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What you need to know about Deputy Chief Customer Officer

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Are you curious about the responsibility of the Deputy Chief Customer Officer? Let Navigos Search reveal information related to this position, not only about the job description but also the requirements, required skills and income!

1. Who is the Deputy Chief Customer Officer?

Deputy Chief Customer Officer – DCCO is the lower position that supports CCO. They can be on behalf of the CCO in implementing work. The Deputy Chief Customer Officer has a very important role in businesses, especially in the sales department. 

DCCO is the operator and manager of all activities related to product consumption, customer care,... Therefore, they are the right-hand of the CCO, contributing to improving the development of the business. 

DCCO is the right-hand of CCO

DCCO is the right-hand of CCO

2. DCCO’s responsibilities

- Propose work plan, business strategy of the business

- Report KPI achieved periodically.

- Research the market situation and advise the marketing department on product marketing, potential customers.

- Supervise and inspect sales agents under the management and distribution of the business. From there, make an assessment of the sales capacity of those agents to have policies to promote business.

- Ensure the plan is on track in practice, selling more goods and a wider marketing communication network for the company's products.

- Recruit, manage and improve the qualifications of sales staff.

- Understand the market and business activities of competitors.

- Well managed budget and business operating expenses of the business.

- Maintain and contact potential customers

- Successfully complete other arising tasks as requested by superiors.

3.  What are the requirements for a DCCO?

Excellent education, qualifications and business skills

Normally, the people who hold the position of DCCO have a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or a doctorate degree in business administration, finance, accounting, etc.

The DCCO position cannot convince its staff and leadership without excellent professional qualifications and business skills. The degree will demonstrate part of the academic capacity. However, the new metrics are the factor to prove how talented.

The DCCO will be someone with outstanding achievements as an employee, team leader or sales manager. Of course, after you advance to a management position, you may not need to contact customers yourself, but business skills are still extremely important. This skill will help you have a vision, plan a strategy for the business department and train and guide employees.

The requirement of  DCCO

The requirement of  DCCO

Manage sales teams

DCCO is the middle manager, standing between the board of directors and the sales department staff. To have a good sales team, you need to train, motivate and give reasonable sales goals and strategies. Every month or every quarter, you must evaluate the employee's capacity to consider the bonus as well as regularly organize training courses and improve the staff's capacity.

Sales team management skills are always challenging for managers because sales staff are an important part of promoting sales for businesses. You can apply a few suggestions below to manage sales staff:

  • Set productivity goals
  • Regularly provide knowledge training and skill improvement training for employees
  • Reward and recognize employee contributions
  • Always listen and discuss with employees to overcome difficulties
  • Applying technology to management

Analytical and solving problems

In business, analytical skills are an indispensable factor, especially for the position of Deputy Chief Customer Officer. Market analysis, data, revenue and profit reports, etc. are all essential for the decision-making process of the person working in this position.

To do this, the leader must be really fair and quick to seize the opportunity to solve the problem in the best way. Do not be slow but also be too hasty, otherwise you will make things more complicated and even make employees misunderstand you as an incompetent person, not suitable for  leadership.

Communication, negotiation and persuasion skills

Other essential skills are communication, negotiation and persuasion. This skill is used both in human resource management and in relationships with superiors, partners and customers.

In particular, according to a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, poor communication has a very negative impact on business profitability. For managers, proper communication in the workplace allows them to align people with a common vision, retain employees, build trust, overcome the crisis and change successfully.

So how to make suitable communication and persuasion? DCCO needs to actively listen, empathize deeply (put oneself in the position and situation of others to understand their feelings and thoughts), control emotions well in all situations, use body language appropriately, be open and sincere,...

And to train and become a professional negotiator, you have to go through many real-life situations and constantly learn, hone, and change to have the sophistication in listening as well as easily grasping the message of the opponent.

Change Management 

The current market economy is constantly changing. Therefore, a leader must have a vision, a reasonable plan, an effective strategy to be ready to keep up with this flow. To be able to effectively manage change in the business, the Deputy Chief Customer Officer needs to:

  • Set work goals
  • Organize and plan specific work
  • Develop employees to make the best of their capabilities
  • Evaluate and analyze change if it has the effectiveness

4. The income and benefit of the Deputy Chief Customer Officer

Normally, the average salary of this position is about 25 million VND. However, based on the professional profession, work unit, assigned workload and KPI completion, that number may change.


The income and benefit of Deputy Chief Customer Officer

The income and benefit of Deputy Chief Customer Officer

In addition to the basic salary, the Deputy Chief Customer Officer also receives an additional 13th month salary, bonuses on April 30, May 1 and other major holidays. In many businesses, when they achieve high sales, they will receive attractive bonuses.

In addition, those who do this position also enjoy benefits such as insurance, employee support, teambuilding, vacation travel,... With an attractive salary and full benefits, a Management position is the dream job of many people.

5. The promotion chances of Deputy Chief Customer Officer

Surely, now, you have a comprehensive overview of this position. Although behind the position of Sales Director, the Deputy Chief Customer Officer also needs the same capacity, responsibility and authority.

Therefore, when you have experience and are in the position of sales assistant, if you feel that you are strong enough, then confidently apply for a higher position or own a business yourself.

Besides, the company's chief executive officer (CEO) will be the person who directly observes and evaluates your capacity. They are ready to suggest, promote you to the position of deputy general manager of sales or higher positions.

The Deputy Chief Customer Officers plays a core role, requiring expertise, rigor, broad vision and sensitivity to trends. A company or business cannot develop sustainably without good personnel in management positions. For that reason, businesses are always eager to find a person who is "completely talented" to take on this important chair.

Promotion chances of DCCO

Promotion chances of DCCO

6. Where can we make the recruitment of Deputy Chief Customer Officer?

What is Deputy Chief Customer Officer is a senior leadership position. Therefore, to successfully recruit excellent candidates for this position is not easy for leaders. The most optimal solution at this time is to choose to recruit through the headhunter service.

Established in 2002, up to now, Navigos Search is rated as the number 1 headhunter company in Vietnam. The high-level human resource recruitment service at Navigos Search is chosen by many businesses because of a series of outstanding advantages:

  • Belonging to Navigos Group, which owns the largest recruitment site in Vietnam - VietnamWorks. With a huge data volume of 375,000+ senior candidates and 5,000,000+ recruiters - registering for an account is the biggest advantage to help headhunters support recruitment in all fields.
  • A team of experienced and professional consultants, always accurately grasp the recruitment requirements of the business. They will conduct the search, exchange, interview and bring the most suitable potential candidate.
  • Navigos Search appoints a dedicated team to support your business requirements. Results are retained with a vacancy fill rate of 100%.
  • The consultant will work closely with your business in the interview rounds to select the most suitable candidates.
  • After a candidate is selected, Navigos Search continues to closely assist in assisting with the candidate acceptance process and other relevant necessary stages.
  • Always follow the business when “success after joining”.
  • Joining En World has helped Navigos Search to have comprehensive data sources and advanced recruitment processes, making the recruitment process faster.
  • Having more than 20 years of experience in the field of "hunting for talent", supporting and accompanying hundreds of thousands of businesses and corporations in obtaining the best quality human resources.

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