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Explore the detailed job description for a Customer Service Manager

Table Of Contents

Are you interested in the job of Customer Service Manager at companies and businesses? Are you working tirelessly to achieve this position in the future? So what does a Customer Service Manager do and what is the salary? Learn more about it in this article with Navigos Search

1. Who is the Customer Service Manager?

A Customer Service Manager is the person in charge of all the tasks of the Customer Service department in a business. They must collect customers’ feedback after using the company's services and products from which they ultimately make the best decision and solution for the needs of the customers.

The Customer Service Manager plays an extremely important role in every business or enterprise. Therefore, there are many businesses that recruit this position regularly and attract a large number of interested candidates.

Customer Service Manager is an extremely important role

Customer Service Manager is an extremely important role

2. Customer Service Manager job description 

The Customer Service Manager plays an important role in the company or business. Therefore, their job descriptions are divided into many other parts:

Maintain long-term relationships with customers

As mentioned before, the Customer Service Manager is always trying to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. So how do they get there?

To retain potential customers, managers must show the customers why they should stick with the business. In this role, they will be the only contact with whom the client interacts directly. Therefore, Customer Service Managers need to build strong relationships with those customers and increase their lifetime value.

Recruit and train new staff

The Customer Service Manager is responsible for overseeing the hiring process of new customer service staff. To find the best candidates for the Customer service department, it is important for managers to identify the right customer service interview questions to see if a candidate is experienced and knowledgeable enough to take on the role. 

After the recruiting process is finished, the Customer Service Manager needs to ensure that the new staff is properly trained and equipped with the necessary skills to apply effectively to the job. The Department Heads will also be responsible for implementing the necessary training courses to help new employees fulfill their roles in the best way.

Customer Service Manager job description

Customer Service Manager job description

Set goals for employees and check their work progress

A Customer Service Manager is required to perform well at the customer service department to respond to customers’ issues ad questions in a timely manner. This makes it necessary for managers to set separate goals for each employee of the team, especially when starting to take on the job. From there, it will provide basic metrics to track the process and work progress of each employee, ensuring they provide the optimized solution for customers.

Be the Representative for customers

In fact, no business can survive without customers. However, many employees do not grasp what customers really want and need. That's why any business will need a Customer Service Manager.

Because they have to work and have direct contact with customers, the Customer Service Manager is the only person who listens and collects direct feedback from them. By actively listening, they uncover issues that need to be addressed, such as customer preference for a product, or reporting their feedback to the company.

It is the responsibility of the Customer Service Manager to clearly understand those customers and present their opinions to the board for resolution and timely adjustment. They help shorten the gap between businesses and customers and provide better customer experiences by listening and acknowledging both positive and negative feedback to effectively improve customers’ experience.  

The Customer Service Manager is the representative for the customers

The Customer Service Manager is the representative for the customers

Create a product improvement plan

As  Customer Service Managers, they must fully synthesize information and all feedback from customers. In particular, for negative feedback about products and services, they must report the case to relevant departments to come up with a solution in time.Besides, they participate in the planning process to improve and innovate the quality of the company's products and services to better meet the needs of customers.

Measure and evaluate customer satisfaction

The duty of the Customer Service Manager is to take good care of, meet the needs and satisfy customers when using the company's services and products. To achieve this goal, managers need to know how to measure and evaluate customer satisfaction to come up with the best plan to adapt, innovate & improve customer service. 

In addition to the above tasks, the Customer Service Manager also has to undertake the tasks assigned by the superiors. Then communicate and delegate to subordinates and together follow the company's schedule & timeline.

3. Requirements, benefits, salary of the Customer Service Manager


  • Having a college or master’s degree majoring in economics, marketing. 
  • Having experience in a similar position, have previous working experience. This will be a plus to help you “catch the eye” of the employer.
  • Having expertise, understanding of products, services, business activities and customer care processes.
  • Proficient in soft skills such as: communication, task management, Microsoft office, problem-solving, etc.

Benefit & Salary

The position of Customer Service Manager has always been a great attraction for employees because of its benefits and attractive salary. When taking on this position, you will be working in a very professional and dynamic environment. You are regularly exposed to people with high skills and expertise, which will be an advantage to help you improve your professional capacity. At the same time, you can also participate in advanced training courses organized by the business.

As for the salary for the position of Customer Service Manager, it ranges from 10 to 30 million VND per month depending on each business size and the scope of work. Along with that, you will be entitled to full insurance regimes and holidays according to labor law.

In fact, a Customer Service Manager can reach an even higher salary. That is also the reason why more and more enthusiastic young candidates would like to apply for this position.

You are regularly exposed to people with high skills and expertise

You are regularly exposed to people with high skills and expertise

4. Navigos Search - Qualified and professional personnel supplier

Thus, taking on the job of Customer Service Manager always brings opportunities for your personal & professional development. However, not all companies can quickly recruit potential candidates for this role.

In case your business is short of this position and would like to recruit talents, please contact Navigos Search - the leading prestigious human resource recruitment agency today.

Navigos Search is leading in the field of recruiting middle and high-level personnel with more than 375,000+ high-profile candidates. Navigos Search's team of consultants always carefully screens potential candidates, recommending the most suitable person for the needs of the business.

So, you don't have to worry about the qualifications, skills and expertise of those who apply for the position of Customer Service Manager and other vacancies. In particular, the cost is only applied when the position in the client's business is successfully filled.

Navigos Search looks for the most suitable candidate for the position of Customer Service Manager

In addition, we have a team of experienced consultants, deeply knowledgeable in each specific core industry and with a strict working procedure to ensure the most qualified information. All of these aspects have helped Navigos Search reach the peak of quality in terms of customer service and become the leading middle and high-level talent hunting company in Vietnam.

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