of this job (educational background, expertise, skills, etc, ...)

Job summary of the position to be filled: Write a summary of information about the scope of work that the new employee must do. This is the basis for making the detailed job description in the next stage. 

3.3. The ending

The person who makes the form needs to clearly state the date, month and year of making the request for personnel recruitment proposal. Submit to the Director, Head of Administration - Human Resources or other authorized persons for approving, signing and sealing.

Instructions on the most concrete writing

The most concrete form written today

The personnel recruitment proposal is very important, directly affecting the development of the department and the whole enterprise. Above is the most detailed information about the content and how to write a recruitment proposal form. Through this article, Navigos Search hopes that readers have a better understanding of this type of form and its effect on the growth of the whole business..

If you still cannot create a perfect recruitment proposal form, contact a Navigos Search consultant expert for assistance. With long-term experience in the field of recruiting mid-level and high-level personnel, the consultant experts will support you all the way through the process, writing the most detailed and concrete recruitment proposal form. From which, businesses can easily build and create successful recruitment posts

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