What to wear to an interview? How to choose professional and polite interview attire

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To make a first impression and show professionalism in the eyes of the employer right from the interview, choosing the right outfit is essential.

What to wear to an interview? An employer may learn a lot about a candidate's personality and attitude during the interview, and making a good first impression is often aided by attire. Allow Navigos Search to assist you with updating your elegant, tasteful, and professional interview attire so that you can attain the desired results.

1. The importance of choosing interview attire

The interviewer's initial impression of a candidate is formed in the first five seconds of the meeting. This implies that companies will assess applicants based only on first impressions and appearance. Consequently, dressing for the interview is crucial and helps make it successful.

Keep in mind that your chances of getting your desired job might be greatly impacted by how you dress. Regardless of whether your skills surpass those of the other applicants, dressing appropriately and making a good first impression might help increase the interviewer's trust in you.

Making a good first impression in the tense interview setting is crucial to getting the job you're searching for. You may also express yourself positively through your appearance.

Choosing interview attire is very important

Choosing interview attire is very important

2. Criteria for choosing clothes for an interview

If you're unsure about what to dress to an interview, please consider the following factors while making your selection:

  • Must be appropriate for the position for which you are applying.
  • Simple, considerate clothing that emphasizes the interview is required.
  • Your clothing should fit well, be comfortable, and convey your individuality.
  • Clothing must be organized.
  • The shirt needs to be tucked into the pants or skirt.
  • It needs to be perfumed, ironed, and cleaned.
  • Try not to overdo the scent so as not to upset your significant other.
  • Don't mix and match too many accessories.
  • A neat, sleek hairstyle that doesn't obscure the face or draw attention away from it is required.

3. Appropriate attire for an interview

Many candidates always wonder what to wear to an interview. Depending on the unit, job applied for, appearance, and preferences of each candidate, there will be different interview attire. No matter what position or industry you apply for, you can refer to some of the following "typical" costumes:

Polite and elegant clothes

As has been demonstrated, how you dress affects how the interview goes from the very beginning. Not only can wearing a suitable attire boost your confidence, but it also presents a favorable image to the company.

Opt for sophisticated, delicate ensembles such as long sleeve shirts paired with dark trousers. Consider donning a chic shirt, skirt, or light floral dress to flaunt your more youthful look.

Light textures and colors 

Patterns also play an important role in outfits. You should choose small activities, do not take up too large an area, and are simple. It's best to choose a plain color that matches your skin tone. Bright colors such as white, black, dark blue,... often create the most elegant feeling.

Simple accessories

Using too many accessories shows that you do not know how to consider and be careful when combining jewelry and accessories. Focus on choosing minimalist accessories that match your outfit and avoid piling up too many accessories such as hats, scarves, earrings, etc.

Shoes that match the outfit

Of course, you will take your time selecting your interview attire, but don't overlook the importance of your shoes. A nice, well-groomed pair of shoes that go with your ensemble will complete the look and grab the other person's attention. For female candidates, you can go with slingbacks, doll shoes, sneakers, or high heels that are approximately 5 cm (not too high); just make sure the colors match the dress well. For male applicants, there are options such as sandals, leather shoes, sports shoes, and more.

Pay attention to the appropriate design

When you don't know what to wear to an interview, you don't need to choose a complicated style. The most important thing is to fit your personal shape and help hide body shape flaws. Both men and women should consider choosing long-sleeved shirts to create the most professional and polite appearance possible.

Suggestions for appropriate interview attire

Suggestions for appropriate interview attire

4. What should you not wear to an interview?

What should you wear and shouldn't you wear to an interview? The following are some inappropriate attire choices for an interview:

  • Vibrant and colorful attire: If you wear dazzling, colorful clothing with beads, the employer will be confused and distracted. The interviewer will perceive your appearance as unprofessional as a result of this flashiness.
  • Overly tight or overly small clothing: You would feel uneasy and uneasy in this clothing during the interview. Employers, meanwhile, do not value candidates' thoughtfulness and kindness.
  • Undiplomatic attire: This kind of clothing is bound to make people uncomfortable because corporate culture tends to value discretion.

5. Tips to help make a good impression with employers

Once you know how to dress professionally and courteously for an interview, you can also use some of the following advice to make a good impression on the hiring manager:

Tactful and polished manner

Little gestures like drawing out a chair softly, closing doors courteously when entering and leaving, getting up to welcome the employer upon entering, placing bags and coats in the proper places, etc. all add up to projecting a professional image. Maintaining a straight posture and a composed look during the interview helps demonstrate your assured and composed personality. However, you don't come across as timid or unconfident around them.

Confidence and constant smile

Keep a joyful smile on your face the entire interview. You will emit positive energy when you have dressed to impress and have a pleasant mindset. Make sure you show yourself more professionally and persuade the employer.

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The secret to scoring points in the interview

The secret to scoring points in the interview

6. What to wear to an interview?

What to wear to an interview? For male and female candidates, there will be different formal interview attire, specifically as follows:

For female 


  • You should wear a business suit or dress if you wish to apply to international organizations or corporations that have a formal, serious aesthetic.
  • Wearing a blouse with straight-leg pants makes sense as well.
  • You can dress more comfortably if you're thinking about working for a young company or start-up, but you should always keep elegance and avoid being too casual.
  • Steer clear of midi and high-slit skirts when the situation does not call for them.

Make up:

  • You should choose a thin layer of foundation or light powder.
  • Use lipstick with a light dark color, not too bright, or too prominent.
  • Keep your face looking fresh, bright, and alert.


  • To ensure professionalism and comfort during the interview. You should choose closed-toe shoes or flat shoes.
  • If you love high heels, choose a height of 3-5 cm to ensure safety. Avoid choosing shoes that are too high to avoid the risk of tripping and making it difficult to move.
  • The color should be black or light dark beige, avoid shoes that are too bright or sparkly.


  • You shouldn't wear more than three items of jewelry (handbags excluded) with your interview attire.
  • Refrain from wearing jewelry that is overly big or noticeable, like long necklaces, rings, earrings, or necklaces with sparkling stones.
  • Select jewelry that is basic, not overly elaborate, or dazzling.

For male


  • The working atmosphere of the company and the job position you are seeking for should be taken into consideration while choosing your attire.
  • If the business follows a formal dress code, men should wear a suit or a long sleeve shirt with dark pants.
    Men should think about dressing in dark, cream-colored khaki slacks and short-sleeved shirts or polo shirts in a more casual setting.
  • Wearing jeans with excessively dusty designs, such shredded or torn denim, is not something you should do. During the interview, a male candidate can nevertheless project personality and keep his elegance with a basic, well-fitting pair of jeans.


  • You can choose sneakers or black dress shoes when going to an interview.
  • Do not wear flip-flops or slippers.


  •  If you want to use a belt, male candidates should choose a small belt with a neutral color.

Cà vạt:

  • Men are not required to wear ties as an accessory. Nonetheless, donning a tie might improve a candidate's demeanor and professionalism in fields like banking, law, finance, and other fields that demand professional conduct.

How should I dress for an interview? Make sure you are well prepared for the interview by preparing your responses and your outfit in advance. You can start the interview with a positive impression on the company by dressing appropriately and projecting a professional image.

What do male and female candidates wear to interviews?

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