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In times of strong economic development, sales manager becomes a prime position in businesses. Recruiters also have certain criteria for sales manager applicants.

What is a sales manager? What are the duties of this position in stores and businesses? Is the salary high? What does it take to become an excellent sales manager? These are a few of the many questions that many people wonder. Navigos Search will help you have a general perspective on Sales Manager.

1. What is a sales manager? 

A sales manager is a person who manages and supervises business activities and sales staff at manufacturing enterprises, distribution units, and stores to ensure that the business activities take place smoothly and help grow revenue.

Definition of sales manager

2. Sales manager job description

Depending on the size of each company or business, the responsibilities of sales managers may be different. Below are some basic duties of this position:

  • Evaluate and identify new business opportunities to promote growth in the market.
  • Set business goals for enterprises and stores.
  • Recruit, manage, and train new sales staff.
  • Evaluate employee capabilities regularly to identify issues that need to be changed or provide appropriate training programs.
  • Provide strategies and business plans to meet the goals of businesses and stores.
  • Ensure the unit has enough personnel, materials, and equipment to support business operations.
  • Ensure all business activities of the unit comply with legal principles, regulations and policies.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of business activities and report results to superiors.
  • Propose ideas and business strategies to the board of directors.

The amount of work is quite heavy

3. Sales manager recruitment requirements 

Sales manager employers require applicants to meet the following basic requirements:

Professional qualifications and experience

Regarding professional qualifications, candidates must be thoroughly trained at universities in Business Administration, Management Science, Marketing, or other related majors.

Candidates must have 2 - 3 years or more of work experience in an equivalent position such as sales supervisor or sales group manager, have foreign language skills, be knowledgeable about the market and industry in which the business is operating, and understand circulars and documents related to the business field.


Professional capacity and experience are prerequisites to being a successful business manager. To do the job well, the following crucial skills will support sales managers:

Strategic planning skills

Business strategic planning is the first critical skill of a professional sales manager. Candidates must have skills in researching, analyzing the market, synthesizing information, making action plans, and predicting potential business trends to have the best sales strategy and plan.

Communication skills

A sales manager is a person who works a lot with leadership positions and meets partners, customers, and sales staff. Therefore, good communication is a mandatory requirement. Having good communication skills will help sales managers handily build trust and good relationships with superiors, customers, colleagues, and subordinate personnel, and the unit's business will also run smoothly with high efficiency.

Leadership skills

As a leadership position of the sales department, the sales manager must have good leadership skills. These skills will help them have effective business directions, create motivation, and support subordinates in achieving goals and improving quality and business efficiency.

Persuasion and negotiation skills

As a sales manager, you will work a lot with partners to make agreements and sign important business contracts. Having top-notch negotiation and persuasion skills will help you sign contracts handily and gain many benefits for businesses and stores.

Other skills

When pursuing this job, sales managers should also hone work organization skills, predictability, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work well under pressure. These skills will hone the expertise and experience of sales managers and develop better work to bring profits to the unit.

Necessary requirements of sales managers 

4. Salary of sales managers

The current salary of a sales manager ranges from VND 10 to VND 20 million per month with many other attractive remuneration policies. This number may change depending on the capacity and experience of the person in charge, work efficiency, scale and field of operation of the store or business, and workplace. If you lead a team of sales staff well, create high business results, and bring huge profits to the business, you will get a high salary. Once you have extensive professional capacity, you can become a deputy sales director or sales director.

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The current salary

Recruiting sales managers at Navigos Search

In the current situation of scarcity of talented people and fierce competition in the recruitment market, it is hard to attract and retain talent for the position of sales managers if businesses or stores do not have a good recruitment strategy.

Using headhunting service is considered the most effective and optimal solution for recruitment requirements for middle and high-level positions because headhunters have a quality networking system and are knowledgeable about the recruitment market and each field. In addition, with long-term experience and reputation, the professional headhunter company will have a list of bright candidates on hand. Thus, they will help businesses find the most suitable one for the sales manager position and meet all recruitments promptly.

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All our specialists are experienced in the recruitment field and are thoroughly trained through in-depth skills courses. We call our employees "Dream Creators".

Based on a methodical and scientific recruitment process, our consultants will screen and send businesses and banks a list of candidate profiles that meet the recruitment criteria. They will work side by side with your business and bank in the interview rounds to select the most potential candidate. After the candidate has been selected, we continue to closely support the business and the candidate throughout the "success after joining" process.

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We assign a dedicated team to assist with your requirements. Retained search can work well for all levels that you need, and we have a 100% fill rate, so success with us is guaranteed.

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