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For every 10 maintenance workers who retire, there are about 3 candidates to fill in the role. This increases the demand for human resources in this industry and puts pressure on businesses, requiring them to have their own strategies to recruit talent effectively. Join Navigos Search to learn about the duties, job requirements and current salary to better understand the role of maintenance staff and get the secret to finding good candidates!

1. Who is the maintenance staff?

Maintenance staff is the person in charge of maintenance and repair of equipment, tools and machines in enterprises, buildings, factories,... The main duty is to regularly check and handle electricity errors when needed, maintenance staff plays an important role in each unit they work.

Maintenance staff is the person in charge of maintenance and repair of equipment, tools and machines

2. Main duties of maintenance staff

Basically, the duties of this position are as follows:

  • Monitor the operation of machines and equipment
  • Actively check the equipment system in charge to promptly detect damage and errors
  • Make a repair and maintenance plan to avoid affecting the production and daily life process
  • Inspect sudden, unexpected malfunction of equipment for quick editing
  • Install equipment and machines
  • Make a recommendation to replace the device
  • For those who have worked for a long time, they will lead and guide new employees
  • Write reports to your superiors
  • Perform other duties as requested by superiors

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3. Requirements in recruiting maintenance staff

Degree, practicing certificate

The job of maintenance staff requires candidates to have a College degree or higher in Electrical, Electronics - Refrigeration, Mechanics, Engineering, ... and possess a certificate of maintenance practice. At the same time, maintenance staff must have knowledge of OSHA standards (health and safety standards of an organization designed to protect people during work), be proficient in repair and maintenance tools to be able to accurately assess the status of equipment in order to make proposals and solutions to improve the quality of the power system.
Most employers are looking for candidates with work experience who have held similar positions such as repair and maintenance tools and equipment. Having long-term work experience will enhance the advantage of being recruited and make it easier to negotiate salary with employers.

Candidates need to meet the requirements for degrees and practicing certificates

Technical knowledge

In addition to professional knowledge, candidates also need to understand machinery, equipment as well as the maintenance and repairing procedures. This will ensure they get the job done faster and more efficiently. Based on the existing professional knowledge, candidates need to apply them in practice in order to have a certain technical understanding.

Health condition and the ability of withstanding pressure

Maintenance is considered to be quite physically strenuous, so those pursuing this profession need to be in good health condition. Because of the nature of their work, they may have to move a lot as well as climb high.
This is also a position that is often subject to work pressure because of the difficulty in maintenance and installation of some types of machinery. Not to mention in many cases, the equipment is damaged at the same time, requiring them to repair quickly so that the operation process is not interrupted but still must ensure absolute accuracy. There are some machines that are very difficult to diagnose and repair and still cannot operate smoothly. Those are the reasons why candidates need to be in good health and withstand high pressure at work. 

Carefulness & problem - solving skill

Maintenance staff is the person who finds the cause of machine and equipment breakdowns and is also the person who directly solves and fixes them. Possessing effective problem-solving skills will help them respond well to maintenance and repair work.
The process of maintenance and repair always faces many complicated problems and requires accuracy, so the person doing this position needs to be careful. With many challenging cases, it requires them to be very meticulous and quick to detect problems to avoid making them worse and costing businesses.


The specific day-to-day tasks of the maintenance staff will vary, they may be asked to repair equipment, learn about new machines or even attend meetings to explain technical problems. The nature of such work requires them to be sensitive and flexible to improvise well in all situations as well as complete the assigned work well.
In addition to the above skills, in order to increase the chances of passing interviews, candidates should hone some more skills such as: teamwork skill, time management skill, effective planning skill to drive expected results, always have the attitude to learn and improve, can-do spirit ...

Requirements for work skills

4. Remuneration policy

Remuneration is the "reward" factor worthy of what the person doing this position contributes. The current salary of a maintenance staff is about 7-10 million VND/month. For people with high capacity, long experience and working in large enterprises, the salary will be much higher.
Accompanying a generous salary are the benefits received when applying for this position such as: being equipped with protective gear, full repair equipment, insurance regime, high bonus, health care regime,...
If they constantly put in efforts at work, maintenance staff can completely advance to the position of leader, supervisor or self-employed, providing maintenance and repair services. Career development opportunities are great and always waiting for those who keep working hard and willing to learn.

5. Recruiting maintenance staff at Navigos Search

The labor market in the technical and maintenance industries is increasingly bustling and the number of units that need to recruit staff in this field also increases. That is why the process of recruiting maintenance staff is increasingly difficult and finding talent for the business has never been easy. Understanding those things, headhunters have become a lifesaver for businesses, helping to recruit the right people for the  jobs quickly.

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