Challenge for HR when candidates aim for low-stressed well-paid jobs

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Low-stressed well-paid jobs

Let go of the dream of “low-stressed well-paid jobs”. Before discussing high or low salary, candidates must be well prepared for their career.

The story of low-stressed well-paid jobs will always be a dream if the candidate is not determined to make an effort. Do not take it too seriously on the issue of receiving a high income while the candidate himself still needs to learn and challenge himself. And try every day to develop, invest in your career goals from the smallest thing. That is our sincere advice - The recruitment experts at Navigos Search.

1. Low-stressed well-paid jobs are the dream of many candidates

The candidate's dream of having a comfortable job with a high salary is the reason why employers are disappointed and are not afraid to cross their names out of the list of potential candidates. For the candidate who embraces this "dream", the employer can only tell them that "everything has a price".

Currently, there are many young people who have graduated from prestigious universities with high - rank degrees but are still unemployed. Even for those who have graduated from school and working for many years but still having difficulty in finding stable and comfortable jobs.

In fact, the cause does not lie in the business or the candidate's professional capacity and experience. It is due to the picky attitude and the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, this mindset has been creeping into the thoughts of many young people today. From the employer's point of view, the candidates' utopian dream of a low-stressed well-paid job has become a big obsession. Along with that, young people are also unable to find suitable jobs for themselves after a long time of graduation.

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Many candidates are dreaming of low-stressed well-paid jobs

Many candidates are dreaming of low-stressed well-paid jobs

2. Employers are disappointed by the candidate's dream of a low-stressed well-paid jobs

Employers are really disappointed by the vague expectations about the job of many candidates, many new graduates. While the candidate himself does not know what he will do or contribute to the team, he still wants a low-stressed well-paid job.

The important thing that employers want to look for in a candidate is not the ability at the moment, but the potential for development in the future talents. In addition to a Bachelor's degree, a candidate's potential also includes competence, character, vision and many other important skills. All will shape the future of an employee in the enterprise.

In fact, skills and experience are factors that candidates easily learn and accumulate day by day. The quality that makes a candidate different from thousands of other candidates is the spirit of progress, perseverance and always being aware of his own worth, knowing where he is and what to do to go further on the career path,... Meanwhile, the person who always dreams of a job that brings great income but just likes to relax and doesn't want to put all his energy into work will certainly never reach great achievements.. 

This is also evident in interviews. Positive, willing to learn candidates will honestly acknowledge their own level of knowledge and express the spirit of wanting to be absorbed instead of making claims about the position they are applying for. On the contrary, candidates who do not have a progressive spirit will often ask questions about salary and bonus, overtime, number of days off in the year, etc.

3. Is it a manifestation of laziness and greed when candidates look for low-stressed well-paid jobs?

No job is easy because each field will have its own difficulty. Many employers want to be frank with candidates that every job has its own downside. It is possible that the candidate will receive a job offer with a higher salary than other companies and with stable working hours. But in return, the extremely safe and repetitive nature of the job is extremely boring and has no opportunity for advancement. When that candidate is standing still on his or her career path, the other person with a lower starting point but he or she takes on a position that creates great development opportunities, the career ladder will certainly get higher and higher for them.

Each job position will have different requirements with certain difficulty. And there will be no job that satisfies both conditions of low-stressed and well-paid at the same time. In order to get a high salary, candidates must work hard and commit themselves, even put in a lot of effort and responsibility.

And if you want to relax, there are thousands of safe jobs out there for you. Going to work on time, leaving work on time, but in return stability makes them stay in the safe zone and lose their resilience. Therefore, candidates can only choose between low-stressed or well-paid when applying for a job.


Low-stressed and well-paid does not exist in one same job

Low-stressed and well-paid does not exist in one same job 

4. “Everything in life has its price”, so does job. 

Many employers say that laziness and greed are also the reasons why candidates fall into unemployment. Always remember, success only comes to those who persevere and make efforts, constantly learning to develop themselves day by day.

There are also many young people who only dream of working in a good environment, great promotion opportunities and high salary. However, when they look at themselves, they lack everything, from competence, professional experience to soft skills and afraid of hardships and they are too lazy to improve themselves.

5. Competence will determine the level of income

Master Le Anh Tu is a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Department- Van Lang University, a low-stressed well-paid job is always the desire of the majority of employees. However, in reality, those low-stressed well-paid jobs do not exist at all. He believes that there is currently no research on this issue, but he realizes that it is true that a part of young people have misconceptions. They are over-confident in the knowledge learned from the lecture hall. But with employers, it is the collision in reality and the results from the job that determines your salary.

Let's take a look at a real-life example in the Marketing industry, recent graduates will find jobs from low-level positions at a salary of 5-7 million VND/month, which is a pretty good salary. To be paid this salary, the candidate must show the initial professional ability, forte and potential for development, and the attitude appropriate to the profession. While people with several years of experience or more can apply for the position of Marketing specialist with an income of 7-9 million VND/month, for example. And for people with higher capacity, completely taking the position of Manager, Head of department, Deputy Director, Director, ... salary incentives is a huge number. This shows that “competence determines the level of income” of workers.

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Besides, when the "demand" for human resources in the industry is exceeding the "supply", that is also the time when the company's employees are well-paid. However, from an overview perspective, Navigos Search thinks it's only in the short term. Looking at the long-term, it is still the ability of workers that largely determines their income.

6. Accumulate hands-on and practical experience 

To dispel the thought of getting a low-stressed well-paid job, the candidate should be proactive in the job, whether he has a little or a lot of work experience. From which, candidates will see that any job has its own merits. 

At the same time, instead of following the mindset of having a low-stressed well-paid job, employees should focus on investing in knowledge, foreign language proficiency and related skills to easily integrate and adapt to any work situation or any work environment.


Accumulate practical experience for a better job advancement

Accumulate practical experience for a better job advancement 

7. Dare to overcome barriers

Sometimes, to find a high-paid job, candidates have to go out of their comfort zone. Candidates must accept risks and challenges that may occur. And when you have found a good job opportunity, overcome all barriers and boldly try to apply.

8. When candidates are capable enough, we are ready to welcome them with a desirable salary

Instead of continuing to fantasize about dreams that never come true, the advice of employers for candidates is to wake up, look at reality, look at your own situation to change, improve yourself as much as possible.

High salary always comes, commensurate with what employees spend and dedicate to the business. If the candidate does not show the employer what is outstanding and what the candidate will do and learn more to develop himself in the position applied for, the candidate does not deserve the high salary he is dreaming of.  

Dear candidates! Wake up from the dream and walk on your own feet, use your true ability to see that the career path is full of thorns, challenges but also extremely worth it.

And when you are confident about your own high professional capacity, solid work experience, good skills, ..., any business is ready to extend its hand to welcome you with benefits offered that are way above your expectations.

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