What are the duties of a chief marketing officer (CMO)?

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The success of businesses has the footprint of marketing strategies. Behind the growth of the business through marketing campaigns is the whole process of operating the job, the great wisdom of a person, a position called chief marketing officer (CMO).
So more specifically, what are the duties of a marketing director? Follow the article below of Navigos Search to better understand!

1. What is a marketing director?

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a senior manager responsible for all marketing activities in a business. The CMO is a leader in marketing communications (including advertising, promotion, public relations), market research, brand management, products, distribution channels, pricing and even customer service.

 CMO is responsible for all marketing activities of the business 

CMO is responsible for all marketing activities of the business

2. Main duties of a marketing director

2.1. Lead and supervise the marketing department

The most prominent task of the marketing director is to oversee and be responsible for all activities of the marketing department, ensuring that all employees of the department are working towards the common goal of affirming the position of the business. industry in the market.

Marketing Manager oversees public relations, content, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), performance-based advertising, brand marketing and marketing activities.

In this position, the CMO will monitor and approve the strategies of each employee on the team, with the goal of ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of these teams.

The CMO is also responsible for developing a strategy and vision for the marketing department. In many cases, the CMO is the person with the most experience, so he will guide and support the implementation of all marketing staff's activities, help them develop professional skills, and be ready to train them to the position of CMO if needed. 

2.2. Cooperate with other departments

Despite being the head of the marketing chain, the CMO is still a highly collaborative position. They collaborate with research and development to conduct strategic planning.

The marketing director mobilizes all communication departments and devises the marketing strategy. This helps to keep the alignment and efficiency of work between different departments.

In addition, the CMO also works directly with the analytics department to evaluate the results of the marketing campaign. In necessary cases, they will provide solutions and adjust the campaign accordingly to achieve the final goal.

2.3. Build marketing strategies

The marketing director has a leading role in formulating, reviewing and approving the strategy presented by employees in the marketing department. Next, they are also the initiator of implementing the strategy to achieve the set goals for the business.

CMO is responsible for making marketing strategies for businesses

CMO is responsible for making marketing strategies for businesses

2.4. Build brand image

Building a brand and maintaining a position in the market is a decisive factor for the survival of a business. This element is carried out by the marketing director. They make sure the business brand is strong enough to last and the business story is compelling enough to attract a lot of attention.

Here, the marketing director will direct the activities related to design, content creation, and campaign building to help maintain the brand across all contact channels.

2.5. Build a high-quality e-commerce website

If you know how to use e-commerce channels properly, it will bring high business efficiency to businesses. The marketing director plays an important role in building a quality e-commerce website to drive user awareness of your business and assist customers in their purchase and retention.

The CMO is also the person who directly evaluates the marketing performance, leading the internal staff to create effective communication programs on social networks, allowing the brand story to spread widely.

CMO is also at the forefront of building and innovating campaigns to increase the number of quality customers, turning them into loyal customers.

CMO builds high-quality e-commerce websites for businesses

CMO builds high-quality e-commerce websites for businesses

2.6. Traditional commerce

Currently, e-commerce is very popular, but traditional commerce still has a certain place for users. Therefore, the job of the CMO is to effectively combine these two forms of commerce to help businesses become a leader in their field.

CMO decided to hire KOLs - influencers in the market to promote the brand, increase brand awareness in the market, and attract more consumers to choose the company's products.

2.7. Predict business trends and consumer behavior

What will the marketing director do with this assignment? The CMO will collect data, analyze and interpret the results, and produce reports that help businesses make important business decisions.

2.8. Build business relationships

In business, creating and keeping relationships is essential. As a manager, leader and supervisor of marketing activities, the CMO is responsible for building business relationships on behalf of businesses to promote the distribution of products and services to the market.

For this task, they also expand the influence of the business by taking advantage of their relationships, inviting celebrities to be ambassadors, etc. At the same time, establishing relationships with influencers in the market schools and the media.

The CMO is also responsible for building business relationships

The CMO is also responsible for building business relationships

3. Requirements for hiring a marketing director

3.1. Education from Master's degree and above

Education for the position of marketing director requires a Master's degree or higher in the fields of business, information technology, computer science, business administration, international relations or related fields. other.

3.2. Many years of experience

What experience do you need to successfully apply for a marketing director job? The answer is that the candidate must have many years of experience working in similar positions in a competitive business environment. Candidates must also have extensive knowledge of the marketing market.

In addition, in order to lead a team from idea to practical success, a marketing director needs to have experience in branding, problem-solving, dealing with difficulties in the e-commerce and marketplace. traditional commerce.

3.3. Leadership skills

With the position of head of all marketing activities, leadership is an indispensable and important skill to have. They must be able to lead teams and groups and make employees follow directions towards the common goals of the business.

Recruiting for the position of marketing director

Recruiting for the position of marketing director

3.4. Communication skills

Good communication skills help marketing managers connect many relationships and effectively bring the image of the business to the market. Besides, good communication skills also help CMO to easily report to partners and manage human resources easily.

3.5. Personal skills

Ability to multitask, work at high speed, positive attitude towards work, problem solving, time management, creativity – are personal skills that those who want to become marketing directors should hone.

3.6. Research skills

Research skills help CMOs conduct market and user behavior research to make business decisions for businesses.

3.7. Tech skills

The marketing director must have professional office computer skills such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ... along with marketing skills on electronic and non-electronic channels.

4. Hiring a marketing director with Navigos Search

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