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Sales accountant is an important position in the sales apparatus of an organization or business. Although there are many candidates pursuing this profession nowadays, it is still difficult for managers to find the right person. Because in the requirements for recruiting sales accountants, only having expertise and working experience is not enough, but candidates must also possess the necessary skills. So what skills are those? Let's figure it out with Navigos Search through the following article!

1. Sales accountant position overview

1.1. Who is a Sales accountant?

Sales accountant is a position responsible for recording all work related to sales operations such as recording sales invoices, sales revenue, value added tax, sales reports,... This position plays a very important role in the business activities of the enterprise.

Sales accountant is a position responsible for sales work

1.2. The scope of work of a sales accountant

Sales accountants must focus on the following tasks:

  • Record invoice information, determine unit prices and product quantities to invoice customers.
  • Make a list of sales invoices, revenue, value added tax
  • Manage customer vouchers, invoices, contracts
  • Track incoming and outgoing goods
  • Capture sales fees and expenses incurred as a basis for determining business results
  • Compare with the person in charge of warehouse keeper jobs to determine the number of goods exported and in stock.
  • Reconcile with the debtor's accounting for the receipts for each customer, and the bank's accountants for the payment
  • Write financial invoices for customers as required
  • Manage information about suppliers and customers to serve sales
  • Report on sales situation periodically for businesses
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Chief Accountant
  • Propose solutions to superiors to promote the sales process of the business

2. The recruitment demand is strong, but people with accounting degrees still fall into unemployment. What are the reasons behind this situation?

In fact, for the accounting profession, human resources are abundant, but it is difficult for businesses to recruit strong candidates. Every year, the number of candidates graduating from this profession is quite large, but not all of them can find a job in the industry, even for experienced people, it is easy to lose their jobs or it is difficult to receive a decent salary. So what is the cause?
Some of the reasons for this situation are:

  • Human resources for accounting profession are many, but the qualifications are not high
  • Low salary, not attracting talent and many accounting staff are willing to choose to work in the opposite industry to receive the expected salary.
  • Few accountants are willing to invest in studying for advanced degrees and international professional certificates
  • Human resources are afraid to try, not confident with higher development opportunities
  • Small businesses, managers do not invest in training and fostering accounting capacity
  • During the training process, personnel have little contact and practice with documents
  • Industrial parks and businesses are concentrated mainly in big cities, so in provinces and small areas, it is difficult to recruit and candidates are "afraid" to try.

The best solution for this situation is that candidates in this field should actively accumulate experience, practice professional skills and improve their working capacity to increase their chances of winning the process of recruiting sales accountants. At the same time, recruiters should also have policies on salary, bonus, remuneration and promotion opportunities to attract qualified candidates. 

Managers still have difficulty in finding talent

3. Recruitment needs and career prospects

The forming of many companies and businesses with large business operations has made the demand for sales accountants increase. Current recruitment trends of enterprises mainly focus on:

Candidates who are properly trained in accounting, auditing (For candidates studying in the opposite field, it will be difficult to get a job compared to before)
College level and above
Preference will be given to candidates with work experience.
The criteria of recruiting sales accountants are getting higher and higher, if the candidate does not meet one of the requirements in terms of qualifications, skills or work experience, the chances of competition are very low, even easy to be fired at any time. With such a situation, many candidates in this field now accept low-wage jobs, while high-paying positions are difficult to recruit.
Despite many difficulties, this profession is making positive changes and the quality of human resources is increasingly improving. The era of powerful and integrated technology, applying applications and software to quickly and accurately solve many accounting professional tasks. Universities also have many changes in training programs to ensure the quality of students after graduation.
The current salary of a sales accountant is about 5-8 million VND/month and can be up to 10-12 million VND/month for a highly qualified person working in a large-scale business unit. In the future, the income level of this profession is expected to increase much higher, creating attractive job opportunities for candidates with high professional qualifications and solid experience.

4. Factors to focus on when recruiting sales accountants

To find the right candidate, employers need to pay attention to the following top important factors:

Solid professional qualifications

Professional qualifications are the core factor that managers care about first in recruiting sales accountants because the nature of the accounting job requires candidates to have previous experience. Professional knowledge such as: preparation and presentation of financial statements, confirmation of invoices, accounting documents, statistics and analysis of sales and financial situation,...
That is the basic foundation for candidates to perform well in important jobs. A professional sales and accounting staff will create a positive and well-developed influence on the financial resources of the unit.

Solid professional qualification is a must

Proficient in office computing

Today's office jobs all require office computer skills and accounting is one of them. Specifically, this position must use Word, Excel, Powerpoint proficiently and understand sales support software such as: MISA, AMIS, IPOS, FAST,... Those supporting tools help sales accounting perform assigned tasks effectively, conveniently and align with the process.

Honesty, Carefulness

To stick around for a long time and be more successful in the profession, sales accountants need to be honest and careful. Sales accountants have to work continuously with books, documents, vouchers, cash flows, etc, ... so it is easy to make mistakes and get confused. In particular, if you are not honest in the issue of selling expenses, the business is very likely to face money and even legal issues.
Honesty and carefulness also create trust for customers and help you become a trustworthy person in the eyes of leaders. In addition, this position will be responsible for managing sales activities, so they need to have high responsibility to complete the task well.

The ability of withstanding work pressure 

Every profession has its own pressures. The pressure of the accounting profession comes from a large and intense workload, especially at the end of the month and year. There is a lot of work, but they still need to ensure absolute accuracy on invoices, expenses, product pricing, etc. Therefore, recruiters are always looking for people who can withstand high pressure to solve every problem at work smoothly and efficiently.

Good communication skill

Many people still think that this profession only deals with numbers, books, papers, etc., so communication skills are not too important. But in fact, the ability to communicate well is the golden key to help them develop good relationships, easily connect with personnel taking internal accounting jobs, thereby promoting work performance and work efficiency. This skill also helps them report and present their work clearly to their superiors.

Good communication skill

In addition to the above factors, in order to increase their competitive chances compared to other candidates, they should practice some more skills such as time management, work arrangement, good memory, effective teamwork ability, etc, ... 

5. How to be successful in recruiting sales accountants?

Currently, the demand for recruiting sales accountants is great, but people with accounting degrees are still unemployed. Therefore, finding talent is a difficult problem for businesses. At this time, headhunter is considered the most effective recruitment solution and is the most suitable choice for businesses. With a large recruitment network, high accessibility, headhunters will find qualified candidates who meet the requirements of the business and quickly convince them to apply.
In the list of headhunter companies in Vietnam today, Navigos Search is the leading unit with the prestigious middle and high-level "talent hunting" service. The biggest advantage of Navigos Search is owning a consultant team who are very professional and experienced recruitment experts who can accurately grasp the recruitment requirements of businesses to conduct search and screen applications to find the most potential members for your business.

With the mission of constant support, giving customers peace of mind and reducing the burden on personnel issues, the working process at Navigos Search not only stops at the successful recruitment of a position, but also continues to follow up closely with both enterprises and candidates during the process of “achieving success after joining”.
Especially, in case a candidate quits or is fired due to unsuitable qualifications, Navigos Search will provide another candidate to replace the same position without any other recruitment fees. With the optimal recruitment solution and 375,000+ potential candidate profiles available, Navigos Search is confident to bring the most qualified candidates with a 100% vacancies filling rate for your business.

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Navigos Search's recruitment solution is as follows:

Talent recruitment service: Navigos Search's dedicated team of consultants will always stand by your company from the time the recruitment needs arise to the time of receiving candidates. Your company will only pay the cost after successful recruitment.

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