Deadlines and the art of effective work practices

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The following secrets to effective work practices are all accumulated from experienced and successful people.

Is your job always busy? Do you often have to race against deadlines? So is there any effective way to easily solve this problem? No matter how busy you are, how many things you have to do, but as long as you take a little time to refer to the following great tips of Navigos Search, you will surely figure out effective work practices and deadlines are no longer a problem.

1. Organize tasks based on deadlines 

When you have a clear plan, you have determined the time spent on each task.  Organizing tasks and completing them according to a scientific schedule is also a way for you to get valuable rest time. In addition, you can avoid the situation of overlapping tasks or solving work that is running day after day leading to psychological stress and depression.

In your plan, you need to look at the deadline to prioritize important tasks to make sure the project does not deviate from the original plan. Work plans do not have to follow a template, you can create a schedule that works well for you.

Clear planning is one of the effective work practices 

2. Prioritize important tasks 

To arrange a reasonable work schedule you need to evaluate the importance of the tasks then allocate time to complete them to achieve the highest work efficiency. In the process of organizing, you need to be flexible because there will be times when you need to take a break from low priority and focus on more urgent, important issues.

The key to being organized and productive is to understand all the things you need to do. Make a list of all your tasks, evaluate your long-term goals, break them down into large chunks, set clear deadlines, mark tasks as urgent, weigh your efforts, and apply the Eisenhower matrix to have better time management according to the nature of the tasks.

The Eisenhower Matrix is a way to organize work by urgency and importance. With Eisenhower, you can easily and efficiently prioritize your most important tasks.

Remember that the purpose of organizing is to take the time to do the important work first. Understanding this scientific and effective way of working, you will be proactive, focused and work more effectively.

3. Start small

Do you know how the leading famous technology corporations like Apple or Microsoft, Amazon started? In fact, they were all born at the bottom but all grow to the top.

It proves that everything starts with the smallest thing. Every great success you've ever heard of begins with a series of small actions. Therefore, the key to success is to start small.

Focus on doing all the daily tasks seriously even if those tasks are completely easy for you. From them, you will have a foundation to strive to complete the big, important work in the most complete way.

4. Advanced technology contribute to effective work practices 

Advances in science and technology and the strong development of the Internet have paved the way for many applications to make your job easier, faster and more efficient. Depending on the specialty, there will be specialized support tools and software.

Tools like Wunderlist, Todo List, Google Drive, Evernote... are all useful ways to increase work productivity, or Beeminder app for those who need strong methods to train themselves in the framework, Evernote for data storage. Or a note-taking application (Google Keep), a daily task management application (Microsoft To do), … will also be effective supporting tools. 

Technology is the foundation, the means to help you focus and get things done better. To become a good and successful employee, constantly update related software and applications to operate quickly, save time and increase work productivity.

Technology will greatly assist you at work

5. Hard work and determination

Constant effort and determination is also one of the keys to success. High concentration will be the "golden" secret to help you overcome all temptations and achieve great goals at work. Increased work efficiency means you have more time to invest in developing your career.

However, it is not always possible to fully concentrate because being surrounded by attractive electronic devices and having countless tasks to solve at the same time makes it difficult to focus on a certain task.

Philosopher Nietzsche once said that "those who are able to concentrate can avoid all confusion". So how to focus better? You can refer to tips such as: work the hardest when you are full of energy, remove distractions, use headphones and work for your own future. 

6. Connect with colleagues and get help when you need it

If there are more than two people discussing a problem, you'll have more solutions.  Even the people you ask for help can't come up with a reasonable solution for you, at least they are a source of encouragement. Who knows, their experiences will give you a great answer to your problem.

7. Take note

The final effective work practice is to take notes, which help you keep track of the important things, deadlines, ect., It prevents you from missing the important tasks. From which, you eventually become an irreplaceable employee and a crucial element in the business.

Taking notes is one of the most effective task reminders

Maybe at the beginning of this process you will encounter many difficulties and discouragement. But do your best, then you will feel comfortable to work more efficiently and easily meet the deadlines. Navigos Search wishes you quickly reach the top on your career development path. Navigos Search's Linkedin and Facebook pages constantly update market information, interesting and useful articles about human resources,... Don't miss out! Thank you readers for always taking the time to follow Navigos Search!

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