What are the requirements to recruit commercial managers?

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Undertaking the position of commercial manager, you will not only have meaningful progress in your career but also receive an increasingly high income. However, not everyone is confident and fully meets the necessary conditions for this senior leadership position. The question is what the requirements to recruit commercial managers are. Navigos Search will answer this question through the sharing below.

1. What is a commercial manager?

A commercial manager is a person who is responsible for sales growth and sales and marketing management in the business. Those undertaking this position take responsibility for the sales and marketing department to expand the market and achieve the company's sales target. With multinational corporations having headquarters in many regions or export businesses, the international commercial manager will take charge of the company's overseas markets management.


Commercial manager is responsible for sales growth

Commercial manager is responsible for sales growth

2. What are the responsibilities of a commercial manager?

The commercial manager must perform the following duties:

  • Organize and manage the supply of technical materials in the enterprise.
  • Store, transport, and market products.
  • Coordinate the development and make product marketing plans and financial ones.
  • Join in logistics standards development (technical materials), quality standards of goods, services, and preservation of finished products.
  • Provide recommendations and advise senior managers on financial planning and sales.
  • Timely prepare estimated costs and documents to report on the implementation of logistics plans, marketing of finished products, and financial activities.
  • Monitor and control economic and financial activities and the process of spending financial resources in the enterprise.
  • Negotiate with partners on economic and financial transactions on behalf of enterprises.
  • Sign economic and financial contracts on behalf of enterprises and ensure to comply with contractual obligations.
  • Participate in product introduction seminars, auctions, exchanges, and exhibitions to advertise, buy and sell products on behalf of enterprises.

3. Is it hard to be a commercial manager?

The job of a commercial manager includes all business and marketing activities and achieving the sales and growth target of the enterprise. Therefore, like leaders such as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the commercial manager's workload is relatively heavy, not to mention the pressures on business results or risks when implementing strategies.


It’s not easy to undertake a leadership position well

It’s not easy to undertake a leadership position well

On the other hand, the salary of this position is commensurate with the capacity and sales results. In addition to an attractive fixed salary by title (usually ranging from 40 to 80 million VND/month), commercial managers also receive many other bonuses according to business sales, project commissions, and more. Furthermore, the person undertaking this position is also entitled to the highest insurance premium plus allowances, and purchase incentives.

4. What are the requirements to recruit commercial managers?

Undertaking senior management positions in businesses, commercial managers must meet the requirements of professional qualifications and skills.

Professional knowledge and working experience

In terms of work, commercial managers must have at least 5-7 years of working experience in the field of sales and marketing, with a minimum of 4-5 years in managing sales and marketing teams, and building business plans for related product fields.

Besides, professional qualifications are also critical when applying for this position. Candidates must graduate from University or higher majoring in business administration, marketing, finance, commerce, international business, etc. This is a plus point in your resume when applying for a job as a commercial manager. In addition, proficiency in foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Thai is mandatory when holding this position in the international market.

Some other skills

Those undertaking this senior leadership position must hone multitudinous skills to handle a vast amount of work well. The most crucial ones include the ability to navigate the marketing system to effectively execute different advertising projects, the ability to communicate well with VIP clients to sign contracts, skills of dividing the work effectively and empowering employees to complete tasks instead of doing everything leading to overloading with work, problem-solving skills, listening skills, multitasking skills, team management skills.

With those skills, you will complete the job well and become a talented leader.


You must meet the requirements of qualifications, experience and necessary skills

You must meet the requirements of qualifications, experience and necessary skills

5. How to find a commercial manager job successfully

On the way to looking for commercial manager jobs, you must master the job description and meet the conditions of professional qualifications, skills, and working experience. Next, you must move on to the more difficult step of finding high-quality recruitment companies.

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