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Techat Workshop 2023 Episode 7 is officially returning with the theme "ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENTS TO BECOME A PRODUCT DESIGNER" at 20:00 - 21:15 on August 30, 2023. This event aims to provide valuable tools for you to excel in the field of Product Design!

A Product Designer is often compared to someone who 'breathes life' into technological products. This is also a relatively new position in the Information Technology industry and is garnering attention from many young individuals due to the ample job opportunities both domestically and internationally.
Therefore, Navigos Search organizes Techat Workshop episode 7 with the aim of bringing practical perspectives and useful career advice to young people who are passionate about Product Design and UX/UI:

❓ What are the current trends that Product Designers need to be aware of?
❓ What is the workflow, along with the necessary skill set, for Product Designers?
❓ What are the career development prospectsfor Product Designers, both domestically and internationally?

The program features highly distinguished speakers: 🔶Speaker: Mr. Truong Dinh Huy - Lead Interaction Designer at BlackFinch Group - Guest Lecturer at the University of Lincoln 🔶Speaker: Mr. Nguyen Vuong Chung - Founder at UX Foundation - Head Of Design at Seal Commerce 🔶Host: Ms. Tran Thi Minh Thu - Recruitment Consultant at Navigos Search

SAVE PROGRAM DETAILS NOW: 📍Register: HERE 📍Time: 20:00 - 21:15, Wednesday, August 30, 2023 📍Form: Online via Zoom ***Note: After successful registration, we will send you information to attend Techat Workshop via email.

We look forward to seeing you at Techat Workshop 2023 Episode 7 - 'ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT TO BECOME A PRODUCT DESIGNER'!"

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