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Have you decided to conquer the administrative staff position? But do you feel confused when so many people with all the qualifications, experience and related skills still fail the interview? So how do you conquer the recruiter in the first meeting? Do not worry! Navigos Search shares tips to help you get success in administrative staff recruitment easily!

1. Prepare everything carefully before interview for the administrative staff recruitment

Firstly, to conquer and impress the administrative staff recruiter, you must clearly understand the position and business you are applying for. Once you know the information about the business such as: year of establishment, head office, business activities, biggest competitors, slogan, business director,... Through these things, you will confirm to the employer your interest in the position. 


Figured out everything before entering the administrative staff interview round

Figured out everything before entering the administrative staff interview round

You can refer to the website and fanpage of that business to get the most accurate information. Besides, you must also be sure of the information that the employer has sent to you through the interview invitation such as: Time, location, interviewer, business name, ... to assure about the participation on time and show respect to the interview invitation from the employer.

2. Prepare and rehearse common interview questions

In addition to qualifications and professional qualifications, many employers evaluate candidates by how they respond to interview questions. Therefore, in order for the interview to take place successfully and smoothly, you must preview the set of frequently asked interview questions and practice answering. Here is the latest set of frequently asked employee interview questions that you can refer to:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are the administrative officer's responsibilities?
  • What will you contribute to our business if you apply for the position of administrative staff?
  • Have you ever worked with people whose personalities are the opposite of yours? How do you get along and work effectively with them?
  • How do you stay motivated when doing the daily repetitive tasks of an administrative staff?
  • In your opinion, what skills should a professional administrative staff have?
  • How will the role of administrative staff change in the future?
  • Give some ideas to engage employees in your unit?
  • Please tell me the process of processing an incoming and outgoing document.
  • Do you know anything about our business?
  • What is your reason for applying for the position of administrative staff? Why should we choose you?

Once you have consulted the above interview questions, you should rehearse them in advance to be able to answer smoothly with the employer. There are many seemingly simple questions that still confuse you sometimes. As for difficult questions, you can focus your thoughts on answering briefly and clearly. Moreover, pay attention to your own weaknesses in your CV to answer reasonably and compensate with your strengths.


Practice some common interview questions

Practice some common interview questions

You should also prepare some quotes and speeches so that you are most comfortable and flexible when presenting. This will help you answer the questions that need to be expressed and also show that you are a good thinker and make a good impression in the interview.

In addition, you can learn about interview experience from many different sources from Youtube, on television, .... You will undoubtedly notice the good, the bad and draw practical interviewing experiences to synthesize into the most impressive answer.

3. Giving the question to the administrative staff recruiters 

During the interview, you should not just passively answer questions from the employer. Instead, ask the questions for recruiters at exactly the right moment. This is also one of the smart interview skills that candidates should not ignore. An interview will become tedious if the employer only asks and the candidate answers.

You should create a list of questions to ask the employer. For example, you can ask more about salary (if the employer has not given a specific salary), remuneration, detailed work of the position you apply for, ... A small note is that be careful in asking questions. Instead of asking about the loss of the business in the past, ask about the challenge they are facing.

The skill of asking questions to the employer in the interview round helps you become proactive, confident and shows that you are really interested in this job. Interlocking questions will make the interview less stressful and more open to conversation. From there, your mind will be comfortable, positive and respond better.

4. Professional body and foreign language

One of the most important interview tips that cannot be ignored is the use of body language. A scientific study conducted by former UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian has shown that 55% of communication is not related to the use of words, but to body language, 38% related to intonation and only 7% related to words.

In particular, during interviews, you should sit up straight and always keep your eyes on the recruiter. In addition, a bright smile is the highlight to help you create sympathy with the employer. Use "reflective" body language to induce the same action with the employer.

Candidates have the professional body and foreign will be appreciated

Candidates have the professional body and foreign will be appreciated 

For example, when they lean back, arms crossed, you should do the same. However, you need to know how to use the secret wisely and avoid letting them see you are copying. Some habits you need to limit when using body language such as: Vibrating thighs, looking at the clock, sitting awkwardly, blinking…. These things will make the interviewer think that you are bored, do not want to interview anymore and do not respect them. Remember, even if it's just a small action, the employer will also evaluate what kind of person you are.

To practice effective body language, you can record while rehearsing at home. Take a look at your own self-image and you will recognize the good and bad sides of your body's actions to promote or correct them. Pay attention to eye contact, position and sitting posture to practice the most confident posture, enthusiastic gaze, and optimistic demeanor.

5. Answer the question briefly and right at the heart 

One of the mistakes that many candidates often make is answering questions that are off-topic. When you present too much information but do not go straight to the main point, it will make the audience feel tired and lose focus. Even worse, the other person will think that you are deliberately avoiding, not understanding the problem or poor listening and communication skills.

So, when you receive a question, you must know the main idea of the employer and answer right at the heart. Not too long, you should present briefly, fully and help the other person understand your answer is enough. Because the longer you talk, the more likely you are to make mistakes or accidentally reveal your shortcomings. Especially if your communication skills are not good, avoid lengthy presentations.

6. Stay at the initiative 

Most of the candidates often have a timid attitude and fear before entering the official interview round. There are many people who still face psychological pressure, making it difficult for them to show their full potential in this meeting. This seriously affects your own interview results because in addition to working capacity, no business likes timid and lack of confidence employees. Therefore, a confident communication style is also a secret to help you get points easily with employers.

Practice and keep yourself in a good mood in the spirit of reciprocity. If you keep thinking that you are a "job applicant", you are one level lower than them in thinking. Because here, there is no concept of "ask and give" because we are all exchanging prices from our own labor. Therefore, try not to let yourself fall into a passive and fearful position.

Stay yourself at the initiative

Stay yourself at the initiative

Use the sharing in section 3 above to ask questions to the employer and turn the situation around. It is this prominence and confidence that will help you beat other competitors easily in the interview.

7. Prepare well dressed and arrive on time

In an administrative work environment, your image is the first factor that leaves the first impression on the opposite person. Dressing properly is a way to respect yourself and the person you're communicating with. Therefore, choose a discreet outfit, suitable for administrative and office environments. In fact, your appearance helps others have a rough assessment of you on the first meeting, so don't forget to make a professional impression on the employer with a polite outfit.

In addition, you should arrive for the interview on time and preferably 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time to have time to prepare. This will save you from being embarrassed by being late for your appointment. Through that, the employer also evaluates you as a serious person and respects time. These small actions can contribute to the success of the interview.

8. Where can you look for administrative staff jobs? 

Currently, there are many businesses recruiting administrative personnel. However, it is difficult for candidates to access accurate information and look for jobs in a good environment with competitive income if they do not have a reputable recruitment channel. Established in 2002, is the most prestigious platform today in the field of mid- and senior-level recruitment. At the website, jobs are divided by region, posting time, and information enough for candidates to easily find.

Navigos Search possesses a team of experienced consultants

Or you just need to send your CV to Navigos Search, a team of experienced consultants who deeply understand the value of human resources and are always ready to support, advise and discuss with candidates about suitable employers.

In particular, having a huge amount of data of 375,000+ and 5,000,000+ employers registering an account from VietnamWorks is a great advantage to help headhunters support candidates in all fields.

With a very methodical recruitment process:

  • Step 1: Search and screen candidates
  • Step 2: Face-to-face interview
  • Step 3: Support customers to interview
  • Step 4: Check the reference
  • Step 5: Support negotiation and job offer
  • Step 6: Follow up after recruitment

You can visit here for a more detailed reference of our 6 steps in the recruitment process.

Moreover, joining En World has given us a comprehensive data source and advanced workflow, ensuring a 100% recruitment success rate.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of recruiting mid-level and senior-level personnel, Navigos Search is proud to bring millions of quality job opportunities to job seekers across Vietnam. At the same time, supporting and accompanying hundreds of thousands of large enterprises and multinational corporations to obtain the best human resources.

If you are ambitious to find a dream job that matches your capacity and experience; or your company is in need of recruiting personnel, do not hesitate to share with Navigos Search. Surely you will have the dream job at hand, and the business will have the best factor.

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