What skills do tax accountant’s recruiters appreciate?

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In order to succeed in the position of tax accountant when having recruitmentand advance to a higher position, in addition to capacity and work experience, candidates must also possess certain skills. So what skills are those? Navigos Search will reveal it to you right in this article. Do not miss it!

1.Who is a tax accountant?

A tax accountant is a person responsible for declaring, reporting and finalizing taxes in a business. This is a must-have department to undertake professional work, whether a business builds its own accounting department or uses outsourced accounting services. Businesses can only grow, do business stably and report favorable taxes when the tax issue is clear.

A tax accountant is a person who declares, reports and finalizes taxes for businesses

2. Basic responsibilities of a Tax Accountant

When a business is newly established, the tax accountant is the part that declares and pays license fees (taxes on business openings). Then, during the operation of the enterprise, the tax accountant performs the following tasks:

  • Work with tax authorities when required.
  • Comply with tax confidentiality principles.
  • Review, check and compare documents for declaration and then issue invoices.
  • Synthesize invoices and vouchers generated by the company to track, record and store and preserve such documents.
  • Prepare tax return records and reports when incurred.
  • Monitor the payment and backlog of the budget, tax refund of the business.
  • Update policies and regulations related to tax law and business and production activities of enterprises.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, yearly or irregular tax reports and finalization.
  • Summarize output and input value-added tax of enterprises.
  • Coordinating with general accountants to record tax reporting data of enterprises and finalization.
  • Income statement, balance sheet.
  • Proposing ways to handle invoices that need to be adjusted or canceled according to the provisions of the Tax Law.
  • Perform other requests as directed by superiors.

3. What do tax accountants look for in a candidate?

High qualification, experience

Tax accountant is a position that requires a high level of expertise because they have to prepare reports, presentations, statistics, financial analysis,... Employers require candidates to have a university degree or higher in a specialty. majors in Finance, Accounting,... In order to improve their chances of matriculation and affirm their competence, candidates should study for more specialized certificates such as CPA, EA, CPO,...
Candidates also need to have a certain understanding of tax law, accounting, finance,... Tax accounting jobs also require candidates to have 1-2 years of experience or more in an accounting position. tax, general accountant or internal accounting positions.

Tax accountant position requires qualified candidates

Proficient in office computer, basic English

The task of this position is to regularly check data, compare invoices, make reports, declare taxes, ... so they need to be proficient in using office computers. Specifically, they need to understand software such as Excel for calculations, Powerpoint for presentations and popular accounting software. Those are effective support tools, helping them to do the job easily and conveniently and complete the work more quickly when they are assigned unexpected or arising tasks.
During work, the tax accountant position will handle documents in foreign languages and write financial statements in English. Therefore, candidates need to equip themselves with foreign language skills, especially English, to increase their chances of working in foreign companies and enterprises. Good foreign language skills also help them communicate with foreign partners and customers conveniently.

Other important skills 

Thinking and analyzing well: Tax accounting work must deal with complex calculations and tables. In many cases, this position also has to provide appropriate treatment for unreasonable invoices or evaluate when there are discrepancies in tax reports. Therefore, effective thinking and analytical skills are important factors to help them complete the task well.

Caution: Work related to paperwork and money always needs to be handled meticulously because even a small mistake will have a great impact on the business and the employee himself will be judged as not careful. Therefore, candidates need to be careful and accurate to avoid errors and confusion when doing tax work for businesses.
Working well under a high work environment: For the position of tax accountant, almost every time is the peak. Especially at the end of the month and at the end of the year because this is the time when businesses ask them to summarize revenue - expenditure, calculate salary, reward employees,... They will have to race against time to complete the job quickly. and even working overtime to keep up with the schedule, so it is very necessary to have a good spirit and health to withstand high pressure for this position.
Effective time management: The nature of the work requires checking the data, making regular reports and even unexpected happenings. They always need to exercise their minds to handle the work on schedule. The high workload requires candidates to know how to manage their time effectively to fulfill their position as well as balance between work and personal life.

Working with principles and high responsibility: Any job requires employees to have high responsibility. Especially for tax accountants, not only do they need to be responsible, but they also have to have serious working principles to process data, make reports and submit to the tax authorities on time to help businesses operate smoothly. than.
Skillful communication: Indeed, communication is a necessary skill in almost every field and profession. With tax accounting work, they will have to communicate with colleagues, management, partners and work directly with the tax authorities. Knowing how to behave tactfully and communicate well will help them create better relationships with all parties and increase their chances of becoming chief accountant.

A lot of skills are required for this position

The requirements of this position are many, so the candidate must meet the qualifications, work experience and necessary skills. However, in return, the benefits received from the job are very attractive. Specifically, the person in charge of this position receives a basic salary of 10 million VND/month. For people with high qualifications and good English ability, the salary is even higher. In addition, there are attractive benefits and great advancement opportunities.

4.The secret to recruiting good tax accountants 

There are a lot of candidates studying accounting nowadays. However, employers still have difficulty in finding the most potential candidates for the position of tax accountant. So what is the best solution to this problem? Instead of recruiting in the traditional way like before, businesses that post job ads and run ads to wait for CVs to come in or spread leaflets, should use recruitment services through headhunter services to optimize cost as well as saving time recruiting.

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