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Currently, payroll software is considered the optimal solution to effectively support businesses in managing and calculating salaries quickly, effectively and accurately.

In the current monthly wage administration process for business personnel, payroll software is regarded as an effective "right hand" for human resources. This software helps to guarantee accuracy while lowering stress and conserving money, time, and resources. Choosing the right payroll software will help businesses optimize payroll management. Which payroll software, then, ought you to select? The "Top 10 best payroll software today" list is available for use by businesses..

1. What is payroll software?

An administrative support tool for human resources used to manage payroll-related tasks is payroll software. assists with numerous automatic tasks, including helping to prepare payroll files, print pay slips, contact employees, and record timekeeping data.

Payroll software makes the procedure easier and relieves a significant amount of the human resources department's workload. After that, the HR division can focus on other tactical tasks including talent acquisition and retention, human resource management, and so on.

What is payroll software?

2. Benefits of using payroll software

Reduce the amount of computation error

Payroll processing by hand is tough to monitor and will often contain mistakes brought on by carelessness. Payroll software can assist in more correctly and efficiently manipulating and automating simple to complex calculating activities.

With the aid of this software, all timekeeper data will be automatically processed, and Excel files will be processed for payroll preparation and salary calculations. An appropriate and high-quality software will aid in the process' automatic organization. move more fluidly and efficiently.

Save time calculating payroll for the C&B department

Payroll software will help update employees on the payroll quickly with complete profile information including basic information, salary details, taxes, payment information, etc.

Payroll processing time is shortened quickly and automatically in just a split second, helping to calculate and update information with fewer errors. Thanks to that, personnel in the business will save more time and effort.

Monitor payroll expenses

Pay is a consistent, cyclical expense. The amount that a business must pay its employees increases with size. Additionally, HR will want thorough monthly wage reporting data.

Payroll software will include all data regarding salary funds, departmental monthly spending, hourly wages or KPI calculations, and a comparison of whether or not salary payments are appropriate for the business environment. Asist Payroll tracking gets more efficient, quick, and thorough.

Secure payroll information by position

Salary information of corporate personnel is information that needs to be kept confidential, especially information about employees, salaries, taxes, and bank accounts. If this Excel salary calculation information accidentally leaks out or is accessed by company personnel, it is very dangerous.

Therefore, using payroll software can help improve the security of payroll information with granular access controls. The software is also decentralized to many departments and positions and eliminates unauthorized access.

3. Review of the 10 best payroll software of 2023

Paradise HRM (Paradisehrm.com)

Paradise HRM is not only a leading payroll software today, but also an indispensable tool in comprehensive human resource management. It provides diverse features including timekeeping, working hours management, holidays and many other important features. With Paradise HRM, the business's payroll process becomes optimized for speed, accuracy and helps save significant costs in human resource management.

Outstanding features of paradise HRM are listed as below:

  • Allows you to easily track information about employee labor contracts.
  • Helps keep an overview of fluctuations in employees' social insurance contributions.
  • Determine the level of personal income tax deduction based on information about the employee's family and dependents.
  • The feature makes it easy to handle procedures when employees leave work and settle their salaries.
  • Process attendance data daily, helping to save time and avoid errors in the payroll process.
  • Synthesize attendance data so you can easily calculate employee salaries at the end of the month.
  • Keep a detailed history of each employee's salary increase from when they started working until the present time.
  • Helps track and manage additional income or bonuses and penalties during the month.
  • Export payroll reports to Excel files for easy use and storage.

Optimized for speed and high accuracy

Optimized for speed and high accuracy

Ecount ERP (Ecount.com)

Ecount ERP payroll software uses cloud computing technology, suitable for small and medium sized businesses. This software will help track documents easily, manage unexpected costs related to importing goods, track branch expenses, timekeeping for employees quickly and accurately, and reduce costs. lack of errors and risks in business.

Some outstanding features of Ecount ERP:

  • Set up and manage employee earnings and payroll deductions.
  • The feature automatically calculates salary accurately.
  • View salary payment information through diverse reports such as payroll books, salary slips and salary updates,...
  • Send bulk payslips via email to each employee from the software.

The software is suitable for all types of small and medium businesses

The software is suitable for all types of small and medium businesses

Tanca (Tanca.io)

Tanca is not only payroll software but also an advanced human resources management solution, with many smart features to help businesses manage employees effectively. This software supports flexible shift assignment, timekeeping and salary calculation for employees through online employee management features.

Outstanding features of Tanca:

  • Use a mobile phone or synchronize with a fingerprint time clock and time attendance via AI Camera effectively and conveniently.
  • All timekeeping information is posted to the online system, making it easy for you to track and manage data anywhere.
  • Customize the timekeeping location within your allowable range, ensuring accuracy and transparency in the timekeeping process.
  • Eliminate the use of Excel and switch to an automatic payroll system, helping to reduce errors and save significant time.
    Create and manage shifts in a flexible way, helping businesses adjust work schedules based on actual needs.

This software supports shift assignment, timekeeping and salary calculation

This software supports shift assignment, timekeeping and salary calculation

Faceworks (Faceworks.vn)

Faceworks is not only payroll support software but also an effective business management solution, built on the foundation of the ERP business management system. In addition to the basic features of production management software, Faceworks provides the ability to synthesize multiple product requests for processing. It then helps users plan, adjust performance measurement goals, and send information to the production department effectively.

Outstanding features of Faceworks:

  • Display a detailed payroll list of each month clearly.
  • Allows additional information about earnings and deductions.
  • Support calculating overtime pay based on timesheets based on working hours.
  • Support calculating penalties for arriving late or leaving the company early, according to company regulations.
  • Automatically calculate employees' personal income tax according to state regulations.
  • Manage all operations related to human resources such as employee personal information, labor contracts, recruitment process management, employee performance and working capacity evaluation,...

Extremely effective payroll support

Extremely effective payroll support

Erp.net (Erp.net)

Rrp.net is timekeeping data management software, very convenient in timekeeping and salary reports for employees, exporting payroll to Excel file, supporting accurate salary calculation. The software not only helps replace traditional timekeeping but also saves many other expenses for businesses.

Outstanding features of Erp.net:

  • Statistics on arrival time, departure time, holidays, lateness, and overtime of employees are performed with high accuracy and considerable detail.
  • Data from the timekeeper will automatically download to the computer and be imported and exported into Excel files, helping to automatically calculate and support users when needing to create reports.
  • The software also allows tracking employee attendance by shift, full hours, and leave.
  • The process of issuing salaries to employees becomes simple with just a few steps on the computer.

Very convenient in timekeeping and reporting salaries to employees

Very convenient in timekeeping and reporting salaries to employees

FastWork Payroll (FastWork.vn)

FastWork Payroll is both payroll software and business management software, helping leaders easily plan work and projects on the software system. At the same time, the software can set up, track, customize pay slips, and monitor each employee's salary. In particular, you can import data from Excel files or duplicate from sample project plans.

Outstanding features of FastWork Payroll:

  • Customize the data columns in the pay slip as required or remove unnecessary columns.
  • Define permissions for the creator, approver and finalizer of pay slips.
  • Easily manage and monitor all tasks and projects centrally on the software system.
  • Detail the tasks of a specific project for effective monitoring and management.
  • Support effective budget management of revenue and expenditure in the project.
  • Easily manage human resources involved in the project.
  • Detailed KPI indicators of jobs and projects.
  • Detail the work of each team member, helping to quickly identify problems and have timely solutions.

It is both payroll software and business management software

It is both payroll software and business management software

Amis (Amis.misa.vn)

Amis is known as the leading reputable salary management software today, helping businesses solve difficult problems in financial management, to optimize costs as well as use human resources effectively. The software helps businesses easily manage and update human resources situations, manage details of employee records, and quickly clock time.

Outstanding features of FastWork Amis:

  • Monitor and calculate detailed and accurate salaries, bonuses and income taxes.
  • Integrating timekeeping machines helps personnel save effort and time.
  • Look up employee profiles anytime, anywhere, easily grasp work process, evaluation results and rewards.
  • CEOs can view real-time reports right on their phones, and accountants can declare taxes online while working from home.
  • Close connection between departments to easily manage records and documents.
  • Thanks to the quick data import and export feature, the time needed for traditional manual data entry is reduced.

Amis is known as the leading reputable salary management software today

Amis is known as the leading reputable salary management software today

DigiiC&B (ooc.vn)

DigiiC&B software is a salary calculation solution that helps you build a salary system, determine salary levels, and create a stable payroll. It also helps you plan your salary budget and increase the efficiency of your accounting department in a professional manner.

Outstanding features of DigiiC&B:

  • Take notes automatically through devices such as timekeepers, card swipe machines, or facial recognition cameras.
  • Synthesize public data, convert public labor according to standards, approve public labor and transfer data to salary spreadsheet.
  • Set up a salary structure system with different salary levels and grades.
  • Link KPI indicators and assessment results of employee capabilities.
  • Support the process of preparing salary slips for employees.

DigiiC&B software helps build a salary system

DigiiC&B software helps build a salary system

1Office (1Office.vn)

1Office provides flexible solutions to meet the salary and bonus policy requirements of businesses. The data linkage system in 1Office automatically calculates salaries for employees and transfers money directly to their bank accounts. This completely eliminates the need for word synthesis processes, the use of fingerprint logs, and complex manual calculations.

Outstanding features of 1Office:

  • Make accurate assessments through data, tables and detailed statistics.
  • Accurately measure the performance of each department and individual.
  • Centrally manage and easily track salaries of each employee and department.
  • Automatically calculate salaries based on established formulas and automatically synchronize data from payroll and KPI tables.

1Office provides flexible solutions

1Office provides flexible solutions

We'd like to introduce you to the top 10 payroll and timekeeping programs available today, which are listed below. In order to assist you select the program that best meets your needs, we hope that this article will provide you with a better understanding of payroll solutions.

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