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Necessary and sufficient condition to become project manager

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Projects are considered the brainchild of a business, so project management is extremely important. And to become a professional project manager, you must not only have qualifications in the relevant industry, but also possess the necessary skills. The following article of Navigos Search shares with readers the necessary and sufficient conditions of a successful project manager. Let's follow!

1. Who is a project manager?

The Project Manager is the person who plays a key role in the planning, executing, monitoring and closing of the project. They are responsible for the entire scope, resources, budget and success or failure of the project. Those in charge of this position will have high authority over each project implemented.

Project Manager is responsible for managing and supervising the project

Project Manager is responsible for managing and supervising the project

Currently, the demand for recruitment of Project Managers is increasing. Most businesses want to recruit good personnel to be in charge of project leadership. So what is the scope of work of the position and what requirements does the candidate need to meet in order to apply successfully? Please continue to read the next part.

2. The responsibility of Project Manager

Project management is essential to ensure progress and quality of work. To achieve that effect, the person in charge of management must perform the following specific tasks:

  • Responsible for managing the progress and quality of the project through monitoring and evaluating what has and has not been done. At the same time, compare this information with the initially set plan to propose an adjustment/direction to complete the goal on schedule.
  • Check project budget: When a project is carried out, businesses need to spend a certain amount of budget. Therefore, the Project Manager must constantly check what the money is being used for and make clear reports. This is very important because the budget will determine whether the project can continue.
  • Safety management for staff: Occupational safety and health is also very important for each project. In particular, with construction projects, the Project Manager must pay more attention to this factor.
  • Risk management: All changes in the environment, interest rates, customers, competitors,... can affect the project implementation schedule. These changes can be good or bad, and managers need to respond promptly.
  • Other management tasks: Project Manager needs to pay attention to and handle problems arising during project implementation. In addition, they must also make reports to the project director- the leader of the enterprise on the construction progress, efficiency and shortcomings in the work.

Project manager is a multitask person

Project manager is a multitask person

3. The condition to become a project manager?

The capacity and specialized knowledge

First of all, you must meet the prescribed capacity conditions and professional qualifications in the field appropriate to the requirements of the project. Besides that, you must have a professional certificate in project management and the conditions corresponding to each specific item.


The role of a Project Manager is to manage construction time, monitor the project's budget and risks to meet the schedule. Their daily duties will vary according to the scope and specifics of the industry. And to complete the task well, ensure your job well as a project manager, you need to have experience related to project expertise. In particular, you must have passion to develop professional projects.

4. The requirements of this position

Leadership and Task Delegation

The ability to manage is the first important skill of a Project Manager. This ability is realized through staff management, time management, budget, work schedule,...

As a good manager, you must show your credibility from organizing, coordinating and arranging work properly to resolving internal conflicts that are under control.

A leader does not just stop at management, but above all, it is also about inspiring others, leading his/her members in the right direction.

Organization skills

As a manager, you must have the ability to organize and command subordinates, know how to effectively use human resources, and arrange staff accordingly to optimize work performance. And Professional Organizational Skills will help you handle your work better.

You must know how to divide time and tasks so you can get the right people for the right job to ensure the project progress. Only then you will not waste time, limit errors, pressure and avoid affecting the quality of work.

The recruiters of project manager will demand a lot of skills

The recruiters of project manager will demand a lot of skills

Solving the problems

The point that makes the difference for a good project manager lies in the speed of providing accurate and effective solutions to the situation. You must always focus on giving the right solutions from keeping on schedule, completion goals, project quality, work efficiency, to finding new directions flexibly in case of facing challenges.

Communication skills

90% of a project manager's time is spent communicating. Because the nature of this job is to often go out to meet and communicate with many partners and customers to discuss and sign contracts. Therefore, if possessing skillful, flexible behavior skills, and the ability to negotiate like a top-notch negotiator, it will certainly bring success.

Risk management of projects

Every project that is implemented has risks that are out of control. Therefore, before implementing the project, the Project Manager must discuss, analyze, list and come up with a specific plan to deal with when there is a risk with his team.

Good control of risks will help businesses minimize the loss of project budget. Therefore, this is considered an important skill that a Project Manager should have.

5. How to become a Project Manager?

Project management is the dream job of many people, but not everyone can easily take on this position. You must have at least 2 years of professional experience, master professional knowledge and converge the above skills.

The average salary of a project manager job is very attractive, depending on the field, business size and working capacity of each person, it can range from 800 USD - 1000 USD or more.

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A team of professional consultants at Navigos Search


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