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Negotiation is a soft skill that everyone must have today because it not only gives you an advantage in work and business but also in everyday life.

Negotiation skills are an essential factor you need to succeed in your career. Especially in transactions and signing contracts with partners, if you possess good negotiation skills, you will achieve as expected and reduce the risk of unnecessary conflicts. So how to get this skill? Navigos Search ultimately helps you get the answer through the information below!

1. Why do you need negotiation skills in business?

Possessing negotiation skills will give you many opportunities to develop in your work and business career:

Help keep your stance before your partner.

You will be stronger when negotiating if you have an opinion. It is difficult to convince the other side because of your hesitation and uncertainty, especially in business.

A good negotiator will always trust his judgment and stand his ground during the negotiation process. You will only convince the other party to believe what you are saying and argue. Only then will new business contracts and agreements succeed.

Provide data to convince

In negotiations, not only do you want to convince the other side, but they also want to persuade you in return. When negotiating well, you will know the partner's good and bad points, why the partner negotiates with you and vice versa, and what you get when the cooperation is successful,... These factors help you to have a good deal. Gain an advantage during negotiations, knowing what cannot be changed and what I can compromise to make persuasion easier.

The importance of negotiation skills

Ensure appropriate benefits for the parties

A successful negotiation and cooperation is when both sides fulfill their responsibilities and benefit. If one side is oppressive and the other is unfair, then there will certainly be conflicts. Therefore, business negotiations must compromise on interests. You need experience, ability and credibility to convince your partner that what they get is the best, the most fair.

Speed up the negotiation process

In the business field, there are many projects that are only phased, so if it lasts, it will cost money, time and human resources, but the results are not as expected. Although the negotiation time depends on many factors such as specificity, size, field, etc., possessing this skill will help you speed up the negotiation process, ensure business strategy takes place on time. points, progress as in the plan set out.

Maintain a good relationship

With patience and top-notch persuasion, good negotiators will maintain a positive atmosphere and create a good relationship between the parties. With tough negotiations, this is more important than ever.

2. What are the common types of negotiation?

Depending on the context, the object that you can apply appropriate types of negotiation, such as:

Principled negotiation: It is a type of negotiation based on pre-set principles such as mutual benefits, the focus of interests, objectivity, and separation of personal feelings,... This type of negotiation is used to resolve conflicts and contradictions to ensure the parties' fair interests.

Depending on the context, the object that you can apply appropriate types of negotiation, such as:

  • Principled negotiation: It is a type of negotiation based on pre-set principles such as mutual benefits, the focus of interests, objectivity, and separation of personal feelings,... This type of negotiation is used to resolve conflicts and contradictions to ensure the parties' fair interests.
  • Group negotiation: Many people sit together to negotiate to achieve the goals of each group. The participating members usually have a leader, a commenter, and a content writer.
  • Multi-Party Negotiation: There are over two parties to an agreement. This type of negotiation is very likely to happen when several parties ally and cause talk complications.
  • Confrontational Negotiation: Only one side achieves its goals. For example, your party wants to negotiate to avoid compensation and damage, but the other party refuses to agree, insisting on the contract. 

Types of popular negotiations today

3. The secret to practicing top-notch negotiation skills

To practice practical negotiation skills and get the most benefits, you can refer to the following suggestions:

Research the problem and the opponent

Remember that "knowing oneself knows one hundred battles, one hundred wins." Find out who the opponent is, where they come from, what business areas they are facing, and what problems they are facing,... You can build strategies and strategies when you understand your partners and competitors: negotiation and persuasion.

Sharpness in anticipating problems

You must know the other side's goals and problems to get the most out of a negotiation. When you research your competitors, you already know this. Always observe and pay attention to the negotiated issue to make an accurate assessment.

Always stick to the original goal.

During the negotiation process, you need to stick to the goal, the most critical issue, and where is the limit on which you must give up the agreement. Sticking to the plan so that the negotiation stays consistent with the other direction helps you become more competent and professional in your partner's eyes.

However, when you realize that you can't fulfill any more demands from the other side, or neither side is willing to accept the terms, you should give up and end the negotiation. If you continue, you may "turn your hand around" and enter into a bad deal.

Practice communication skills

You must be able to communicate clearly to convey information, express what you want, stand your ground, and negotiate smoothly. Practicing tact, fluency, and a calm demeanor will help you focus better on your goals. Then, your words will be highly persuasive and you will master the "game", leading the matter in the direction of your favor.

Good Emotion Management Techniques

People with reasonable emotional control will prevail in the negotiation process. Although controversial issues during a meeting can be frustrating, remember that expressing personal feelings now will lead to unexpected results. Be prepared mentally and intellectually when standing in front of negotiations.

Cultivate in-depth knowledge

To become a good negotiator, negotiate and get the most out of yourself, you need to improve your knowledge constantly. This knowledge is not only bound within the framework of the field you are working in but also social, scientific, psychological issues, etc. When you understand everything, you will have a comprehensive perspective and thinking. It is also the factor that makes a good impression on your partners, colleagues, and superiors.

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