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Table Of Contents

In recent years, technology - computers have been strongly developing. This is a great step forward for humanity and also opens up many career opportunities for the IT industry.

So, to conquer the recruiter of computer technicians, candidates need to understand the specific criteria. This article by Navigos Search will help readers have an overview of this position and the secrets to successfully conquer large businesses in the process of recruiting for the position of computer technician. 

1. Who is a computer technician?

A computer technician is the person who directly undertakes all computer-related tasks such as assembling, installing, repairing and maintaining. When pursuing this profession, you are professionally trained, in order from basic to advanced, unlike other professions.

The more society develops, the more people need to use smart devices. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for those pursuing a career as a computer technician. The opportunity here is a more open path to job search, and the challenge is the diversity and constant innovation of smart devices.

Therefore, in addition to the basic knowledge that has been trained, in the process of practical work, you must hone your skills, accumulate experience and update new technologies to improve your skills and to well meet market demand today.
However, to conquer the recruiters of computer technicians and to win the process of recruiting for the position of computer technician you need to have the skills as well as fully meet the criteria below to easily catch their eyes.

A computer technician undertakes all computer-related tasks

A computer technician undertakes all computer-related tasks

2. Recruitment criteria for computer technicians

Criterion 1: In terms of knowledge

You must master the basic knowledge of computer systems while being at college. If you have any questions, please directly ask the lecturer for specific and accurate answers or a source of information. Because in addition to the knowledge written in books, the teaching staff is considered a living dictionary with a lot of skills and practical experience that you can refer to.

Mastering that source of knowledge is a solid foundation to help you assemble, repair, install and maintain computer systems quickly and easily. During the computer operation, if there is a problem, as a computer technician, you will have to be able to analyze and evaluate errors and then come up with a solution to this problem.

Criterion 2: In terms of skills

When applying for a computer technician position, candidates must have the following requirements:

  • Passion for technology.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, be flexible in handling situations according to users’ requirements.
  • Professional communication skills.
  • Quickly adapt to the new working environment.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team.
  • Quick and accurate compiling documents skill
  • Careful, paying attention to every detail to detect small errors and miscalculations in time.

Besides the above skills, you must also develop communication skills and teamwork skills. In the process of working, communication with subordinates is indispensable, you need to show that you are a person who has both skills, knowledge and experience while working in a spirit of cooperation, always ready to provide help and support. 

At the same time, either when working at a workshop, technical organization, internal network management department or just in a small shop, you must also know how to manage and operate a computer system to make sure it runs stably to boost work productivity to the highest.

In particular, to make a good impression on the recruiter of computer technicians and to stay outstanding in the process of recruiting for the position of computer technician you should show yourself as a flexible, quick-adapter, able to withstand high pressure and constantly learn to improve your professional qualifications everyday.

Requirements for a computer technician

Requirements for a computer technician

Criterion 3: In terms of working attitude

 Through the process of studying and training from the time you are still in college until you become a computer technician in both domestic and foreign organizations and businesses, you need to have a serious, responsible and professional working attitude. Besides, you need to always try and develop yourself to help improve your skills and meet the needs of customers.

In the course of their daily work, a computer technician must interact with different people. Therefore, they need to be keen, active listeners to work with people who do not understand the technical aspects of computer networks such as customers. Success will come to those who always have an attitude of seeking, listening and recognizing the opinions of others.

For a computer technician, a user description of a minor system malfunction is the key to diagnosing a network-wide problem. Therefore, they must possess the skill of  listening attentively and focusing on assessing the problems they receive from others.

3. The tasks required for a computer technician

Computer technicians will be responsible for all those work related to computer hardware and software. Specifically, it involves installing software, repairing hardware and software devices and the interrelationships between them.

Usually, a business will have its own technical department specializing in software matters such as: Installing software, installing applications for computers, assisting in troubleshooting computer hardware and software problems.

Besides, when successfully conquering the recruiter of computer technicians and winning in the process of recruiting for the position of computer technician you also have to support and provide advice on information related to computer technology for the staff. Thereby, helping the work of every department in the business progress more smoothly.

In addition, computer technicians also perform work related to office printers, network installation, Wi-Fi installation for the system to ensure synchronous operation in the entire computer system of the enterprise. Performing tasks related to regular computer maintenance will also help the computer operate stably and at its best.

The tasks required for a computer technician

The tasks required for a computer technician

Above are the requirements and criteria needed to help candidates "beat" the recruiter of computer technicians. Please refer to the information and take up any opportunity to apply for the position of a computer technician. 

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