Effective Use Of Data-Driven & Key HR Metrics Webinar

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With the digital era 4.0, data has become a factor that can directly affect business operations. As a consequence, data analysis has also turned into a standard for project development and an effective evaluation tool in many fields, including the Human Resources sector.

However, it is still a challenge for the employees to integrate into the working process due to two main reasons since human resources workers have not yet adapted to new technology transformation and they need to be trained in analytical skills to turn this data into concrete strategies, as well as the skills to read reports from data and draw conclusions. Realizing those difficulties, Navigos Search organized a webinar only for customers in September 2021  - EFFECTIVE OF USE DATA DRIVEN AND KEY HR METRIC.



1. Introduction of Data-driven and Key HR Metric

2. Methods of analyzing data and key HR Metric

  • Build HR Metrics for KPIs setting, monitoring, and evaluation, which are annually based on the full employee circle, and based on the strategic business plan of the enterprise.
  • Effective use, read, and analyze of data to be able to quickly spot the problems from a report, and also come up with an effective plan.
  • Using HR Metrics for business strategic consulting to increase plan persuasiveness.
  • Discover the role of HR Tech in HR Metric and determine the challenges or success factors for effective HR tech application in HR metrics.



HR Director - Vietnam & Cambodia Cum Regional HR Director - IT Business, EAJ at Schneider Electric

Ms. Cap Thi Minh Trang currently holds the position of HR Director - Vietnam & Cambodia cum Regional HR Director - IT Business, EAJ at Schneider Electric. With 15 years of experience, she has always played critical Human Resources Management roles in various types of organizations including local Human Resources Services companies and Multinational corporations such as Deloitte, America Indochina Management, British American Tobacco, Abbott Nutrition International & Schneider Electric. At Schneider Electric, Ms. Trang is a member of the Vietnam Cluster Leadership Team as well as the Regional IT Leadership Team and serves as the primary strategic partner to the Business leaders by developing Human Resources strategies, the organization needs assessments, and resulting Human Resources solutions.

In 2021. Ms. Cap Thi Minh Trang and the Schneider Electric company were nominated at Vietnam Excellence Award and won the HR Technology and Innovation Award, praising companies that have successfully applied digital techniques to their operations.


Head of Human Resources at Pizza Hut Digital Ventures

Ms. Tran Ngoc Thao - currently holds the position of Head of Human Resources at Pizza Hut Digital Ventures. With more than seven years of experience in the HR industry, she has worked for Bosch, Control Union, Hitachi, Mantu. Ms. Trang has partnered up with some businesses to work as HR strategic planner. She takes responsibility for building employer branding, developing HR systems and employee benefit systems.

With the desire to provide more practical and useful information, Ms. Tran Ngoc Thao has founded and become the administrator of the HR Talk group on a Facebook platform with more than 16,200 members. It is a network for the HR community to improve and develop their personal and professional skills throughout the discussion by expressing their views on specific topics.

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