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The process of recruiting import - export executives who could meet hiring requirements always give the human resources department headaches. They have to spend a lot of time and money but still can't find a candidate that meets the set criteria. To help enterprises save time and effort effectively, Navigos Search would like to share some of the following solutions.


1. Have a clear and coherent plan for recruiting import - export executives

After determining the needs of the business, the human resources department will proceed to develop and make a plan of recruiting import - export executives to send to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for approval.


A great recruitment plan includes the most detailed and complete information about: 

  • The number of employees to recruit
  • Skills and job requirements
  • Timeline to receive applications and interview
  • Estimation on the budget for the position

A clear recruitment plan helps businesses easily find and recruit human resources with qualifications, experience and skills suitable for the position to be recruited and the cultural environment of the business.

The recruitment plan needs to be clear and detailed
The recruitment plan needs to be clear and detailed


2. Provide detailed job description

The job description is the most important piece of content in a job posting. The content in the description must clarify the job duties and professional skills required from the candidate.


Giving a too generic job description not only makes the candidate unclear about their duties & responsibilities, but also makes the recruiters waste time explaining those details again in the interview, or after candidate selection. The more detailed the job description, the more effective the resume screening, helping to eliminate unsuitable, unqualified candidates easier.

An import - export executives's job description usually includes the following criteria:

  • Conduct a market research plan and propose to the board of directors about merchandise information, importation and to find suppliers.
  • Drafting, signing contracts and executing transactions.
  • Directly participating in negotiation with partners, suppliers, customers.
  • Tracking and monitoring the merchandise, journey and progress.
  • Controlling the quality and quantity of merchandise.
  • Resolve conflicts and arising problems related to merchandise or products during shipment.
  • Receiving and comparing documents related to merchandise and checking certification documents from suppliers.
  • Identifying the HS code of all imported merchandise of the enterprise.
  • Handling customs-related procedures such as declarations and export documents,...
  • Managing and storing all kinds of documents and expenses during the import and export process.
  • Perform other duties as requested by line managers.


3. Create attractive recruitment content

With the rapid development rate of the Internet, the form of job posting is also richer. This creates an opportunity for businesses to easily approach candidates, but also makes it difficult for businesses when their recruitment news is drifted, making it more challenging to impress talents among hundreds of other job postings. Therefore, in addition to offering attractive salaries and benefits, businesses need to have well-organized and attractive recruitment content. 


So, how to make your job advertisement impressive and attract candidates easier when recruiting import - export executives? Please refer to the following suggestions of experts from Navigos Search:

  • Captivating title: An attractive title will help your company's job posting stand out and attract more candidates.
  • Focus on the benefits and welfare that candidates receive: Job requirements and skills are very important to mention, what candidates care most about is the benefits and welfare a company could offer. Therefore, just hitting the right job seekers with a detailed job description, attractive remuneration and clear career development opportunities will help businesses approach potential candidates better. If you cannot post a job advertisement for some reason, you also need to draft a detailed  description, Navigos Search headhunters will rely on it to help recruiters find the most suitable candidate for the set criteria.
  • Innovative and fresh recruitment information: Don't let the job postings be boring and too ordinary among hundreds of others, make a difference by using fun but not too childish words for positions under management level. 
  • Provide complete, concise and professional information: Although the content of the job posting is recommended to be expressed in a fresh and creative way, the basic principle still needs to provide all the necessary information so that the candidate can have a clear picture of the duties & responsibilities he or she is in charge of.

Attractive job posting will attract many candidates
Attractive job posting will attract many candidates


4. Choose the right job posting channel

Post on the recruitment website


This is an effective method of recruiting personnel in general and recruiting import - export executives in specific that is applied by many businesses today. They will post on the job search website, with a large number of candidates accessing job search every day, businesses will reach candidates quickly.

Recruiters should pay a visit to large and reputable websites such as VietnamWorks, TopCV,... These websites are very useful for businesses without a brand or small businesses that would like to advertise their brands.

Use social networks

The social network Facebook has a huge amount of traffic every day, especially recruitment groups that always attract a large number of candidates to join and access to look for job opportunities.

According to statistics from Statista, Vietnam is in the list of countries with the highest percentage of social network users in the world. Therefore, this is one of the effective recruitment channels for businesses today. 

In addition to posting job vacancies on the job search website, you can take advantage of social networking channels such as Facebook, Zalo, Tiktok to run ads and then recruiting import - export executives that match the requirements of your business.

You should post job vacancies on social networking sites during "golden" hours to help the company's job postings reach the most people, attract and interact with many more of them. Here are 3 suggested "golden" time frames from Navigos Search so you could have the highest interaction rate with users:

Morning : 10h - 11h 
Afternoon : 16h - 17h
Evening : 20h30 - 23h

Posting on import-export recruitment websites

Posting on import-export recruitment websites

Use recruitment video


Currently, with the rapid development of digital technology, the form of personnel recruitment has become more & more creative. Some businesses have taken advantage of platforms such as Tiktok - a social network that tends to be used by many users to record recruitment videos.

This recruitment method is quite interesting, viewers will grasp the main information of the job, and businesses will have a better chance to promote their brand at a low cost.

Use headhunter recruitment service from Navigos Search

If you have applied various forms of recruitment but the business still has not found a satisfactory candidate, the best solution is to choose a headhunter service. Recruiting through a headhunter company, businesses will find the most potential and suitable candidates for their requirements

Currently, Navigos Search is considered as the leading "hunting" unit for middle and high-level talent in Vietnam. Established in 2002, Navigos Search belongs to Navigos Group and is the owner of the leading recruitment website in Vietnam - VietnamWorks. With a huge data volume of 375,000+ senior candidates, more than 5,000,000+ accounts, the data from VietnamWorks is an advantage and a fertile resource for headhunters to support clients in all industries.

In particular, Navigos Search also owns a team of consultant experts who understand the labor market, understand the industry and the economy, and have professional skills that will accurately capture the recruitment requirements of your business. They will conduct the search, screen, interview and accurately recommend the most suitable and potential candidate

Besides, with a very strict and scientific working procedure, Navigos Search could easily meet the needs of recruiting talent quickly and accurately for businesses.

Navigos Search - The leading headhunter company in Vietnam

With all the above outstanding advantages, Navigos Search commits to fill up to a 100% vacancy rate in the shortest time. Please contact Navigos Search if your business is in need of recruiting import - export executives or any other middle and high-level job positions or send your CV to quickly get your dream job!

5. Interviewing candidates

Prepare interview questions

From the point of view of a recruiter, you must understand the requirements and characteristics of the position you are recruiting for. You should prepare interview questions and determine what you expect from the candidate.

You can give general questions, behavioral questions, hypothetical situations, self-assessment questions, exploratory questions, etc. Combine well between question types to create an effective test. Thereby, you will understand the candidate well and decide if the candidate is really suitable for the position you are recruiting for.

You can refer to some of the best interview questions recruiting for import - export executives that Navigos Search recommends  below to be able to accurately assess the candidate's ability:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What does the daily work of an import - export executive include?
  • What will you do when the order sent has a defective product?
  • When monitoring the transportation and shipment process, if there is an unexpected problem, how do you solve it?
  • For import - export executives, is language proficiency important? 
  • What are the difficulties you have encountered in the import and export industry?
  • If there is a disagreement with a partner about the delivery location, how will you resolve it?
  • Please share your experience in applying technology to import and export work? How does it help your business grow?
  • What skills does an import - export executive need to acquire?
  • Import - export executives often have to work overtime? Are you willing to do it?
  • Through which channel do you know our business?
  • Why are you applying for this position at our company?
  • Why should we choose you?
  • What are your goals for the next 5 years?....

The interview process will become a "disaster" if the recruiter is not well prepared. Because nowadays, interviews are often two-way in nature, especially with senior personnel interviews, recruiters learn and challenge candidates. At the same time, candidates also have the opportunity to ask questions and raise their concerns to the recruiter. 

Notes to consider when interviewing candidates
Notes to consider when interviewing candidates

Therefore, besides preparing interview questions for candidates, recruiters should also prepare some answers to respond to their concerns

Here are the questions candidates will try to "probe" you:

  • What is the most important product of the business? Do you intend to introduce/produce any new products or services in the near future?
  • What is the key market of the business? Will those markets grow sustainably?
  • What is the total number of employees and departments of the business? 
  • In recent years, has the company laid off personnel? If so, how does that affect the department and position I'm applying for?
  • Does the enterprise implement training and education programs?
  • What are the goals for the coming years of the business?
  • Is this position a new hire or a replacement?
  • What are the opportunities for promotion and career development in the position I am applying for?
  • Where will I work if I pass the interview? Can I visit the office?

Decide on the personnel participating in the interview

Do you need to prepare personnel for the interview? Many businesses think this is an unnecessary step, but in fact it shows the opposite. The preparation and arrangement of interviewing personnel are very important if the enterprise is interviewing in the form of a panel. So how do you prepare? Put these following suggestions into consideration:

  • The only interviewer (HR department): Must arrange work to limit the situation of arising work that affects the interview time.
  • The second interviewer participated with the HR department: The process of recruiting import - export executives will require the head of the import - export department to participate with the HR department. Therefore, HR should discuss in advance with the head of the import - export department to arrange a reasonable interview schedule.
  • Panel interview: Before the interview round, you need to remind everyone to prepare. If you are interviewing with the same superior as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Deputy General Director, etc., you can use Google Calendar or other applications to remind the interview schedule.

Apply the above recruitment solution to recruit the best import - export executive

Apply the above recruitment solution to recruit the best import - export executive

Solid human resources are always the foundation for strong business development. And recruiting import - export executives, especially the good ones, has never been easy. Hopefully with the above solutions, your unit will successfully attract talent!

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