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The most effective building engineering management process

Table Of Contents

Although building engineering management is relatively new, it's a job of great concern nowadays. This job includes any activities related to the engineering system in a building. For smooth operation, it is essential to build a detail-oriented building engineering management process. Let's find out details about this issue with Navigos Search through the following article.

1. What is a building engineering manager?

The engineering manager is the person who takes responsibility for all engineering and maintenance activities in the building. This job plays a vital role in ensuring occupants and clients in the building have the best living conditions and environment. 

It means that the person undertaking this position not only checks and evaluates the operational quality of machinery and equipment and repairs if there is a problem but also has to operate the entire engineering and electromechanical system in the building. Building engineering managers are responsible for ensuring that the building operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

The engineering system of the building includes elevators, security, power supply and transmission system, water system, fire fighting and prevention. All of these systems are strikingly crucial, requiring building engineering managers to ensure that every part is in continuous operation with a high level of safety.

The engineering manager is the person responsible for all engineering operations of the building

The engineering manager is the person responsible for all engineering operations of the building

2. Why does the building need an engineering manager?

If a building wants to operate stably, the engineering manager is a must. This is considered one of the core criteria to ensure safe living and working conditions for everyone in the building. Therefore, a building always needs an engineering manager for the following factors:

  • Ensure all machinery and equipment always operate continuously and smoothly without any interruption.
  • Ensure security and safety for occupants and clients in the building.
  • Help to save building operating costs. 
  • Increase the value of the building.

3. What are the responsibilities of a building engineering manager?

The building engineering manager is responsible for managing and operating the engineering system in the building according to the supplier's process to ensure that all technical equipment in the building works most efficiently.
Maintaining technical equipment

Maintaining technical equipment in the building is initially the responsibility of the supplier. When the technical equipment is still in the warranty period, the supplier will have the technical staff to handle the problem. After the warranty period, the supplier will authorize the building management unit. At that time, the engineering management department will be responsible for maintaining the building's technical system.

Operating technical systems safely

The engineering management staff must regularly monitor and check the systems and equipment in the building such as air conditioning, electricity, water, fire fighting and prevention, camera system, and wastewater treatment to make sure that they operate smoothly in accordance with safety and efficiency standards. 

They also ensure the technical system is always clean, stable, and in good working order, maintain equipment on time at the request of professional contractors, and comply with the manufacturer's requirements.

There are heaps of work to do

Resolving technical problems

Incidents related to building equipment are inevitable during the using process. They include   power and water failure, explosion, water pipe leakage, electric fire, air conditioning system failure, and elevator jam. At that time, the building engineering department must check and grasp the operational status of these technical equipment and take timely corrective action.

Repairing and replacing technical equipment

The engineering staff is responsible for installing, repairing, and replacing technical equipment as assigned by the manager. They must also quickly solve arising technical problems to ensure stable operation of the building.

They also monitor the maintenance service provider to request immediate repair of items that are harmful to people and property in the building and the surrounding area.

They will schedule and report the progress of technical maintenance and replacement to the management board periodically or irregularly.

Guiding and supervising contractors executing the work

Engineering managers must monitor and approve the contractor's construction drawings when decorating and cleaning the clients' offices to ensure that the drawings are technically correct and safe according to the set schedule. They are also responsible for requiring the construction contractor to comply with the contract and propose unreasonable outcomes during the process for timely solutions to the supervisor.

Ensuring the safety of the building

The engineering management department must ensure that the technical equipment in the building is always operated safely. They always must have timely solutions to problems, train everyone in the building to participate in the fire fighting and prevention program, and have the most effective operation of technical equipment.

In addition, they must also coordinate with relevant units and departments to handle unexpected situations promptly.

The engineering department ensures the building always operates at its most efficient

The engineering department ensures the building always operates at its most efficient

4. Effective building engineering management process

4.1. Check and repair process

Checking technical systems must be carried out every day to detect failures and problems to repair promptly. It also helps to minimize the negative impact during the use process of clients. The check and repair process is implemented as follows:

  • Step 1: Conduct a test daily
  • Step 2: Evaluate results and provide solutions.
    • Case 1: If the system operates normally, report to the supervisor that the system is operating stably.
    • Case 2: If the system is in danger of a problem, continue to perform steps 3, 4, 5, 6.
    • Case 3: If the system has a problem, proceed to step 5, 6
  • Step 3: Assess risks and find solutions.
  • Step 4: Report and suggest solutions to the management board.
  • Step 5: Conduct a repair
  • Step 6: Check, re-evaluate and report the repair situation to the department in charge.

4.2. Fire protection system maintenance process

The fire protection system is a safety standard stipulated by the law in building engineering management. The following is the management and maintenance process of this system:

  • Step 1: Check all switches and make sure they are working properly.
  • Step 2: Check the safety of the fire fighting water column and handle immediately if a leak is detected.
  • Step 3: Check the fire hydrant box and make sure there is no damage, locking, or theft.
  • Step 4: Test the building electrical cabinets, make sure everything is working properly.
  • Step 5: Check automated control panels.
  • Step 6: Check the water pump pipe, detect damage or blockage and promptly provide a handling method.
  • Step 7: Test the supply voltage meter readings and the motor if there are any problems.
  • Step 8: Check insulation resistance.
  • Step 9: Summarize data, make reports and give recommendations to superiors.
  • Step 10: Proceed to upgrade and deal with existing issues after being approved by the management board.

Methodical building engineering management process

Methodical building engineering management process

Any real estate model needs to develop a different building engineering management process. Therefore, let's depend on the basic process that Navigos Search shared above to adjust flexibly and improvise to suit your building. Thank you for taking the time to read the article on Navigos Search!

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