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Multitudinous candidates pursue Scrum Master jobs because of its high salary and rich and open career prospects. 

Although Scrum Master is relatively new in Vietnam's labor market, it is the dream job of many candidates, especially those working in the technology field. What is a Scrum Master? What does it take to be an excellent Scrum Master sought after by businesses? The information below from Navigos Search will provide you with the answer. Let's find it out!

1. What is a Scrum Master?

Using the Scrum model, an agile approach to software development project management, the Scrum Master is one of three principal roles in the software development process. This position is primarily responsible for fostering an environment that supports the development team's effective adoption of the Scrum methodology.

The Scrum Master is not a manager nor a team leader, but this position will serve the team within its authority to help the organization succeed. The Scrum Master position is available in every industry and field, with technology being the most popular.

The Scrum Master is responsible for coordinating and ensuring the smooth operation of the project and production team

2. Role and duties of a Scrum Master

The Scrum Master plays a different role in each specific case. For the Scrum team that the Scrum Master is managing, the Scrum Master takes on the following tasks:

  • Support the Scrum team in creating added value and meeting product requirements.
  • Eliminate obstacles and difficulties to the Scrum team process
  • Train team members on self-management and Scrum functions.

Ensure all Scrum events always run smoothly and effectively and are recorded in the timebox.

  • In addition, the Scrum Master also coordinates with the Product Owner to:
  • Discover effective methods for determining product goals and managing Product Backlog.
  • Make sure the Scrum team is aware of the need for explicit Product Backlog items.
  • Develop empirical product planning in intricate situations.
  • Facilitate related-party cooperation when necessary.

Ultimately, the role of the Scrum Master position in a business may include:

  •  Manage and train personnel in the enterprise on applying Scrum.
  •  Plan and advise on Scrum implementation in businesses.
  • Help employees and related parties get the gist of Scrum and provide effective approaches to complex tasks.
  • Break down barriers between related parties and the Scrum team.

Scrum Master job description

3. Distinguish between Scrum Master and Project Manager

You can get the gist of the difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager through the following comparison table:

Scrum Master

Project Manager

Manage and support the Scrum process

Manage the entire project

Apply Agile and Scrum methods

Apply traditional management methods such as Waterfall and MBOK

Guide and support the team

Manage and direct work

Create a professional and creative working environment to foster motivation

Make decisions

Prioritize creating timely value and continuous feedback.

Prioritize planning, monitoring progress, managing resource, finance, risk and customer interaction

The specific roles of the Scrum Master and Project Manager will vary depending on the specific business and project. Some businesses will have both of these roles or a combined role of Scrum Master and Project Manager.

4. The secret to becoming an outstanding Scrum Master

To apply for Scrum Master job, you need to meet many factors:

Thorough knowledge in Scrum

Candidates with extensive Scrum expertise and qualifications are given preference by most corporations and businesses. Candidates who are well-trained at universities with majors in information technology, logistics and supply chain management, or finance and banking are sought after and highly appreciated by Scrum Master employers.

The Scrum Master is a member of the Scrum team. Thus, they must have knowledge of Scrum. Scrum is a framework for developing complex products, mainly software. Scrum can be considered a foundation for organizing different tasks, such as flexible project management, product development, implementing marketing campaigns, organizing teaching, and production. Consequently, to be considered for the role of Scrum Master, applicants must have a deeper understanding of Scrum than others.

Certified in Scrum and Agile

Specialized certificates are the best evidence of your knowledge to employers. The most popular certifications in this field are CSM (Certified Scrum Master); PSM (Professional Scrum Master) I, II, III,…

Necessary soft skills

Scrum Masters are a coordinator and a team and project operator. Thus, it is essential to arm yourself with skills such as coordination, people management, work management, and time management. In addition, problem-solving and conflict-handling skills are also crucial to help you find the most reasonable solution. Businesses always appreciate Scrum Master candidates who feature all of these skills.

Necessary and sufficient factors to become a Scrum Master

5. Attractive job opportunities for Scrum Masters

Once you become a Scrum Master, you will get a salary of VND 30 - 40 million per month. For those with professional experience of several years or more, the salary received will be an admirable number. At this time, you have the opportunity to learn many different skills such as management, team member orientation, and conflict- handling skills.

With many different responsibilities in a Scrum project, the Scrum Master's role is very diverse. The challenges of each complex project and rich working environment are good opportunities for personal growth.

In particular, Vietnam's labor market currently lacks information technology human resources, with demanding job positions like Scrum Master being even more scarce. Therefore, being a Scrum Master means open job opportunities. Additionally, with the extensive experience and diverse skills of a Scrum Master, you can be swift to many different jobs.

6. Current salary of Scrum Masters

The current salary for the Scrum Master position is relatively attractive, about 40 million VND/month. High-level and experienced Scrum Masters will receive a salary of up to VND 100 million per month.

However, a Scrum Master's pay might vary depending on some criteria, including the size of the work unit or workspace. With the tremendous demand and desire from numerous large firms, many young people are interested in pursuing the career path of becoming Scrum Masters.

Attractive salary

7. Top address to find Scrum Master jobs

Although becoming a Scrum Master is not easy, the rewards are well worth the effort. Once you are confident in your professional abilities and work experience, you should contact reputable recruitment and job search addresses to shorten your job search time and have the opportunity to be a Scrum Master at leading corporations and businesses.

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