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The path to become a professional Assistant Business Director

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Business is a profession with a diverse, dynamic, professional working environment and accumulated many special skills. In particular, the assistant business director is a job with a "golden" salary that attracts a lot of young people today. To better understand this position, please read and follow the following shares of Navigos Search.

1. What is the Assistant Business Director?

Assistant Business Director is a position under the chief business officer (CCO) or chief executive officer (CEO). They are considered the right hand to effectively support the leadership from professional work, to personnel and customer issues.

The person holding this position is obliged to respond to the request of the superior. In addition, they also participate in many other tasks such as: synthesizing financial information, proposing business strategies, supporting customer advice, …

Assistant Business Director is has a lower position than CCO or CEO

Assistant Business Director is has a lower position than CCO or CEO 

2. The basic tasks needed to complete 

Handling documents, receiving and processing customer requests

The first assignment of this title is to be in charge of handling paperwork. They must know how to draft, negotiate and sign contracts between businesses and partners based on the agreement between the two parties.

Besides, they also have to receive and know how to handle problems from customers in case the customer service department cannot solve them.

Advise the board of directors

The person in charge of this position must be able to advise the superiors on policy making and development strategies for the business operations of the business. In fact, in meetings, the Assistant Business Director will participate and present his or her views based on knowledge, an objective view of the market and business potential of the enterprise.

Advising the management to achieve high revenue, increase business share in the market, reach more customers and build customer loyalty for the business.

Market research and strategy implementation

One of the important tasks of this position is to know how to research the market, implement the strategy according to the plan to achieve the best effect. Grasping the market trend, the Assistant Business Director will offer feasible solutions and give strategic advice to superiors in developing the market, increasing revenue and stabilizing loyal customers base

The responsibilities of an Assistant Business Director

The responsibilities of an Assistant Business Director

Supervising the junior staff

As the right-hand man of the director, the assistant will be responsible for coordinating, supporting the management and supervising the work of junior staff with the aim of improving the market and increasing profits for the business.

Every day, the sales staff will report the work to their superiors. At this time, the assistant will summarize those results to report to the business director or business leader. The person in this position can also act on behalf of the leader to evaluate the performance of each person. They will assist in adjusting and training more necessary skills for sales staff to achieve the highest performance as well as helping the business to grow.

Support the General Director and Deputy Director

When the General Director and Deputy Director are absent, the assistant business director will act on behalf of the company and make necessary decisions. They will manage the business and then provide full information and report on activities for the management to capture timely information.

In addition, an Assistant Business Director also performs many other tasks such as:

  • Looking for partners, customers and constantly connecting to create business opportunities with a group of potential customers.
  • Evaluate the business performance of the enterprise.
  • Collaborate with other departments to achieve work efficiency.
  • Report on budget to meet business goals.
  • Synthesize and archive important business documents,...

3. What is the salary for an assistant business director position?

According to a survey by Navigos Search, the position of an assistant business director has a fairly stable income. This salary is not too high, fluctuating on average in the range of 8-10 million VND/month. Depending on the volume, nature of work and professional qualifications, the number will still change.

In general, the monthly income of an assistant includes a fixed salary and a flexible bonus. Based on the work results, they will have a reasonable timekeeping scale. For example, when exceeding the set KPI targets, most businesses will offer additional bonuses. With an attractive income and many great benefits, this title is the anticipated position of many young people.

This salary of this position is so attractive

This salary of this position is so attractive

4. Demand and criteria for recruitment of an assistant business director

Assistants perform a lot of different jobs, they play a very important role for the leadership and the whole business. Most business directors need this position for management support and to share the workload. Therefore, the demand for this position is increasing day by day. Depending on the working environment, there will be different recruitment criteria. Here are some common requirements:

Degrees, certificates, professional knowledge

Qualifications is the first recruitment criterion for an assistant business director in all businesses. At this position, employers often require candidates with university degrees or higher in majors related to Business Administration, Economics.. Besides, certificates of foreign languages, informatics, etc., are also a plus point when applying for this position.

The business world is so complex that managers cannot hire people who don't have the experience or the necessary skills. Therefore, you need to be equipped with basic knowledge bases including: Business Administration, Investment, Economics... At the same time, you must be constantly updated on market fluctuations and new business regulations.

Work experiences

The assistant business director position requires candidates to have at least 3-5 years of working experience, experience in running their own start-up businesses or have knowledge of studying abroad and having worked abroad. Or if you try to go from a salesman position, you can also advance to an assistant easily.

Skills and characteristics

To be in this position, you must have skills such as: organization, management, consulting, visionary, market research, policy making, communication and adaptation skills,situation handling,... Remember, not only do you have to arrange the amount of work from your superiors, but you also have to ensure that your work is always completed and the work progress of other departments as well. And those skills will help the assistant business director complete his or her job successfully, as well as effectively support the work of the executive board.

In addition, a professional Assistant Business Director will not be appreciated without good qualities. Like other jobs, this position needs to have loyalty, honesty, openness, responsibility, creativity, initiative and especially the ability to endure high work pressure.

In order to practice those skills, you must constantly make efforts, cultivate and expose yourself to real situations. Only then will you shine in front of the assistant business director  recruiters and improve your chances of further advancement on the career path.

Qualifications, experience and skills are required for an assistant

Qualifications, experience and skills are required for an assistant

5. Where to find the Assistant Business Director jobs?

If you are passionate about business. Especially, if you want to try your hand at the position of Assistant Business Director, go to this article by Navigos Search now to find the most suitable job.

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A team of professional consultants have deep knowledge

With long-term experience in the recruitment field, Navigos Search is proud to bring millions of middle and high-level job opportunities in large enterprises and multinational corporations to job seekers across Vietnam.

If you are looking to apply for the position of Assistant Business Director or looking for other jobs, do not hesitate to send your CV to Navigos Search quickly to get a job!

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