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The demand for recruiting IT staff is always in a state of "demand exceeds supply" even though there is a large number of technology engineers and programmers graduating each year. Therefore, despite spending a lot of time and investing a lot of money on recruiting IT staff, many businesses still do not have talented candidates for this position. So, besides the lack of human resources, what other reasons could it be? Let's find out with Navigos Search through this article.

1. Only focus on recruiting IT staff those are young

With the current explosion of information technology, almost all production and business activities apply technology. Therefore, many companies and businesses have a high demand for recruiting IT staff, making this industry seriously short of human resources. 

Although there is a serious shortage of human resources in the industry, many companies still "prioritize" recruiting IT personnel who are young programmers. The reasons given by businesses are: The salary of young IT staff is lower, young programmers have the ability to learn quickly; most of all they are willing to work longer hours,...

From the perspective of business owners, these are reasonable reasons but at the same time it narrows the opportunity of recruiting IT staff, talented programmers for businesses. By focusing only on young candidates, employers have limited themselves to finding the best talent for the position.

To solve this problem, businesses should try to maintain a balance in their workforce by recruiting young promising programmers and also experienced older programmers.

Many businesses only focus on recruiting IT staff those are young
Many businesses only focus on recruiting IT staff those are young

Besides, most businesses are often hesitant to recruit older IT staff because they think they have outdated knowledge and require higher  salaries. However, headhunter experts offer advice for businesses to consider hiring older programmers:


With many years of work and accumulated experience, senior programmers will be fully equipped to solve all the different technical problems they have encountered and solved before. In addition, they often have their own method of researching new technologies and absorbing new ideas. Therefore, researching and keeping up with trends is not a problem for an older IT.

Less job hopping

Most of the older programmers do not like to get into job hopping, they just want to look for a working unit where they could settle and contribute to for a long time. Therefore, they tend to stay longer and change jobs less than younger ITs.


With the rapid change of technology trends in the industry, experienced programmers will easily adapt to new projects, environments and businesses, because they know where the bottom line lies, to then choose a solution or adaptation. The maturity of an experienced programmer will help strengthen many aspects of the new teams they join, especially in terms of expertise.

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2. Skip recruiting IT staffs who are talented without a degree

Most managers are still interested in hiring college graduates rather than programmers who graduate from vocational institutions or career training programs.

However, in recruiting IT staff, technical background or multi-project experience should be prioritized over academic background. Many technology businesses only focus on recruiting programmers who are university graduates, so the opportunity to approach talent has decreased.

So, instead of limiting the choices, managers and recruiters should consider recruiting IT staff with technical certifications or who have completed a vocational training program.This will help businesses find more worthy and potential candidates, so why don't you give it a try?

3. The business does not offer a competitive welfare and bonus policy

There are many recruiters who find qualified candidates, interview them and offer them jobs but get rejected. Then what are the reasons?

If this happens frequently, recruiters need to put into consideration how competitive benefits and welfare are for employees. Many IT staff refuse job opportunities because they feel that the benefits received are not commensurate with their responsibilities, experience and qualifications.

According to Navigos Group's 2022 salary survey, when looking for a new job, more than 17% of participants answered that salary is the most important factor. In addition, other benefits such as bonuses, allowances, training programs, insurance regimes, etc. are also of interest to employees such as allowing flexible working hours, a hybrid working environment, company vacation, incentive per project

Attractive benefits and welfare, competitive salary rate help technology businesses attract many talents, retain current employees, at the same time strengthen and develop relationships with them.

IT staff consider competitive salary a top priority
IT staff consider competitive salary a top priority

4. High rate of career change from IT candidates

The fact that businesses cannot find talented IT staff is also due to objective reasons from candidates themselves. Some IT staff say that they have to work too long hours, the pressure and stress to build quality products in a limited time frame, ... has made them exhausted, no time to take care of themselves and their family. Since then, they have changed careers and found other jobs.

In addition to work pressure, a number of other factors also cause programmers to quit or change careers such as:

  • Low salary rate, poor welfare and benefits: Low salary and benefits will make programmers look for other jobs with higher income.
  • Lack of autonomy: For programmers, the lack of flexibility in their work makes them give up the jobs easily.
  • Can't find career development or promotion opportunities: Although the benefits are attractive, if your business cannot show programmers a path and career development opportunities in the field of technology, they will also switch to another career or different industry.
  • Lack of support: They must also manage customers from answering their questions to operations, ... while these jobs can come from customer service or sales department, ...

Therefore, in order to be successful in recruiting IT staff as well as retaining talent, in addition to considering offering competitive salaries and benefits, businesses need to create a balance between work and life, especially with a roadmap and a clear career development for them.

5. Corporate culture problem

Corporate culture includes: office environment, mission, vision, goals, expectations, ethics and core values of the business. Therefore, to attract and retain talented employees and improve work productivity, businesses need to establish a good corporate culture, build a positive and healthy working environment.

The more employees find themselves in line with the corporate culture, the more they try to work hard to dedicate and stick with them for a long time. For programmers, finding a business with a good culture will help them develop their career. That's also why IT is so picky about which company to work for. 

If the ITs who are working in a certain business but are not satisfied, they can spread the word to the community in many ways: through friends, social networks,... This will leave a bad reputation and reduce opportunities to find and recruit good IT for businesses. Therefore, businesses need to interact, listen to employees' opinions to find weaknesses, and build a good corporate culture that everyone would like to work with.


A good corporate culture will effectively attract and retain IT staff
A good corporate culture will effectively attract and retain IT staff

Indeed, to be successful in recruiting IT staff who are talented is not easy. With the above sharing, Navigos Search hopes that managers and recruiters will see the gap that their businesses are missing to fill, to find and recruit the most potential candidates for their units. Good luck to the recruiters!

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