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There are many people who are determined and persistent to apply the principles of self-discipline, so they have conquered their career goals. They can do it, so why can't you?

In life and work, to be successful, you need to be persistent and determined to discipline yourself. However, not everyone is willing to do this because self-discipline takes a long process of practice and can cost many things, you sometimes sacrifice personal desires to achieve the final result. So what is the principle of effective self-discipline? How to regain motivation and not give up in difficult and discouraging times? Join Navigos Search to find the answer through the article below!

1. What is self-discipline?

Self-discipline is about putting personal activities into a certain framework. This includes the ability of self-control, improving behavior and personality according to the set purpose and being consistent with it. Self-discipline could be against personal preferences, desires, temporary temptations and require long-term persistence.

Understanding the concept of self-discipline 

2. Why is it important to discipline yourself?

Setting standards and knowing how to discipline yourself is a useful method to help you control, increase work productivity and many other benefits such as:

Build trust from people around you

Surely no one will believe in a person who lives a dissolute life and lacks discipline, especially in important matters and work. When you train yourself in a disciplined framework, the first benefit is the trust of others.

Acquire good emotion control techniques

As Educator Stephen R. Covey once said, “Discipline is freedom.” Indeed, undisciplined people are slaves of their emotions and desires. If you are self-disciplined, your ability to control emotions will be very good. In everyday life as well as at work, managing  anger and emotion outburst is essential to avoid misbehavior.

Get rid of bad habits

Setting self-discipline principles also helps you easily eliminate bad habits and influences from the outside that affect your future and life such as sleeping in, staying up late, playing games, being inactive, delay work, ...

Achieve success faster

We refer to the saying of the scientist Goethe, "Everything is difficult before it becomes easy". Therefore, if you do not sacrifice and persevere to practice discipline at the present time, in the long run, it will be more difficult for you to be disciplined and achieve success.

Disciplined people can succeed in any field that they are passionate about and feel comfortable with. Discipline will make you confident, responsible, satisfied with yourself and always happy.  Discipline will be the factor that helps you achieve your goals and not be distracted by temptations, challenges or difficulties.

Self-discipline is a stepping stone to success

3. Top principles of self-discipline

Discipline is a factor that takes time to practice and cultivate. So how do you discipline yourself? Take a look at the suggestions below:

Make a plan, have a clear goal

Planning, making a to-do list for the day is the best way for you to make a commitment and not break a promise to yourself. Write down a to-do list, rate it according to the importance, and prioritize it. All you need to do then is stick to that plan.

Going through each stage, you need to look back and evaluate the results achieved based on the plan. This helps you improve the areas needed as well as motivates you to do better in the future.

Besides the plan, you should also set clear and reasonable goals with your current situation and capacity. You have to know what you want, what you need to do to achieve it. Think of the goal as the destination to come.

Start small

Don't be afraid if the goal is too small because a simple start is the foundation and motivation for you to reach greater success. Be patient with yourself and don't get discouraged with the process. Starting from the smallest things will help you be more stable and confident when setting big, long-term goals.

Stop delaying 

The enemy of self-discipline is delay. Maybe today, this time, tomorrow, but if you procrastinate, it means failure. So, don't wait any longer, take action immediately so that the positive energy does not disappear. You can allow yourself to procrastinate and make mistakes a few times, but next time, use that mistake as a lesson to move up the ladder.


The next principle of self-discipline is to focus on one or a few tasks. Many jobs at a time and beyond your ability also easily make you stressed, distracted, bored leading to indulge in daily pleasures. Therefore, do not greedily take on too many tasks at once because you may lose your self-discipline and make everything more complicated and confusing.

Focus is the key to achieve the highest efficiency

Work - life balance 

Self-discipline is a long process and requires the right approach. You should not try to exceed your limit in a short period of time, because if so, it will be difficult for you to continue to persevere in the long run. Make an appropriate balance between work time and breaks, but also do not forget the rule set earlier to complete the plan in the best way.

Find a companion

Billionaire Warren Buffett once said, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together". Find yourself a partner who has the same purpose to support and work together. They will help you regain your spirit and arouse passion, work motivation as well as self-discipline.

We often hear "tell me the company you keep, and I will tell you what you see ", so you need to make sure that your companion has good control over himself. Only then will you be motivated to strive and develop yourself in the best way.

Don't forget why you started

Certainly during the time of trying to discipline yourself into the framework, maybe the plan falls apart and you feel like you don't want to continue. At this point, you will feel lost, wondering if you have made the wrong choice and even want to give up… But if you give up and find another direction, will it be better or worse?

Every success in life and work comes with a price. When you give up something, it means you lose a lot of things, it can be new friends, new experiences, sweat and sometimes even tears and smiles.

It's a pity that so many people give up at the most important moments. At times when you feel discouraged and want to give up, remember the excitement  when you first came up with the idea and why you did it. Remember the person who cheered and supported you and how you once aspired to succeed. It is the fuel that rekindles the fire within you.

The reason you started is the motivation to keep going

On the road to success there will be no footprints of lazy people, no road to success is strewn with roses, and everything you get today requires a process of perseverance and constant effort. Remember these things to resolve to discipline yourself in the best way. Navigos Search wishes you much success in life and on your career development path.

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