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Sales administrator has been a relatively hot position in the job market in recent years, attracting the attention of numerous young people. The job of the person undertaking this position is to support the sales department in performing the business activities of the enterprise effectively. To understand more specifically, let's learn more about the position and role of this job in the business apparatus with Navigos Search!

1. What is a sales administrator?

What is a sales administrator?

A sales administrator is the assistant or secretary of the sales department in an enterprise. In a word, the person undertaking this position will support business activities in the sales department to complete the assigned work. This is one of the significant positions to help businesses achieve ideal revenue.

2. Responsibilities of a sales administrator

What is the job of the sales administrator in the business? Depending on the field of business, the sales administrator also has its unique responsibilities and powers. However, in general, they will perform the following tasks:

  • Perform the work of drafting, editing, and managing the company's administrative documents related to business activities such as price-quoting, contract-making, and offer letter-writing.
  • Plan activities, monitor, and remind other employees in the department to follow the set plan.
  • Consult and persuade customers to register to use the products and services of the enterprise.
  • Arrange appointments between sales staff and potential customers.
  • Perform follow-up work and handle emergencies. If the case is beyond the scope of the settlement, the sales administrator should submit it to a higher management level for timely handling.
  • Cooperate with the customer care department to answer all questions and feedback of customers, ensuring the best customer service experience.
  • Maintain close relationships with customers and promptly remind customers to renew service usage.
  • Regularly monitor, update, and support the sales department with promotions and incentives for customers on time.
  • Prepare detailed revenue data reports for each milestone such as week/month/quarter/year and submit them to superiors. In addition, they have to collect business data and debt and revenue data of each sales department staff.
  • Perform other duties as directed by superiors.

 The vital skill set of an excellent sales administrator

The vital skill set of a good sales administrator

Specialized knowledge

The job of a sales administrator requires general knowledge of economics, business, marketing, and communications. These knowledge are closely related to each other. Economic knowledge will be the foundation for developing business skills. Marketing is the bridge between services and customers, through communications to convey the core values of the business to customers. These are the elements that form a thoroughly professional foundation for a sales administrator.

Language and computer skills

In some enterprises, the business field is related to international partners and customers. Thus, when recruiting sales administrators, they will prioritize candidates with good sales and foreign language skills to serve the job well. With the diversity and development of multinational companies such as China, Japan, and Korea, being proficient in foreign languages is essential.

In addition, the sales administrator job is related to drafting, monitoring, and managing documents of the business department. Therefore, the prerequisite skill of a sales administrator is office information. Specifically, the sales administrator must master software to edit work-related documents such as presentations and writing reports and open letters or documents related to contracts.

Presentation skills

The sales administrator will have to communicate directly with customers about the products and services that the business is trading. To be able to convince customers to trust and use or love a product, a sales administrator must have good presentation skills, confidence, and ingenuity with an attractive interpretation striking a chord with customers. Some sales administrator positions in other businesses also have to present their own or departmental projects to departments and superiors for the project to be approved before implementation.

Thus, presentation skills play a crucial role in this position. If you want to succeed in this role, you need to exercise your confidence, charisma, and persuasion to the best of your ability.

Communication and negotiation skills

In any industry, communication skills are also required. The job of a sales assistant is always to find and build relationships with customers. From there, consult and negotiate so that customers can use their services. This will bring benefits for the customer and the business. Therefore, having good communication skills will help the sales administrator to get many customers, increase revenue for the company, and complete the task in the best way.

In addition, these skills also help the sales administrator coordinate well and effectively with their associates and superiors during the working process. Communication skills are always critical in any profession. Therefore, you must cultivate the ability to speak professionally to get the most outstanding achievements.

Teamwork skills

As an assistant of a sales department, the person undertaking this position must regularly coordinate with other departments to work in a cohesive team that is willing to support each other in work so that everything goes smoothly. Besides, they form a group with close links in bringing products to consumers, receiving feedback, and taking care of customers to get customer satisfaction. As a result, they can maintain the sources of old customers, find new ones, and increase sales for all members in particular and the company in general.

Ability to work well under pressure

Any profession has its pressure and the sales administrator is no exception. To be successful and stay firmly in the profession, you must have the ability to work well under pressure. Sometimes you will have to face pressure from sales, touch customers, lack of support from related departments, or ensure a balance of interests for both parties. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a steel spirit when taking a sales administrator job.

2. Wholesome advice for the job of sales administrators

Wholesome advice for the work of sales administrators

If you are looking for a sales administrator position, here are wholesome pieces of advice for you!

Control debt effectively

During the process of working with customers, make reasonable implementation plans to control customer debts effectively. If there is any situation beyond your control, you must report it to your manager to find a solution without solving it yourself.

Control personal emotions with customers

Controlling your own emotions and always having a polite and proper attitude towards customers is a must for you to learn. Listening to customers' questions and suggestions will help you better understand the problems they are facing, thereby proposing solutions promptly.

Build good relationships with people around you

It's essential to build good relationships to get support and coordination from people. Always think that any job needs to bring good results and contribute to the business's development. From there, your boss will have a good view of you and handily help when you are in need.

Be careful about documents and data

During your work, you will have to work with many types of documents, so you must be careful to check and handle them. Do not make any mistakes or redo the documents many times, causing a loss of time for both parties. It even makes you unprofessional in the eyes of customers.

3. What are the advancement opportunities?

As one of the significant positions that bring revenue for the business, the promotion route of a sales administrator is incredibly open. For those who have working experience with good management skills, it is completely possible to be promoted to a higher level, such as becoming a manager or sales manager.

Most importantly, this position also gives you an unlimited source of income. In addition to a fixed salary, you also enjoy a percentage of commission from the sales you achieve. This is an attraction for young people who do not want to depend on a limited income.

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