The importance of internal communications in an organization

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An enterprise cannot build a strong, united and stable human resource team without internal communications.

Understanding the importance of internal communications will help businesses build a healthy working environment and effectively engage employees. So, which department does internal communications belong to? What role do they play in businesses? The following article from Navigos Search will provide readers with accurate information for this topic!

1. What department does internal communications belong to?

Many people are wondering if internal communications belong to any department in the organization. Is it the responsibility of PR or HR? Or businesses need to set up an internal communications department.

In order to achieve the best internal communications, businesses should set up a department in charge of internal communications to deploy and coordinate all internal communications activities.

This department will have many different categories and has its own personnel in charge of event organization, content, design, etc. The personnel in the internal communications department will coordinate with the HR department to manage employees according to the vision and direction of business leaders.

In case the enterprise is not qualified to set up an internal communications department, this team should be under the HR department because the human resources department is responsible for human resource matters, they also understand the work force better.

Internal communication executives play an important role in the business

2. Is internal communications a corporate culture?

We can understand that culture is the quintessence, assets, images and achievements that businesses build and aim for. Employees are the ones who hold, express and promote these assets and quintessence.

Internal communications tasks will build and bring corporate culture to employees and support employees to maintain and develop it. Therefore, we can confirm that internal communications are corporate culture.

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3. Affirm the importance of this position

Internal communications activities and plans make great contributions to the development of the business, such as:

Strengthen the vision, values and corporate culture

Internal communications helps all employees understand the business' situation, goals, strategies, vision and motto. Since then, employees' trust in the business has been increased and awareness of the importance of striving for a common goal has also been enhanced.

Increase the transparency and diversity of shared information

Internal communications makes information exchange clearer and more complete. Members of the company will be updated with information quickly. Employees will be aware of new products, upcoming events and new policies of the business. Through that, work efficiency and productivity are also improved.

Raise the team spirit

Internal communications activities create unity, improve the solidarity of employees in the enterprise. Solidarity will create strength and help businesses grow stronger.

Attracting talent and enhancing employee solidarity

Help attract talent and build a strong workforce

Internal communications bring many benefits to employees, making them feel respected and cared for. Thanks to that, they will not be afraid to try and dedicate themselves to the common goal. When a business has a good culture, it will create a reputation, credibility and easily attract talent.

4. What are the requirements for recruiting internal communications executives?

Candidates applying for internal communications executive positions must be well-trained at universities with majors in Communications, Marketing, Human Resources, ... or other related majors. At the same time, the candidate must have at least 1-2 years of working experience as a communications executive, human resources specialist or similar position.

Ability to manage tools, arrange work, writing skills, organize internal events, team building, logical thinking, creativity, agility, ability to connect with others, ... are also in the requirement criteria when recruiting internal communications executives.

5. Career prospects and opportunities

Most businesses today understand that in addition to business development and production, focusing on building internal core strength is the decisive factor in the growth of the unit. A united team pursuing a common goal will help increase cohesion and improve work efficiency. And any company or organization needs an internal communication team, so the demand for this job is increasing, opening up great career opportunities for those who pursue it.

The career prospects of this job are very attractive

6. Where to recruit qualified internal communications executives?

The best human resource recruitment solution today is to associate with a headhunter company. Headhunter is the link between recruiters and candidates. With a wide recruitment network and high accessibility, headhunters will find quality candidates that match the recruitment requirements and convince them to apply.

At Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading mid- and senior-level recruitment service provider, there are now more than 375,000+ senior candidates, 85,000+ senior management - level candidates. We have a huge database of candidates that help you quickly find the best fit for your company. 

Our consultants team are recruitment experts who have a deep understanding of the value of human resources, a deep understanding of each industry and professional skills that will accurately grasp the recruitment requirements of the business.

Based on the rigorous recruitment process and the candidate's capacity, experience and labor market situation, Navigos Search will conduct a search for the most suitable candidate within the committed time.

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Our recruitment process is as follows:

  • Step 1 Search and filter candidates: Navigos Search searches and filters qualified candidates that match the recruitment requirements of the enterprise.
  • Step 2 → Face-to-face interview: Navigos Search conducts an interview to assess the candidate's capacity as well as listen to the needs and expectations of the candidate.
  • Step 3 → Support business with interview: Navigos Search provides a list of potential candidates for your company after thorough evaluation. We will accompany the company and the candidate to provide additional support throughout the interview process.
  • Step 4 → Checking for references: Official and unofficial reference checks will be conducted.
  • Step 5 → Support negotiation and job offer: Navigos Search acts as a bridge to negotiate and advise on salary and benefits. After the candidate receives an invitation letter and accepts the job offer, the vacancy will be closed.
  • Step 6 → Follow up on recruitment: Follow up with candidates to aim for success after joining the company.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of recruiting middle and high-level personnel, Navigos Search is proud to have supported and brought successful recruitment solutions to hundreds of thousands of businesses and multinational corporations across Vietnam, helping them get the best quality human resources. 

Every month, the number of potential CVs sent to us is huge. Therefore, if your business is in need of recruiting internal communications or any other middle and high-level positions, please contact Navigos Search to receive excellent services!

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