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Human resources are the core factor that creates the success of a business. Therefore, the recruitment of personnel is always the top focus of the units. In order to recruit the best and most suitable candidates, the person in charge of human resources must develop a recruitment plan that is strategic. In this article, Navigos Search will help readers learn about the steps to develop the most concrete HR recruitment plan.

1. What is a recruitment plan?

Personnel recruitment plan is a description of activities to find and recruit talents according to the criteria set by the recruitment department such as: qualifications, work experience, skills,...

A complete recruitment plan will have information on the number of vacancies required, interview time, estimated recruitment budget, etc. This plan will be approved by the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to help capture the entire recruitment problem of the enterprise.

What is a recruitment plan?

Developing a recruitment plan is a simulation of talent search activities

2. The importance of developing a recruitment plan

The importance of recruitment planning in the enterprise is shown through the following factors:

Shorten recruitment time, reduce recruitment costs

With a concrete and complete recruitment plan, the employee will know how to organize the assigned tasks and arrange a reasonable work schedule. The level of job completion is guaranteed to help businesses reduce costs incurred in the recruitment process and make it easy to track the recruitment status to support and resolve promptly when needed.

Recruit suitable personnel

The recruitment plan will clearly state the requirements for task performance, the candidate's qualifications, past work experience and skills,.... This helps managers exploit candidate information more conveniently. With some senior positions, especially senior management positions, managers may consider accepting candidates who lack some not-so-important qualities and can provide additional training when the potential candidates start working. 

Find high potential staffs

Recruitment method of each unit will not be the same. With the usual recruitment process, candidates go through various types of interviews such as self-introduction, demonstration of professional knowledge, experience, problem solving, etc., with the aim of helping managers select the right employees, the brightest element. Finding talent is very important to most businesses. If the employer evaluates and finds potential personnel, it is necessary to make an attractive offer to invite them to work.

Easier to reach potential candidates

Attract more bright candidates

3. Common mistakes made when businesses develop a recruitment plan

Currently, there are many businesses that face difficulties in the recruitment planning process and make mistakes when implementing them. Here are some of the most common mistakes when they develop a recruitment plan:

The purpose and recruitment needs are not clear

The most common mistake that businesses make when they develop a recruitment plan is not aware of the purpose and needs of recruitment. Managers think of a staffing plan as a form to show the number of employees to hire and the time it takes to complete the hiring process. Therefore, the human resources department will not clearly understand the recruitment needs and purposes. This leads to businesses recruiting unqualified and unsuitable candidates for the job position.

The portrait of the candidate to be recruited has not yet been determined

Candidate portrait is an important factor for HR to know how to recruit candidates. Human resources departments often do not know what candidate they need to recruit, what skills are required to fill that position. This makes it difficult for the recruitment department because it is difficult for them to determine the correct criteria for assessing the candidate's ability and capacity for the job. As a result, businesses recruit the wrong people which causes a costly recruitment process.

The time for recruitment plan has not been well considered

This is a very common mistake of the HR department when they develop a recruitment plan. In order to have a complete recruitment plan, the person in charge must spend a lot of time and effort to come up with ideas, identify costs, make plans, etc. If the planning is not specific, it is certain that the implementation will not be effective in the recruitment process.

The priority of the vacancies has not been determined yet

Businesses recruit personnel to meet sales growth goals, and expand customers base. However, there are times when members of the human resources department do not clearly understand the growth goals of the unit, causing the allocation of time and recruitment costs to not properly focus on the prioritized personnel positions.

Without a strategic recruitment plan from the beginning, businesses will spend a lot of money and time on recruitment. Therefore, a concrete human resource plan is an important condition to help businesses recruit easier.

The most common mistakes

Mistakes when businesses develop a recruitment plan

4. How to build a strategic recruitment plan

Follow these suggestions to develop a recruitment plan that fits your business' needs:

Evaluate the current personnel situation of the enterprise

Evaluating the current personnel situation helps employers identify excesses and shortages of personnel in departments. Thereby, the human resource administrator will make a decision on whether to rotate or recruit more personnel to meet the current needs of the unit.

Not only that, the assessment and evaluation of the human resource situation also helps businesses to review and re-evaluate issues such as salary and benefits to make reasonable adjustments to bring the most appropriate and best benefits to employees.

Clearly define recruitment needs

Determining recruitment needs begins with the process of analyzing whether the business really needs to recruit more staff, the number of employees needed and the requirements of the job. In short, determining hiring needs is assessing the urgency and detailed requirements of the recruitment.

Determining the recruitment needs of enterprises should be evaluated based on the following issues:

  • Future development capacity of the business.
  • Current personnel situation of the enterprise: Is the quantity and quality of human resources sufficient for the job? What areas and skills are currently lacking in human resources?
  • Employee turnover rate.
  • Salary and benefits policy.
  • The average cost of successfully recruiting the required number of employees.
  • Recruitment situation in the market at that time.

Clearly identifying recruitment needs will help the recruitment process go on the right track, bring human resources to meet the requirements of the business, accurately assess the human resources situation of the enterprise and limit the problem of wasting human resource costs and to save costs for businesses in general.

Draft attractive job descriptions

To attract bright candidates, businesses need to write attractive job descriptions. Each job description must contain the following important information:

+ Job position information
+ Business information
+ Job requirements: qualifications, past work experience, skills, qualities, ...
+ Salary and benefits received
+ Work location
+ Contact details

Create your own checklist based on the characteristics of your business. Instead of listing a long list of requirements and expectations of the employer for the position, you should emphasize the benefits that the candidate will receive. You should even introduce the mission of the business so that the candidate has a specific view of the environment they are looking to join.

Especially, if you do not have experience in developing a recruitment plan, please contact Navigos Search's consultant experts team. With extensive experience in the recruitment field, they will help you get the right and attractive job description to attract many good candidates.

Professional consulting team at Navigos Search

The team of leading consultant experts at Navigos Search

Make a budget of the recruitment plan

A clear recruitment budget will help you choose a reasonable source of recruitment channels and help save maximum costs for the next recruitment steps. When recruitment budgets are saved, it becomes easier to secure additional funds for other needs that arise.
Recruitment budget usually includes these following costs:

  • Advertising on social networking platforms.
  • Branding.
  • HR personnel costs.
  • Participation in and organization of recruitment fairs.
  • Other expenses.

Establish a clear recruitment process

Once you've determined your recruitment needs and budget, you need to proceed to develop a clear and precise recruitment process. A clear recruitment process will help businesses in general and recruiters in particular easily select the best candidates. The strengths and weaknesses of each candidate will be shown in the interview. At that time, businesses will reduce the rate of false recruitment and shorten the time for recruitment.

Verify candidate information

Once you have successfully selected a qualified and suitable candidate, you should carefully check the background and information about that selected person. In many cases, to get into a big business, candidates tend to "hype" their resumes and hope no one takes the time to verify their personal information. Therefore, it is extremely important to verify candidate information in advance.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment plan

The recruitment plan should be a document that reflects the progress the business has made. As your business grows stronger, you also need to change your recruitment strategy to meet the increasingly competitive and increasing recruitment needs.

Regularly evaluating the effectiveness and relevance of your recruitment plan will help you draw practical lessons yourself. From which, you will see what issues have worked well, what needs to be improved to develop a recruitment plan to gain more useful experience.

A recruitment plan needs to be carefully examined

Recruitment plan evaluation

5. The number 1 solution for recruiting mid-level and senior-level personnel today

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