What qualifications do companies look for in a Head of Human Resources Administration?

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Building and maintaining a solid human resources foundation for an organization is a key responsibility of the head of human resources administration. As a result, employers set high standards for hiring qualified applicants who suit the company culture. What then are these specifications? Let's investigate using the following article and Navigos Search.

Who is the Head of Human Resources Administration? 

Head of human resources administration is an important position in an organization or business. The incumbent of this job is in charge of overseeing operations pertaining to human resources, creating and upholding a supportive workplace environment, and supporting the growth of staff members.

Job description of the Head of Human Resources Administration 

The Head of Human Resources Administration has many tasks and responsibilities, including:

Recruitment and selection: Execute the hiring process, identify the organization's needs for human resources, interview individuals, and choose the best ones for open jobs.

Employee training and development: Develop and implement training programs, support employees to develop skills and improve working capacity.

Build and manage human resources policies: Manage wages, incentives, insurance, and other aspects of human resources to make sure that staff members are treated well and feel appreciated at work.

Resolve personnel issues: Assist in resolving employee-related issues, such as conflicts, benefits, and work environment.

Build organizational culture: Identify organizational values and goals and promote a positive and trustworthy organizational culture.

Monitor and evaluate employee performance: Give periodic performance reviews and provide feedback to help employees improve and develop their work.

Job description of the Head of Human Resources Administration 

What do employers require when selecting a professional Head of Human Resources Administration?

To become a professional Head of Human Resources Administration, you need a range of skills, experience and qualities. Here are some important requirements for you to be successful in this role:

Leadership skills: The head of human resources administration needs to be able to lead and manage teams, lead employees and motivate them to achieve organizational goals.

Knowledge of human resource management processes: Must possess a thorough understanding of processes connected to human resources, including hiring, training, development, performance reviews, and personnel policies.

Human resource management skills: Able to supervise staff, allocate tasks, welcome and train new hires, keep an eye on employee productivity, and offer solutions to problems.

Communication skills: Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively, whether in writing, giving presentations, or interacting directly with employees and partners.

Understanding of labor laws: Need to master regulations and laws related to human resources to ensure the organization's operations comply with proper procedures and laws.

Analytical thinking and problem solving: Ability to analyze situations, provide reasonable solutions and orient employees in the problem solving process.

Time management skills: Need to be able to manage work, prioritize tasks and complete work within set deadlines.

Teamwork ability: Have a spirit of cooperation, teamwork and build good relationships with other departments in the organization.

What do employers require when selecting a professional Head of Human Resources Administration? 

Promotion opportunities and salary of head of human resources administration 

The amount of years of experience, the qualifications and talents of each applicant, and the size of the company will all affect a human resources administrative manager's pay. Specifically:

From 1-4 years of experience, the average is 17,800,000 VND

From 5-9 years of experience, the average is 22,700,000 VND

From 10 - 19 years of experience, the average is 24,700,000 VND

In large-scale companies with thousands of employees, there will be the title of human resources administrative director and the salary ranges from 30-40 million/month.

Current recruitment needs of head of human resources administration

Currently, there is still a huge demand for hiring the head of human resources administration, particularly in big enterprises and organizations. Building and sustaining a healthy work environment, managing human resources, and luring talent to the organization are all made easier by the director of the human resources administration department.

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