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The Restaurant Manager position is indispensable in contributing to the success of each food and beverage business establishment. With its importance and attractive job opportunities, this profession is currently attracting considerable attention from young people. Do you understand the work of this position? What are the advancement opportunities for this position? Follow the article below to get answers.

1. Find out what is a Restaurant Manager


Restaurant Manager is the head responsible for the problems happening in the restaurant

The Restaurant Manager is a person who directs and organizes the activities in a restaurant and is responsible for the problems taking place in the restaurant every day. They take on different tasks to ensure benefits for customers, employees, and the restaurant itself. So what will a restaurant manager do? Let's follow the content below.

2. Get the gist of the Restaurant Manager’s job description

Depending on the size and scope of work of each restaurant, the roles and responsibilities of the Restaurant Manager will be different. However, in general, a manager position in a restaurant will have the following duties:

Manage human resource

As a senior position in the restaurant, restaurant managers will be responsible for dispatching, arranging work schedules, and urging employees to keep everything on track. In addition, managers must enhance employee productivity by encouraging, motivating, and ensuring employee welfare and health. They also periodically evaluate the performance of each employee.

Manage finance and facilities

The Restaurant Manager must have a comprehensive and detailed view of the financial issues and monitor the procurement and repair of the restaurant's facilities and equipment. In addition, they also have to make plans and solutions to boost sales and sign or cancel contracts according to their assigned authority.

Manage service quality 

Get the gist of the Restaurant Manager’s job description

The manager will have to work with related departments to set standards for the service and product quality that hotels and restaurants provide. Their work also includes proposing solutions to improve the products and services of the unit to better meet customers' needs.

Do business and marketing

Another restaurant manager's responsibility is surveying, analyzing the market, understanding development trends, and actively looking for customer sources. In addition, they also have to coordinate with the sales department (if any) to develop advertising plans and timely provide policies and solutions for arising items.

Take the university entrance examination with a relevant training major

Although you can still become a Restaurant Manager with a high school degree, most management positions require a bachelor's degree or higher. Therefore, if you're fond of this position, you should study at universities, colleges, or training centers with majors related to hotel and restaurant management, or business administration.

It's vital to choose the right major as this is the initial premise that provides you with the foundational knowledge to develop your career later. Therefore, you should research thoroughly to choose the right major and school.

Accumulate experience

The most crucial factor to become a good Restaurant Manager is practical experience in managing food and beverage delivery services. You only get these experiences when you take up one of the service positions in the restaurant/hotel sector such as cook assistant, bartender, waiter/waitress, or food preparation worker. After spending a period working in the industry, you will have enough experience and skills to be promoted to higher positions.

5. Arm yourself with critical skills

To complete the task, restaurant managers need to equip themselves with the following necessary skills:

Management skills

The first requirement to becoming an outstanding Restaurant Manager is leadership. It's widely thought that you must have a gift to lead, but these skills can be learned and cultivated. Good management skills will help you grasp the entire restaurant's operation and psychology of employees, know how to resolve internal conflicts, and build development strategies for the restaurant.

Foreign language skills

Arm yourself with vital skills for the restaurant manager position

Customers in the field of restaurants and hotels are not only domestic customers but also foreign ones. Therefore, being proficient in foreign languages is almost a requirement for you to progress to senior management positions. When having good foreign language skills, you can exchange and communicate with international customers smoothly. It also helps you develop yourself and improve your professionalism and increase opportunities for advancement.

Communication skills

Working in the service industry, you will have regular contact with customers. Now you are the face of the restaurant. Therefore, skillful communication with a professional attitude and easy-to-listen tone will be a plus point in the customers' eyes. You must also know how to make eye contact to better connect with customers.

Ability to handle situations and problem solving skills

The working environment at the restaurant is incredibly stressful because of the high pressure. Conflicts among staff or between employees and customers will affect working time and productivity. Therefore, skills in solving problems and handling arising situations play a critical role for the Restaurant Manager.

To be a manager winning the employees' trust, you need to build a team spirit. This will significantly reduce conflicts or unnecessary small ones. Besides, the secret for managers to successfully solve problems is always keeping a cool head, listening to both sides, and giving the fairest solution.


The restaurant manager position will allow you to have a creative space. It can be menu building, interior decoration, or restaurant brand image. You can propose new dishes to the menu to diversify the products/services offered. In addition, creative skills also help you arrange tables and chairs or decorate the restaurant attractively, expressing your distinctive style to impress customers.

6. Know the salary and advancement opportunities

Due to the high requirements and the professional pressure, the benefits and remuneration of this position are relatively attractive. The income of the Restaurant Manager position will include a fixed salary, bonus, and an additional percentage of revenue depending on the restaurant's size.

The salary of this position will range from 15 to 45 million per month. In addition to the basic salary received, restaurant managers, especially in high-end restaurants, will receive additional remunerations such as service charges and tips like other employees. This attracts numerous job seekers, especially candidates who are interested in finding jobs in hotels and restaurants.

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