What are professional capacities? How to improve professional expertise?

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Each profession and job will have a different job description and professional requirements that candidates need to meet.

What are professional capacities? Are professional capacities and professional expertise different? How to improve professional expertise effectively? Navigos Search- Vietnam's leading headhunter brand  will help you answer all professional expertise-related content. Let's find it out!

1. What are professional capacities? 

Professional capacities are the skills and expertise that workers possess to successfully complete assigned work and tasks.

In some businesses, professional skills are used to evaluate employee capabilities and serve as a basis for approving promotions, salary increases, and rewards.

What are professional capacities?

What are professional capacities? 

2. Classification of professional capacities

Professional capacities are divided into two main groups, including:

  • Based on qualifications: Are the professional capacities that workers accumulate during the learning process and apply them to their work to best complete tasks.
  • Based on job nature: Specific skill requirements for each job position. For example, when applying for a teacher job, candidates are required to possess pedagogical skills. Each job will have specific professional requirements.

3. The difference between professional capacities and expertise

You can imagine through the following table:

Professional capacities


– Refers to the skills that the job requires, formed when exposed to each specific field.

– More specific.

– Refers to skills cultivated during the process of learning, developing, and applying to work.

– More generalized.

4. Why do workers need professional expertise?

In addition to professional qualifications and competencies, professional expertise are also a vital factor when recruiting or applying for any position.

Those with professional expertise often complete assigned tasks quickly and achieve the highest results. Professional capacities also help improve each individual's qualifications and competencies to be more successful on the career development path.

Thus, professional capacities are essential for all employees to achieve the highest work efficiency and the desired income level.

Professional expertise is a crucial factor

5. Basic professional capacities of occupations

Below are the basic professional capacities of some hot occupation:

Pedagogical capacities

Those pursuing pedagogy need to possess a pedagogical certificate. According to this training program, learners are trained and taught pedagogical skills such as lesson design, classroom management, and lesson plan design.

Accounting profession

Accounting profession includes:

  • Tax accounting, recording taxes incurred during the day, making periodic tax reports, paying taxes, and refunding taxes at the beginning and end of the year.
  • Salary accounting, salary deductions.
  • Sales accounting, purchasing, debt accounting.
  • Period-end accounting, general accounting.


Applying for the banking position, candidates must have the following professional capacities:

  • Opening an account, receiving deposits from customers.
  • Bank credit, mortgage loans, property loans.
  • Knowledge in investment, brokerage, bond trading, stock trading, stock market investment.
  • Foreign business, foreign currency trading, international payments.

Room service

Room staff must meet the following professional requirements:

  • Checking the room before guests arrive, checking guest details through reception, and checking the room before guests leave.
  • Preparing and using work equipment such as vacuum cleaners, curtains, and other items
  • Cleaning rooms.
  • Assisting with the resolution of issues such as complaints regarding room service, changing rooms, or check-out.

Hotel receptionist capacities

What are the professional capacities of a hotel receptionist? Receptionists must be proficient in basic hotel reception skills such as:

  • Welcoming guests.
  • Checking in and checking out.
  • Consulting, introducing, and answering questions related to room service.
  • Receiving and processing booking calls.
  • Receiving requests from guests and directing them to the relevant department.
  • Handling guests' complaints about service attitude and services.

Professional capacities of occupations

6. How to improve professional expertise

How to improve professional expertise? Employees must proactively hone their work-handling skills to optimize work efficiency and continuously update and supplement information and knowledge related to work. Besides, actively expand relationships with experts and people with extensive experience in the profession to learn more.

For personnel to have the opportunity to develop professional expertise, businesses need to organize training, share knowledge, and exchange information. These activities will contribute to upgrading personnel skills and creating a strong team for the business. In particular, employers must also constantly learn and update new trends and technologies to be worthy of their leadership role.

Tips for improving professional expertise

Above is information sharing what professional capacities are and basic ones in today's professions. Hopefully, Navigos Search has provided you with useful information and helped you know how to enhance your professional capacities.

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