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Developing a strategy to recruit preschool teachers is one of the important steps to create the school's image. So how to have the right recruitment method to shorten the time and bring high efficiency when searching for candidates for this position? If you are still struggling to find the answer, why not immediately refer to the suggestions below? Navigos Search ensures your unit will be successful in recruiting preschool teachers that are qualified!

1. Who are preschool teachers?

Preschool teachers are responsible for caring, guiding and educating children. They will help the children to form their personality and good qualities as well as stimulate their curiosity, discovery and passion for learning. The person pursuing this profession is considered as a “guardian” of the children attending their kindergarten. 

Preschool teachers are responsible for caring, guiding and educating children

2. Job description of preschool teachers

Many people still think that being a preschool teacher is a leisurely job, but the reality is completely different. Let's take a look at the job description for this position to better understand their roles:

  • Receiving and handing over children to parents every day to ensure absolute safety
  • Teaching and taking care of children while studying at school
  • Planning and arranging eating and sleeping time for children to ensure the child's development
  • Developing innovative, new and appropriate curriculum for preschool children
  • Using teaching tools to help children absorb quickly
  • Closely monitoring children's activities and learning progress to support them
  • Monitoring children's progress and engagement in learning
  • Actively interacting and talking with children
  • Resolving conflicts between children
  • Acting as a bridge between parents and the school, reporting student status to parents
  • Maintaining clean classrooms, ensuring compliance with medical standards
  • Supporting other teachers and managing personnel in the kindergarten to ensure the smooth and effective workflow
  • Attending meetings and reporting work to superiors.

3. What skills are required for preschool teachers?

The position of preschool teacher requires candidates to have a college degree or higher in Pedagogy. Some international preschools also require candidates to have a foreign language degree, a certificate of computer science, a certificate of preschool teacher training, etc,... Pedagogical experience and working in education are also advantages when getting in this field.

The job of a preschool teacher requires candidates to have pedagogical expertise

Besides, in order to follow the profession for a long time, they need to prepare for the following important factors:

Pedagogical skills, love children

Teachers at any level cannot lack pedagogical skills. Knowing how to sing, dance, tell stories, use props, make toys, ... are essential elements required in a preschool teacher. These skills are all honed when they are still in school. Through teaching and practical work, they will be trained in more skills to raise children most effectively. 
Love for the job and love for children is an important quality that helps preschool teachers maintain and build their career well. Without love, they will not be patient enough, not interested in taking care of and teaching children. At the same time, loving children will also create affection from children.

Communication skill 

To be successful in this profession, expertise is not enough, preschool teachers must also be able to communicate and behave extremely skillfully. A professional preschool teacher will have a spirit of love for the job, love for children and always cultivate perfect communication skills.
Good communication skills not only help them interact, attract children through storytelling, give suggestions to help children enjoy and actively participate in learning, but also help them build a good relationship with colleagues and parents to make it easier to raise and guide children.

Problem-solving skills, tactful behavior

In the classroom, sometimes there will be children who show a constant tiredness or annoyed attitude and the teacher has to behave skillfully to make them more positive. Preschool is the age when you are not self-aware of what is right and wrong and what is reasonable and unreasonable. Therefore, preschool teachers need to have effective problem-solving skills to help students get along with each other and not to feel lost in the classroom.

Creativity, Patience

Many people still think that preschool teachers simply go to school to manage children's eating and sleeping schedule. But in fact, they also have to prepare lectures, plan and organize daily classroom activities.
With today's investment in intellect for children from a young age, it is required that preschool teachers be able to plan modern, creative lessons, know how to organize events, games, ... to motivate children not to be bored as well as to improve creativity, stimulate thinking for the best development of children.
In addition, patience is also an important quality to have in this profession. Preschool - age children will often be naughty and disobedient, so a good teacher needs to be patient and find ways to deliver lessons, skills and knowledge for the children. 

Patience is a required element in recruiting preschool teachers

First aid, give guidance to children when there is an incident

People working in this profession must know how to give first aid when needed,  guide children when there is an incident and need to know how to teach children what to do when there is an accident that arises in the process of learning and playing. This skill will help them ensure the timely safety of their children as well as maintain the reputation of the school.

Understanding, sense of humor

Understanding is an indispensable quality of people working as preschool teachers because they need to capture the child's psychology and emotions to quickly solve problems that occur. To be able to manage and educate children, teachers will need to know how to reduce pressure and stress, enhance non-verbal communication, use humor, physicality, etc... to create an exciting atmosphere to interact, attract children to follow and absorb new knowledge or skills. Therefore, to be able to perform well at work and to get a higher chance of winning the recruiting preschool teachers, candidates need to improve their sense of humor. 

4. The secret to successfully recruiting preschool teachers

Teachers are the core factor that helps kindergartens operate and run well. Therefore, the strategy of recruiting preschool teachers that are qualified is always a dilemma for the Principal of the kindergarten. To attract and retain talented people to work is an art. With long-term experience in the field of recruitment, Navigos Search suggests some effective tips for managers as follows:

Building a school image

Building the school's image is not only to attract students and parents but also a strategy in recruiting preschool teachers. Because in fact, many job seekers in this industry are always "hunting" for prestigious and reputable schools to work with.

Advertising the image of a modern school with many highlights and advantages compared to other schools will attract the attention of more candidates. It is also a successful first step in recruiting talent.

High responsibility comes with attractive benefits

As a kindergarten principal, you always set requirements that the successful candidates will have to meet to perform the job at their best. However, you also need to put in consideration what will they get in return to be motivated? An attractive incentive regime and rewards system that deserve the qualities offered will attract good candidates to the unit.

You must create value to get that value back, consider and evaluate accurately their capacity to bring worthy benefits to them. Only then will you own a team of potential employees.

Offer attractive benefits based on working capacity

Diversify channels for recruiting preschool teachers

When applying the two methods above but still have not succeeded in recruiting preschool teachers, it's time for you to use more recruitment channels to search and filter candidates effectively. In particular, recruitment through headhunter units is the most optimal recruitment channel for all types of businesses and organizations with diverse recruitment needs and job posts. 
In Vietnam, the most famous headhunter unit today is Navigos Search that has many strengths:

  • Navigos Search belongs to Navigos Group, which is the owner of the number 1 recruitment website in Vietnam - VietnamWorks. With a huge data volume of 375,000+ senior candidates, 85,000+ senior management level candidates and more than 5,000,000 data accounts from VietnamWorks, it is a fertile resource to help the headhunter team support customers in all fields, all industries and professions.
  • Optimal recruitment solutions: Talent recruitment service, High-level recruitment service, outsourcing service for recruitment process , Japan Desk helps to recruit the right people with expertise - solid experience.
  • A team of highly qualified and experienced consultant experts, knowledgeable about the labor market and industrial economy, always accurately grasp the recruitment requirements of enterprises.
  • The headhunter team has a wide network of candidates in a variety of fields. Each industry is assigned to a specialized management team such as Technology, Education, Banking - Finance, Science, Business, Real Estate,...
  • Innovative working process, reaching new heights in customer service quality.
  • Regularly organize seminars and workshops on extremely useful employment and human resources topics.
  • Long-term experience in the field of recruitment, a high reputation through supporting hundreds of thousands of businesses to get qualified and suitable candidates.

Navigos Search - The number 1 "talent hunting" company in Vietnam

The recruitment process at Navigos Search not only stops at successfully recruiting a candidate, but also closely follows the selected company and candidate with the motto "achieving success after joining".
The recruitment process at Navigos Search is conducted with a high level of confidentiality, confidential information is only disclosed to people involved in the recruitment process or to suitable candidates with the enterprise's consent.
With the longest history of providing "headhunting" services in Vietnam, Navigos Search always strives to improve quality and meet the most demanding requirements from customers. If your business is in need of recruiting preschool teachers in Ho Chi Minh City or different locations, please contact Navigos Search with the information below to quickly get the best candidates:

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