5 vital interview skills of a professional HR

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Mastering interviewing skills, HR will choose the most suitable and talented candidates and contribute to building a quality staff, helping the business develop strongly.

Equipped with key interview skills, human resource recruitment skills are a solid foundation to help properly assess candidates' capabilities, increase the recruitment rate of the right people and optimize costs for businesses. The following article by Navigos Search shares 5 vital interviewing skills to create a professional HR and help you be more successful in your career. Readers, stay tuned!

1. The importance of interviewing skills

The interview only takes place effectively when the employer understands the professional capacity, work experience, attitude and personality of the candidate. From there, employers reduce the possibility of choosing the wrong person, saving costs for businesses. For job applicants, an effective interview will help them get a business.

Therefore, businesses need to have a specific recruitment plan for each position and know professional recruitment interview skills to make the interview go smoothly and successfully.

What are interviewing skills?

2. The most popular forms of interview today

Here are the common interview forms that any employer needs to know to properly evaluate candidates:

Telephone interview

Currently, the screening of candidates by phone is applied by many large and small businesses because of its efficiency, speed and cost savings. Usually, each call will last about 15 minutes and the employer must prepare a set of interview questions in advance.

When conducting a phone interview, employers also follow steps such as: Greeting, talking to candidates about the job position, finding out candidate needs and classifying candidates, making decisions and recruiting.


Direct interview is a form of implementation in one or more stages depending on the regulations and organization of the enterprise. HR in the HR department will directly meet and interview candidates. By the last round, if you are still participating, it means that you are already in the top potential candidates of the business.

For a successful interview, HR must skillfully lead the problem, ask open-ended questions, and focus on job expertise so that candidates can freely express themselves.

Take the test

The HR interview test is a test used in the recruitment process for businesses. The test samples help employers assess the candidate's professional skills, handling situations, logical reasoning, etc. Thereby, assessing whether the candidate has the capacity and skills suitable for the position being applied for.

Some of the most popular types of interviews today

3. Steps to create an effective interview

To make interviews successful, employers need to:

Research and research the candidates carefully

Before entering the interview round, the employer must have received a lot of applications and CVs. What you need to do is screen the most qualified and potential CV. In order for this step to be done quickly and effectively, you should select the most suitable keywords for the position to be recruited and use that as money to scan and filter your CV more accurately according to recruitment requirements.

Set up a specific time and place for the interview

After filtering out the best CV list, the employer needs to schedule an in-person interview. Please feedback the results to the candidate and schedule a specific interview, arrange a reasonable time. For candidates who are not successful, you should also announce and thank them for applying. The interview location can be in the office or online, depending on the current situation as well as the organization's regulations.

Contact to confirm the interview schedule

After you have selected and announced the results, you need to confirm again with the candidate to make sure they definitely attend the interview. This job may seem redundant, but it saves you time in case the candidate is not ready for an interview.

HR needs steps to create a successful interview

3. 5 interview skills that HR needs to master so as not to miss potential candidates

Ask standard interview questions

Employers need to ask the right questions to get the right focus. Using the right questions helps to accurately see the candidate's ability and suitability to reduce the rate of hiring the wrong person as well as maximize cost savings for the business. The types of questions that should be used in an interview are:

Behavioral questions

Behavioral question form helps you better understand the attitude and working style of employees. Recruiters can use some behavioral interview questions such as: What problems did you face during your work at the previous company? How do you overcome difficulties at work? Tell me about the colleague you are most impressed with when working with? When you are assigned a difficult task by your superior, how do you solve the problem?....

Pressure question

The type of pressure question is being applied by many HRs in the recruitment process to test the candidate's ability to withstand pressure and situational handling skills. For senior positions, senior managers need to use this type of question more. A pressing question that you can refer to is: What was the reason why you decided to leave your previous job? What value can you create for our business? If you and your boss disagree, how do you handle it?

Open question

With this format, you can stimulate the candidate to reveal all his strengths and weaknesses. Open-ended questions you can ask candidates are: How did you feel about your previous manager? What is the difference between your experience and skills 2 years ago compared to now? What do you find the hardest decisions to make at work? Why should we choose you?...

Listen attentively to candidates

If you are looking to understand and accurately see the candidate, listening skills are a prerequisite. You can improve your listening ability by paying full attention to the answer and waiting 3-4 seconds after the candidate has answered before asking the next question, clarifying the answer of the candidate. candidates, focus on monitoring the candidate's ability to use language,...

HR should also take note of some important points in the candidate's answers to serve well for the post-interview candidate evaluation process and your own listening ability.

Listening to candidates is also an important interviewing skill

Build a candidate evaluation system

The effectiveness of the interview is shown by what information you can extract from the candidate and conclude how much their ability meets the recruitment requirements. You should not compare candidates with each other, but should only do this when you have closed a list of potential candidates.

The consideration of candidates does not ensure objectivity will lead to unfortunate consequences for the business later. Therefore, please develop and review the candidate evaluation criteria after the interview to evaluate more accurately.

Use the candidate competency assessment tool

Recruiting talented and suitable people is always the desire of every business and human resource management. After trying to find candidates and consider each candidate profile, the worst thing a business can face is hiring the wrong person and then having to start all over again.

Fully equipped with interviewing skills needs a long process that not all HR can do. So what's the best way now? In today's market, headhunters appear to be considered the key to the salvation of both large and small businesses, helping to connect with passive potential candidates easily as well as support interviews and accurate assessment of capabilities. of the candidate.

Among them, Navigos Search is the leading prestigious headhunter brand with a team of experienced and professional human resources consultants who deeply understand the recruitment requirements of each industry. Besides, with 375,000+ high-level candidate profiles, 85,000+ senior management candidate profiles and providing optimal recruitment solutions and a methodical recruitment process, Navigos Search confidently brings potential candidates. most suitable for the business in a given time.

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